Reaper (Episode 3)

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"I already handled that. There's something else I need you to do, and that's place charges on the vats that store the regenerative juices the Doc uses to repair damage to the body. Only Reapers are allowed near them so they can see what's being used on them."
I stumble back snapping back to reality. Makenna comes along and I let them finish their conversation before asking. "So what can you use me for?"
I think for a moment before snapping my fingers. "If I can get you the tools, think you can hack into the mainframe and retrieve all the data the Doc has? Then delete it from his files?"
That sucks, no one ever replied to me.
KO did, you must have missed it. He basically welcomed you and smylez and told you to report to your rooms in a brief overview because he was pressed for time.
"Uh yeah I think so. What's in it for me?" I ask rather intrigued as I had not had actual tools for awhile.
"Same deal. You help the Dominion meet their goals, they'll let you walk free. And even if they don't, I can help make sure you vanish from their radar." I look at the handle on my waist, my mind racing. And hopefully Laura's too.
I nod. "Right though I'm not sure how 'off their radar' I would ever become given I'm an inventor or was sort of. Sure what the hell I'll do it just so long as I get off this floating scrap pile."
I appeared next to the group from the shadows, nodding at Zack, and then to the Reapers. "Hello, all of you. Agent Zack, when you are done with their briefing... I have a way for you to procure the necessary goods for your subordinates." My tone was cold and unforgiving, a sign that we were back into our disguises as Ghosts... because neither of us were truly what we seemed anymore.
Peter walked to his dorms and unpacked.
I nod. "Good to know, Sylvorur. Expect the parts in your room before dinner." I then turn and walk away, beckoning to Laura to follow. "Please tell me you're serious, because I'm not sure I can get them by then."
I nod and go back to my quarters to get some sleep.
I chuckle a bit, and blink in front of him, placing a finger on his chest, stopping him.
"I'm being completely serious in the fact that I believe you have the potential to learn about the unique ways you can utilize your new abilities, Agent Zack."
I grin, my helmet opening to reveal my face. "Really? How so?"
"You could always blink around the Vessel~" I take a few steps back, my hands behind my back, my body leaning forward a little. "I'd be more than happy to try and guide you to embrace the Void a little more~"
"Blink? You mean that think that Stalkers do that just about kills me when ever I run into the f*ckers? I suppose I can do that, considering it be fun as hell to use against them the next time I see them."
What did I miss?
Zack offering you a chance to vanish.
Hopefully a bit more........ Clear? Just point me at it and I'll read from there.... I'm afraid I missed some serious mojo !@#$ going on.
Basically nothing, but go back up to the top of the page and read from there.

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