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I slowly come awake, looking over my ship as I remember the events of the last few days, I sigh and sit up, rubbing the back of my neck. Rather than try and radio Laura, since I was sure the Doctor had hacked into my frequency by now, I try my hand at telepathy. Laura, you there?
Brief summary of Alex convo because I am short on time and can't wait for replies: I determine something is seriously wrong and run some tests. I order Alex to make sure he always has someone nearby to help him if something goes wrong until I can get my results worked out and get a diagnosis.


My door securely locked, I sit at my desk, a scowl on my face. I watch the recording and the textual interpretation of my implants' data with growing fury.

This will disrupt my plans significantly.

Actually, not disrupt them so much, just rush them. I can no longer afford to make detailed preparations for the next task I have for my Reapers, as that would give Zack and Laura time to make plans as well. Meaning I will need to have a discussion with the Captain.

The crew of this vessel is mostly loyal to the Dominion. The Captain is my piece, though, and a valuable one. Also there are my... aces in the hole, as it were. Already I have one of them moving to teach a certain mentally stunted person a lesson. Another is the... finer details of my modifications to the hybrid creature. And of course there are the other two devices, but they aren't yet fully developed, just as Project THANATOS is not yet finished.

Not yet finished.

I massage my temples. One more mission... if I can just make it through one more, I can be through with these psychopathic cretins...


{Yes, Doctor?}

"Are you busy?"

{The two new ones arrived, Doctor.}

"Once you have finished with them, I will see you in my office."

{Yes, Doctor.}


Ben Quill is startled by a voice from next to him.

"Betrayal, Quill? Bad idea."

He turns to look and sees Walter Blackstone Denton sitting in the copilot's seat. The 'dead' man smiles and levels a shotgun at the Reaper.

"You see, Quill, the Doctor doesn't take kindly to that."


I will be gone for the weekend and hereby leave control of the RP to Smylez.

Ben Quill may have to be paused until I return.

The next mission will begin when I return.

I forsee someone dieing. And that someone being the guy in the Co pilot's seat. And the Doctor.
His efforts are brought into my mind, and startle me out of my meditation, the swirling shadows in the room brought to a standstill. I look around, before sighing and placing my mask on.
Yes, Zack? My voice carries a hint of grogginess, as if he had just woken me from a deep slumber.
Sorry, didn't mean to wake you. You feeling any better?
I sighed, looking around and feeling very tired. Yeah... As well as I ever will...
If you need more rest, take it. We're still a ways out from the next mission and I need to finalize somethings with life support and such. They were made privy to some of the details of the shut down plan.
I look at the bed I was on, and sighed sleepily. Yeah... I guess I'll sleep a little... I'll contact you when I wake up again...

The bed looked so good, and as I laid on it I fell asleep within minutes.
Letting her sleep, I head out and begin to wonder. The things with the departments could wait until she woke up. How was I going to explain to command what had happened?
Far away, on a desert world, the ruins of an ancient civilization lay crumbling as the sands of time chip away at every brick. Every moment brings a new wave of heat superheating the ruins, so much that shade only makes the heat only so much less intolerable. It was here, on this nameless world, that an individual lived his life, trying to collect as much ingenuity as possible from this ancient civilization, and what they had that connected them to the otherworldly force that had driven him here, once in a quest for more power, and striving for perfection, this individual now resided, hidden away from the world, quietly toiling away at his efforts to create.

He had given life to this planet again... even now, worms burrowed under the scorching sands, genetically manipulated to survive the harshest temperatures, surfacing only to gather the rays of light that helped them survive. The air was hot and dry, and the only sources of water, lay deep underground, impossible to reach by anything... but the most capable of diggers.
Luckily, he was one of the best. Even with his naturally augmented abilities, he had trouble carving through the purple ores that resided underneath the sands, accessible only through the scattered caves among the desert, serving as black, glowing monoliths against the red desert sands.

The probe reached him effortlessly, inside the depths of the caverns he had dug, where the only noise was that of mechanisms whirring, creatures being born. The probe hovered softly in the large space, before dropping softly, metal legs supporting it's weight on the uneven rocky floor. He stopped, turning away from the flattened area of rock to inspect the unusual object. Clawed hands carefully picked it up, and he stared at it intently, years in the caves allowing him to adapt to the dark. It was like a small disk, a gunmetal color, with four quadrants visibly divided by lines curving from the top to the bottom of the disk. The sides were flat, and the edge of it was very rounded. On each side a rounded eye peered out, a light, purple, glowed from the spot in it's center. It was perfectly balanced, and the metal legs retracted into the slots where the quadrants ended. They folded in perfectly as he inspected it. The quadrants themselves opened, and spun, all facing the same direction, which he placed on the floor. This was definitely an unusual device indeed...

The purple glow grew stronger, and he did not shield his eyes, he was used to this glow. It had accompanied him throughout his time here, in the form of the rocks around him... he now remembered what this device was, and curiosity changed it's focus from the device's identity, to the contents of the messenger. The light began to flicker, and soon, a translucent orb appeared over the machine, the light turning into a thin line, reaching to the core of the device. Reaching his hands out, he grasped it, sighing happily as he felt the orb in his hands. Light shone from between his fingers, and with a chuckle he remembered the mechanics behind it... a ball of condensed memories... projected psionically into the device, and trapped in such form... the more memories, the larger the ball... this one was able to barely fit between his hands... roughly little more than several days of memories... He sat next to the device, comforting himself and preparing to relive the memories, beginning to meditate as he felt his mind wander... into the recent events of Laura Wolfe...
I stopped as one of the Doctor's more...loyal, Reapers walked past, talking with another one as if nothing had happened. Something about this mess seemed to be...abnormal. There had been no alarm sounded at the chance that I'd begun shut down procedures, and I was concerned. I just hoped that Laura's brother didn't try and help here.
OOC: Wait, what? How did someone get in the co-pilots seat? And who is it? And why would I not have been suspicious? You realize I was done with Quill in this RP, which is one of the reasons I got him save him for another.
Terrance finds himself waking up in a recovery room, his head aching incredibly so. He had no recollection of what happened within the last week.

I walk out of my room, feeling a strange sense of something conspiring. I start searching through the halls and find the Ghost. "Oh, it's you." I say with a sneer in a very disrespectful tone.
IC: I walk around the ship not having explored much before. I eventually zone out and quite literally, run into Zack.
I stumble back reaching for the void blade Laura had given me but realize it's Sylvorur. "Ah, just who I could use." I then face Makena. "Shut your mouth, murderer, or would you like me to tell the Doctor just who it was that killed Terrance?"
"I don't understand what you are talking about." I say, not even hesitating to answer, my voice sounding truthful. "Yes, I am a murderer, but I did not murder Terrance. And I am sorry if I dislike Ghosts. I bet there are more murders by Ghosts per day than I all of the murders I have committed."
"Other ghosts aren't my problem, but you," I chuckle, tapping her head, "can't hide the truth from me. You killed him, making him think you were going to f*ck him, then putting the bullets in his head. Like it or not, the Doctor is more likely to believe me than you, however, I can get you free if you help me with something."
I sneer. "Fine. What is it?"
"The Doctor has seen fit to attempt to break off from the Dominion, using the funds and ship they so graciously gave him for his own purposes. So, you help make sure that this place goes down after the next mission, and I'll see to it that you and any other Reapers that help are set free." I take a moment to appraise the twos thoughts. "However, should you report this to the Doctor, there won't be enough of you left for the Doctor to revive."
"I'll just need some charges, and a way into the engine room and to the thrusters." I respond.

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