Reaper (Episode 3)

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Name: Peter Phillips
Age: 27
Backstory: Peter lived peaceably on a small colony on the outskirts of the Korprulu sector. One night he was at a bar with a bunch of buddies when he was caught in a drug ring. Even though he was innocent, he was declared guilty and inserted into the military. Normally he would be inserted as a marine but his exceptional skills with pistols lead him to be inserted as a reaper. At first, Peter was enraged at the injustice, but when the zerg attacked the colony and decimated it from existence, Peter saw the dominion only as an opportunity for vengeance. As much as he hates the injustice done to him, he now thinks of it as an opportunity to repay what the zerg did to his friends, family, and everyone he had ever known.
Defining Characteristics: Light and cheery, Peter finds killing zerg as a sport off duty, but as soon as his boots hit the dirt he views it as a sick game. He enjoys killing zerg and dishing out as much revenge he can before his inevitable death.
Appearance: dirty blonde curly medium length hair. Forest Green eyes. Medium build and height.

Finished! Am I missing anything?
Yes we're Dominion Military, although Zack will be leaving their service soon and you're missing your Defining Characteristics.
Are we actually reapers or... I know that sounds stupid, but Zack is a ghost so I'm just wondering.
By all intents and purposes, you are a reaper unless KO give the OK for you to make a custom character.
I OK'd it with KO for Zack to be a Ghost as something like Project Thanatos would be supervised by a Ghost.
I've never been so depleted of creative juices in my life, I can't think of anything!!
*I grow frustrated as the Doctor ignores me......... Waiting for an IC from him.*
*Near the beginning of Reaper*

Freedom...felt good. I didn't turn to look back at my cell, now empty, and the dead guard next to it. It wasn't worth it. I turned around the corner, and behold..there it was, my escape.


*Fast Forward to where we are now*

I was here, with my own little group...I'd been ecstatic when I found I could give other Zerg free will as well, and they had, understandably, made me their leader. It wasn't the largest force, but it was enough to give those damn Reapers hell. I didn't know the doc hadn't told anyone about my escape, and thus any chance of improving his chances of resurrecting someone. I'm sure he was pissed though.

It had been so simple, the escape pod, the new, Zerg dominated planet, the conversion...all in such an impossibly short amount of time. I took last count of my new subjects, various forms, from mutalisks to roaches, and everything in between, and I smiled.

And right near me stood the infested human.

OOC: :)
Heh, I just realized Laura's going to have a hay day killing your Roach Dac.
That will be effective, Dacder. Continue, if Korozain approves.

CR: what am I responding to? Sorry, I must have missed it.
01/22/2013 04:32 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
IC: Some subtle feelings were different... My vision was becoming slightly funny. I could see faint lines of blues coming from anyone I saw. Beginning to lose all feeling in my two arms.... I began to run... Running towards the doctor.... WHAT WAS GOING ON?!
Well...... It wasn't immediately for you.... But ya. I'm going somewhere with this.... Let's just say that the Doc could have fun.... experimenting with this one.
01/23/2013 03:18 PMPosted by Zarkun
Heh, I just realized Laura's going to have a hay day killing your Roach Dac.

That will be effective, Dacder. Continue, if Korozain approves.

CR: what am I responding to? Sorry, I must have missed it.
Yeah, I dunno where he is, if he doesn't like it I'll scrap the infected.

Edit: He agreed to it. :D

I am in my office if you need me. Bursting through the doors in a panic will probably do it.

I am about done for now. Got some sweeping to do... *sigh*
I burst through the door and retell the tale that had just happened, for the RPer was to lazy to right out the explanation.

OOC: True Story.
Char sheet finished, top of this page.
Allysa gets in the shower, nearly stumbling on the way in. After-effects of the stim-packs were hurting her slightly, and she was shaking uncontrollably. She tries to balance herself in the shower, but slips and lands on her butt instead. She attempts to get up again, and fails.
"Owww........" She says to herself mostly, and decides to stay seated for now.
I began to reprogram the auto pilot for my ship, watching it faze into existence just within Zack's ship's radar. I place my hand on his shoulder. "If you could drop me off at my ship, it would be much obliged~" I jerk a finger towards it and leave to go collect my things.
"Uh, sure." I fly towards it, watching for Zerg fliers. At the very least they'd be protective of their territory. "Any particular reason?"
I come back into the cockpit, a little bit shifty.
"I... well... haven't seen it since I... well came aboard, and now that I have died... I feel I should revisit it... it only seems fair to go back home..."
I look at Laura with a "You're not fooling me" look, but nod. "Seems fair enough. You have an airlock that we can use?"

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