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I'm with the Doctor... Not with the others. Er.... So whatever Zack said... Alexander did not hear at all.
Good to know. You already know about Zack becoming a Changeling/Ghost, so that's old news. You can wander around I suppose.
Allysa climbs out of the shower, feeling slightly better, but she was still having difficulty with the withdraw. She dries herself off, puts some off-duty clothes on, and takes a seat at the bed, trying to relax.
I giggled a bit, blinking above him, crouching on his shoulders and staring down at him.
"Yes. Exactly. Most Nerazim are unable to utilize such an ability due to a different focus in their training, which mainly revolves around the lack of being seen. Stalkers, and the High Prelate, both focused on reaching a higher level of immersion into the Void, though the latter has trained proficiently in both aspects. You, are practically born into the Void. You just need to learn to harness the abilities you have. It shouldn't be too hard, in all actuality. The first few times will make you nauseous and possibly a bit puke-y, but you're a soldier, nothing like that should show you up!"
Chuckling, I continue looking at Laura. "Alright, what do I do?"
I walk up to where Alex is laying on a medical bed.

"I have begun my diagnosis, Alex. It would appear some strange genetic tissue has been introduced into your bloodstream. It is not Zerg virus, but it posssesses some properties similar to Zerg, otherwise it would not be so effective in its apparent purpose, which happens to be taking over your body. If not held in check, you could become mutated in some way. Do you have any idea how this strange tissue could have been introduced?"

Attention all Reapers: Report to briefing room.

I look up. "Ah yes, I did want that to happen. Hm, well. You should be fit for a mission soon. I will simply have to be slightly late. This..." I hold up a syringe, "Will probably negate the effects, at least temporarily. But first, I want to know where this came from."

I raise my finger, signalling for a momentary wait, and tap a button on my comm.

"Go ahead, Captain."

{Doctor, you are required in the briefing room.}

"It will have to wait, Captain. I have a patient. I will be with you shortly, but if I am not please begin without me."

A pause.

{Yes, Doctor.}

"Excellent. Now, Alex, back to our discussion..."
I shrugged as I was sitting on the bed, focusing on how it could have happened. "No... I have no idea how this could've happened. Maybe when I died? Maybe during our past two missions? Unless you want to run some more tests on the origin of this.... Trait?"
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Attention all Reapers: Report to briefing room.

"E-23666 reporting for duty."
The Captain looks at the newcomer blankly, then looks around. Not everyone has arrived yet. The Captain seems strange to you, almost mindless.


"I can run some additional tests on my samples, but for now..."


"That should null any potential spread. You're fit for action."
I gave a nod. "Do you want me to come in after the mission is over...."
I'll do an IC as soon as SB posts...will the Ghosts be required for this mission?
"Without a doubt. I will likely have results by then. Now, report to the briefing room. I'll be there in just a moment."

OOC: The Ghosts will not be going on this mission, because |||CENSORED|||
I hear the alert with a disappointed sigh, walking back and chuckling. "Nevermind then... You'll figure it out on your own if you really need to... We're needed~" I turn and walk towards a wall, which was underneath a faulty light, flickering on every few seconds, but leaving the section of the hallway enshrouded in darkness else wise. It flickers, illuminating my form for a brief second before the light disappears... and me with it.
"Wait, Laura, we're-" She vanishes and I sigh. "We're not needed this go around..." Sighing, I walk down the hall, cloaking and vanishing into the shadows. Laura, we're not needed. This one is a fairly straight forward, Reaper type mission.
I chuckled as I appeared from the shadows, laughing.
You don't seem to understand my thinking, as of yet, Zack... My duty here is to permanently eliminate one of the Reapers... I need to be around them still... The Doctor will have what is coming to him... that's for sure.
I nod, my face set. "I'll make sure of it. As for now, you'll want to leave ahead of them. I'm not one hundred percent sure what the objective is, but none the less." Reaching my ship, I walk in long enough to grab the rest of my weapons and focus on the Engineering lab. "I'll see you soon, Laura."
OOC: KO, I assume I'll be a villain of this. Also, if you didn't catch it, I'm calling BS on your assassin on the same ship as Ben, also I don't want him killed off, so..
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Also, if you didn't catch it, I'm calling BS on your assassin on the same ship as Ben

What he means, is that he's having Ben leave the RP.
Allysa hears the call to the briefing room, and gets up, still unsteady but steady enough she can walk. She heads out to where she and the others were told to go. Upon arrival, she suits up and waits for the briefing to start, leaning on the wall.
Peter sighed as the notification appeared. Standing up, he put a shirt on over his tank-top and strolled to the briefing room. He only had to ask directions once before finding it.

Walking in, Peter looked around.

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