Reaper (Episode 3)

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[A courtroom, dark and heavy]
"And so you have chosen to be part of the Reaper Corps rather than face the death penalty? An excellent choice Archer. Just as you took life away from the Senator and his family, so too will you take life away in the service of our great Dominion. Consider yourself lucky that you have a new lease at life Mr. Archer considering the extent of your crimes. A new hell awaits you at the Icehouse."

[dramatic flashback of intense and brutal training regime, camera moves to a close up of syringe needle on a vein on the right arm with screaming in the background]

[scene shifts to a line of graduates as a drill sergeant is handing out papers]
"After your training, you may now proudly be part of the Reaper Corps. You are obligated to 2 years of service before you can be discharged. Here's to you all meeting that goal.

[Extremely fast flashbacks of explosions, Zergs, siege tank fire and a crying women...]

"E-23666, we have a new assignment for you. Seeing as you were the only one in the entire program to survive a year and you exhibit rather exceptional traits, we are reassigning you. Tomorrow, you will be board a transport that will take you to your new...home."

The man's eyes slowly opens as he notices that the transport is slowing down. More dreams. They have been occurring more frequently these past days. He looks at his dog tag and holds it tightly. A new assignment, a new hell.

"I am E-23666, formerly known as James Archer, and I am a Reaper."
I chuckle a little. "Silly, once I'm in proximity you won't even know I left~"
I couldn't tell him... no... I didn't want to depress him... I had to contact someone else immediately... if anyone would help him with what he would face soon... he could.
My eyes had a distant look, and it was obvious I was deep in thought... The only question would be... who would have to travel..? Who would have to stalk the other..?
"I'll take your word for it. Meet you back at the Station?" I notice the look of deep thought on her face and sigh. Something was up, but I didn't know what.
KO, you better accept me before I forget all together :P
I sigh again... I would think more about it when I got back to my ship. "Yeah... I'll see you there." I notice the ship, growing closer, and then my form begins to return to shadows, bits and pieces of me seemingly disappearing into black wisps of smoke. "Bye Zack... see you soon, my friend..." With a last smile my entire form is gone, and the ship in the distance begins to move more fluidly, as the hands of an experienced pilot maneuvers it.

I sighed deeply... this was all too much... what was I thinking, hybridizing him? Without even telling him? The blood rush was only the first part... the first part into a descent into madness...
But... how would he react to my brother if I called on him for assistance..?
Email received from HQ
Date: XX/XX/25XX
Subject: A New Test Subject

Greetings Doctor. There will be an attachment at the end of this email detailing the new arrival's personal info and logs. He has been sent to replace one of the reapers that you have lost. He is arriving at your station as scheduled. That will be sometime today. We await your report.

[Attachment opens]
Subject: James Archer
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Reaper Designation: E-23666
Background: Miner, all relatives killed over the years.
Crime: Cold blooded and brutal murder of a senator and his entire family for reasons unknown. Sentenced to the Reaper Icehouse rather than given the death penalty, expecting his death. Failed.
Reaper Operations and Background: Currently the only reaper who has lived past a year. Considered to be a legendary figure within the Reaper Corps. Demonstrates exceptional skills for waging guerilla warfare. Fought in these operations as detailed below.

[A list of operations Archer has went. There are more successes than failures]
I watch her ship move away before turning my own and setting the coordinates. "Well Doctor, when I get back, we're having a talk..." And you'll do things my way before the day's out. My ship vanishes into warp space, Retarth IV sitting lonely as a tomb.
I look up in surprise from the email I was just reading.

Hm... I'll have to worry about these two new Reapers later, it would appear.

A few minutes later, I frown as Alexander finishes his story. "You will not object to me running a few tests, I presume? You may have picked something up during the last battle."

OOC: In case the Doctor's thoughts weren't enough, Markus and Smylez' Reapers are accepted. RP yourself exiting the shuttle and meeting with the Captain, who will be waiting for you.
I sighed, due to the annoyance... But I had to do it. "Okay Doc, mostly because I don't give a !@#$ at this point."
I come out of warp space with the Station in view and open a channel. {Thanatos docking, this is Agent Zack Tren. Requesting permission to dock.} I lean back and wait, having practiced controlling and using my new body. If I knew the voice, I could emulate it. If I knew their features, I could mimic them flawlessly. And I now had the weapons of bone I could make. Those hurt, but I could ignore the pain now.
I look back at the planet... looking blissful in it's desolation... floating silently, without a care in the world... My ship didn't activate a warp drive like most ships... I had revamped the entire concept of the Banshee around Spectre and Dark Templar Technology, literally fading into existence amongst the Void, and using Zack's mind as a beacon as I waited for him to exit out of Warp space... it was a much more efficient form of transportation... especially for a strong psionic like myself... And it rid me of unnecessary annoyances from the outside world... Only problem? If I didn't have an anchor I could pop up anywhere in the galaxy... not a fun thing to do I assure you.
As the shuttle touched down Peter stood up and sighed. He examined his clothing and realized he was under dressed. He shook the thought away and waited for the ramp to open. Peter cracked his neck and shook out his joints. He was prepared for anything. Unfortunately, all he anticipated to encounter would be paperwork and talking. Peter much preferred killing Zerg over that. Then again, he preferred killing zerg over anything.

When the doors finally opened and the ramp lowered, he stepped down and looked around. The bustling station seemed to ignore him. It was as if he was invisible. Peter quickly took note of the only man who seemed to pay attention to him. They made eye contact as he walked towards him. He must be a captain or other official. Peter thought to himself, extending a hand.

"Peter Mar, sir." Half of him wanted to salute, but the other half said he would seem stronger if he treated him as an equal until he verified his higher rank, then he would salute.
In the Void... I was preparing... the data was all set onto a probe. Everything detailing what had happened and who Zack was was put into this little machine... such a masterpiece of technology... Another one of my brother's inventions... Living out inside a cave... still reeling over his guilt over what had been done to him by Kerrigan... such a poor soul...
I appeared behind Zack's ship, almost stalking it. I set the autopilot to follow the Science Vessel, preparing to board it. I had no need for docking... my ship was nearly entirely self-sufficient... all that needed replacing was it's ordinance every now and then. The device was placed into the airlock, and when it was jettisoned... it shimmered into nothingness against the emptiness of space... and I knew it would reach it's destination... he had been too careful for it not to.
Having received the all clear, I land in the hangar I'd been in before and walk out, intent on finding out what that blasted thing was that had drawn me here, then dealing with the Doctor.
I soon faded into existence, in one of the nooks and crannies of the Vessel, walking out of a door like nothing was out of place, carrying my things to my room. Everything was just as I had left it: Empty as all hell. I sent a quick psionic message to Zack, realizing something.
'For all intents and purposes I will still act like the Doctor's pawn... he has no way of knowing whether or not I have been altered... same with you. Just... keep your cover unless absolutely necessary... alright?'
{I can do that I suppose. Still need to make sure the man isn't absolutely gone crazy with power in my absence.} I finally find the room, lab 5, and walk in. Almost immediately something feels off.
I felt his sense of unease from here... that... was not good at all. Not trying to draw attention I holster my Pistol and Knife and begin to head in his general direction... Crap... he was somewhere on the other side of the ship... something better not happen to him...
The dropship docks and Archer steps out of the ship. He notices a grunt waiting for him.

"The Captain wants to see you. He's right behind the door."

Archer makes his way to the captain.

"Reaper reporting for duty sir."
The feeling becomes more eerie, and the doors suddenly close and lock tight behind you. You notice torture tools, and a vat of acid. On the walls, "Welcome to paradise" is written, and as you turn to get out, you realize it's hopeless to try to escape. Then, a pre-recorded voice comes on.

"The envelope is the key to success." It repeats, over and over.


I chuckle, looking out of my ship's window. I checked to see how far I now was from the Reaper base.

"Well, you've done it this time Quill. Ole' Doc has no idea."


After several minutes of searching, you find it. Right in the middle of the damn room, yet somehow so inconspicuous. It's very dark inside, but you can see the writing. You see the words, you see something that you're surprised about, but somehow not surprised about.

The room becomes lighter as you read it, and you feel your powers returning. The wording on the letter is in red, blood red, and that's somehow the first thing that stands out. Then you comprehend the wording.

Hello, Zack.

You're really are. I could have killed you, but I realized this would be more...interesting. I mean think about it, the goodie-goodie Ghost, the evil scientist! What fun this will be! You probably don't understand what I'm saying, but don't worry, I'll get to that now. I just can't believe the doc would trust me! I mean, holy cow, does he think I work for him? Hell no. Anyways...

If you want to know why you're here, it's because of the doc. He sold you out, son. He was an idiot though, and trusted me to kill you. Fat chance. He lured you into this, and I was to kill you. It was easy...too easy to resist for the doc. Anyway, he'll probably stop at nothing to kill you now, how fun, right? I love it when the victims get to put up a fight, don't you? Just makes it soooo much more interesting! Where was I...oh, that's right, I was thinking you should probably kill the doc, ya know, standard stuff.

Have fun, Quill.


As the doc went to collect his payload, he found...something else instead. He throws the letter on the ground, and is "mad as hell".

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Don't you just love movies? With love, the still living Ghost.
I burn the envelope in my hand. Quill, when I find you, you're as good as dead. I knew searching the station for him was pointless, someone like him was already long gone by now, and the Doctor...I should have known he'd want me dead sooner or later, but for him to try now...{Laura, he knows. I don't know how, but the Doctor knows I fixed his tinkering.} I melt my way through the doors and step out, checking both directions before cloaking and moving forward.

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