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I sigh, and slow my walk, beginning to loop around and head towards the cafeteria on this damned ship. 'Alright... then we'll begin plans to sabotage... and or straight up kill him... but... Zack... We... well... I need to tell you something... before it becomes a problem. There is a definite chance that for a small while one of your other sets of genes will override your consciousness... you would either exert extreme Zerg traits... namely going into an all consuming blood rush... craving the feeling of killing... or... you might become more like a Protoss... becoming more focused... obsessive with your psionic training... heightening yourself and your abilities to their maximum and training your body... secluded... hidden away... until you felt you were well honed enough to satisfy your desires. I have gone down that path... and... in case of an emergency... I may enlist my bro-... my original... The... Original... to come and help you... He went down the other path... and he lives in guilt... if anyone could help you prepare for it... he could...'
{I've been down the second path, Laura. Why do you think I can move so smoothly? Why do you think I worked alone for years before working with someone again? However, when it comes, I'll be ready. I pray for the Protoss side of things, cause I don't want to think about the Zerg.} I was heading towards the cafeteria. He wouldn't take direct action against me, but he'd see if he could still use Laura somehow.
I sigh, and shake my head. 'No... it's more than that, Zack... I am literally one with the powers of the Void... I am a tool used by it... if you went down that path you would no longer belong to the Dominion... your soul would be like mine... forever trapped in death... with only a disguise of life. But... maybe being a Ghost is just that anyways...'
I reach the Cafeteria, cloaked as usual, watching for movements that may actually interest me, not expecting to find anything...
{To me, being a Ghost is simply having abilities beyond a Marine or a Reaper. It's being given a gift for a purpose. Unfortunately, some Ghosts purpose is as tools of the Dominion. Mine...} I sigh as I realize I don't know it, {Well, I don't know what it is yet, but I'll find it.} I walk into the cafeteria, uncloaking and grabbing some food, taking a seat and acting normal.
I uncloaked in the seat next to him, looking at him sorrowfully, my mask up, hidden in my hood. "It depends... you're going to find a fork in the road... one way leads you to despair and guilt... bringing you to spending your life helping others... the other way... leads to a free life... serving yourself in a way no one else can..."
I take a bite of the burger and shrug. "Then I guess I'll choose when I get there. For now, we need to worry about the Doctor. Command won't let him be killed unless he is a threat to the Dominion's safety."
I nod, sighing. "Putting it off won't help... but I guess in our case we can't help it... I'll simply continue with the plan... then hopefully he doesn't try to delve deeper into my mind... if I die again... he'll be sure to screw me up even more... I wouldn't like for that to happen, Zack... I don't want to be any man's pawn again... I'm attached to my freedom of will... and I want to keep it that way..."
"He's got one more mission before we can return for the Reapers who died on the first mission. They'll appreciate our help and not be too happy with the Doctor." I take another bite. "Until then, I'll begin Operation: End of Life. It was Command's plan should the Doctor go rogue."
I sigh, and look around at the other people in the the cafeteria... they hadn't noticed anything about our conversation... good.
"Alright... so you're going to start a revolt..?"
"You could say that. I'm actually supposed to kill everyone involved with the Project, excluding the Reapers as they'd just get transferred and killed anyways. However, I think I'll instead sound the evacuation and use the Doctor's voice." As I say the last part, my voice changes to his just momentarily before returning to normal. "They'll leave and we can kill the Doctor. Shouldn't be too hard."
I sigh, and look around, at everyone else. "Or we can just sneak in and possibly slit his throat as he sleeps? Does he sleep? Perhaps we should check his files and computer... who knows? Maybe he's been doing illegal things!?" I chuckle a bit.
"I would do that if he wasn't so worried about that pet roach of his. I mean, he'd been synthesizing the roach's DNA for weeks anyways. Maybe...that's it. He's going to go back at some point. We'll have to kill him while the Reapers are away."
I shrug, and kick back.
"For now I'm going to try and rest... this has all happened a bit too fast... I need to go back to my room and meditate... Heh... maybe I'll pull your consciousness into the Void with me..." I turn to get up, before stopping, patting Zack on the shoulder as I stand. "I'll help you scheme about this later... for now we should rest and just go along for the ride. From here on out you're more than any kind of Ghost, Zack. You're like me... an Assassin, hiding in plain sight."
I nod, continuing eating. "Go ahead, I have a few things to set up before we can do this."
I begin to walk, pulling my mask down and cloaking, heading towards my room with a yawn. The door hissed open when I appeared in front of it, drowsily sitting in the bed, cross legged, and letting my mind drift. Emptiness... that was what a Void was... was it not? Emptiness... only to the physical... to the spiritual... the Void was anything but that... it was a means of travel, a means of seeing sights that no living creature should see... Back in my room, past the door all that lie was a wall of pure blackness. My physical body would be somewhere in here... this room, still where I was... but my mind... my soul... it was far from it... yet still inside of it.

One should not think of the Void as a different reality... one should think of it as a sort of overlaying one... It is a confusing concept... and hard to explain... but it exists directly alongside us... and only special living individuals have the ability to travel to and from this place... they are the Nerazim... they are unique among the creatures of this galaxy... and yet, they know more about this otherworldly concept and reality... than Terran or Khalai could ever comprehend...
Finishing eating, I leave my tray and head for the engine room. The first charge would be planted there. From there, I would go to the life support, but only blow that if necessary. Then the Hangars, then, finally, the main power. Then I'd go for the Doctor, and enjoy ending him in the most painful way possible.
"Well?" asked the Exemplar.

The Book Keeper sighed heavily. "I have nothing besides what we already know. I've ran through our databases. There's nothing that so much as resembles the thing we found and the so far, no one recognized the person in the picture I uploaded. How did the questioning go with Altras and Ra'luu?"

The Exemplar sat down and shook his head. "Nothing that can help us. They could not understand the Void. If only it was a Nerazim who was inside. They would have much more understanding of what happened. They were released from my care."

"It is a shame. Seeing it in the form of memories is different from actually feeling it." replied the Book Keeper.

The Exemplar chuckled. "I suppose so. Where are the other two?"

"He went to call up contacts to gather materials while she went back to the Athenaeum of the Forefathers. Said she recalled a manuscript or something."

There was a long silence as the Book Keeper continued to write in his tome while the Exemplar sat in his seat watching on.

"You seemed troubled," the Exemplar said suddenly.

"Wha-? Nonsense! I feel fine. I am perfectly fine," stammered the Book Keeper.

"Your may close your mind to me, but I can still sense great distress in you. Tell me friend, what is it that you cannot take off your mind?" asked the Exemplar.

The Book Keeper stopped writing in his tome and there was a heavy air around him. He looked up from his tome and faced the Exemplar. "...The entity spoke to me."

The Exemplar stood up, genuinely surprised at such an enormous revelation. "The entity spoke to you? What did it say? What did you experienced? What did you see."

The Booker Keeper sighed heavily. "The cold was piercing and I felt it through every fiber of my body. I had a good glimpse at it. I was sitting here in this very room when suddenly, everything turned pitch black. I saw a hooded figure awaiting me. There was a long, heavy looking scythe glowing blood-red against the darkness. It's eyes glow with a similar light, but...they do not give any indication of intimidation or aggression. The form took on the shape eerily that of a Protoss."

He paused briefly and then continued, "I remember its words completely. It told me 'Child... Your council of the Firstborn... it seeks to imprison me... I am not your enemy... neither is my herald... I am no force that can be captured... they do not understand me... as your kind does... I am the Void... and it is me... You are all my vassals... and I am your protector... They call out against me for not aiding them with their problems... but... I already have... the High Prelate Zeratul's slaughter of the Cerebrate... The mighty Tassadar's sacrifice... all brought upon the power of the Nerazim... my power... Go now... realize that what I say is the truth... and that the council is attempting a fruitless endeavor.' "

"But then...give me a moment to process this. It knows what we are doing, it tells you that our efforts are futile and it spoke to you directly? Most importantly, it is saying it that the Nerazim draws power from it?"


"...We have a bigger problem than we thought. If it can simply speak to anyone it wills, it has likely learned of this conversation and our plans. We have no element of surprise. It will know when we are hunting it...I must retreat to my chambers. I must meditate on our course of action."

OOC: I know too much for my own good and I know no one will respond as I will literally rain hell on them as I am in a very bad mood. It's just to let out the frustrations...

So the Big Bad Dark Voice loses to the Reaper? The KL-2 Entity too? Both are Void based entities and by our definitions, a god. By SC2 canon, they are the most powerful beings in existence. Yet if we accept the interpretation of the Void that came into existence as a result of Dark Templars, there are fallacies, same glaring, that opens up which I won't discuss all of them. It makes both of them secondary to the Reaper as they appeared to be born from the Reaper (Void based entity implies it was born from the Void and the Reaper is the Void).

There is an issue of when the Void "appears". That interpretation holds that the Reaper came into existence The KL-2 entity was a Void entity during the times of the Xel'naga, long before Dark Templars came to existence and learned Void powers. That means the Void has to have existed during the times of the Xel'naga (I'll argue it was there since the beginning of the Universe) and the Xel'naga defeated it with the power of the Void. Thus, the Void was there long before the Reaper even came into existence.

The idea that some behind the scenes thing is guiding all the major events takes too much liberty with SC lore. The Dark Voice who orchestrated the events of Starcraft is somehow being manipulated by a being that is at most 1000 years old when the Dark Voice has lived during the time of the Xel'naga? As Zeratul states, "There is a malevolent presence within the Void that seeks to destroy everything we hold dear. Could this... Fallen One be a Xel'Naga? After so long, could the Gods themselves seek our destruction?" Both are inside the Void. Reaper vs Dark Voice who has every reason to kill the Reaper for screwing with his plans.

But the Reaper kills the DV! Oh shut up!

/end epic rant

Still rolling with it.
Hehe, no, no actual conflict would arise from the Reaper itself, you see. It has no physical hold on the world, except through the Dark Templar, Laura, various other Void users, and now, Zack. It is not able to beat, or be beaten, by the Dark Voice or other entities, because they are physical. It's like trying to smack a spirit. Just doesn't work. The only reason such an event could occur is because the Book Keeper is a Void user himself. The Reaper is unable to manifest itself physically without a conduit, and even then, the most that it could do is communicate or make the user hallucinate.
I exit the main power room, sighing and realizing that I was extremely tired from the last three days. I head to my ship and seal it, closing the ramp to ensure no unpleasant surprises. Laying in the bed, I drift into a dreamless slumber, nothing disturbing me all the while.
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Hehe, no, no actual conflict would arise from the Reaper itself, you see. It has no physical hold on the world, except through the Dark Templar, Laura, various other Void users, and now, Zack. It is not able to beat, or be beaten, by the Dark Voice or other entities, because they are physical. It's like trying to smack a spirit. Just doesn't work. The only reason such an event could occur is because the Book Keeper is a Void user himself. The Reaper is unable to manifest itself physically without a conduit, and even then, the most that it could do is communicate or make the user hallucinate.
I smell an interesting plot that involves the Doctor and Void usage.

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