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Terrance enters the briefing room and sits down, he looks around and had no idea who everyone else was.

I walk in and see Terrance sitting there, dazed and confused, I smile and sit down, he wouldn't know I did it.
I shake my head to no one in general, and cloak as I walk into the briefing room, sitting in my corner again, placing my invisible weaponry and gear down silently and curling up, bringing my knees to my chest. My handgun was holstered at my hip, and I watched the briefing intently.
I felt the Void rush in on me and when I opened my eyes, I was in a shadowed part of the Engineering bay and grin. Wonder if there's some way to put my own twist on it... Shaking my head, I retrieve the gear I need, the tools and computer and blink to Sylvorur's room. I'd noticed that my Blink was accompanied by flame and had liked it, seemed like me. Placing them under her bed, I left a note with directions to them on the pillow. I then Blink back to my ship, grabbing the charges that Makenna would need, and blinking her her room. Setting them near the door with a note on the wall, I Blink to just outside the briefing room, a little worn out, but ready to hear the details. Walking in, I take a spot next to the unseen Laura, waiting for it to start. Everything is in place.
I came walking down the halls... My equipment on, my vision still feeling slightly obstructed but not as bad. Seeing faint lines of psionic energy in a spot inside the briefing room. Ignoring it as it could just be nothing... I didn't know what I was seeing after all... Could just be stains for all I know.
01/29/2013 04:02 PMPosted by Zarkun
under his bed

I punt zarkun for pulling a 'Fade' Dacder. "Its 'under HER bed'."

IC: I get up and leave for the briefing room. (Zack blinks into my room and deposits the equipment I need.) After a short walk I arrive and take my seat ignoring the others.
I felt his thoughts, and sighed... slowly leaning against him, remaining silent as my invisible form pressed against him. Everything was escalating so quickly... After all of this... I would make sure to isolate Zack from the life he had been living for so long... he deserved that much... My mind was not in any kind of position to attempt to put up mental defenses against anything, and my thoughts drifted briefly to whether or not Zack was reading my thoughts right now... before flashing to thoughts of indifference towards whether he was or wasn't...
I could feel Laura lean up against me and sigh inwardly. Where was this even going? Laura, you hear what I said? And you feeling ok?
I looked at him, and sighed, shaking my head. I have no clue Zack... I'm not the real me... I'm a shadow... a fake... that's what all of us... we who died... that's what we are... Something is... off with this world... something just doesn't fit right...
Do you think it's possible that the Doc messed with more than we thought? I mean, I didn't search really hard... I had no idea what she meant, and was now confused more than anything. Maybe I'd understand some day.
I look down, at my invisible hands, knowing that they are there, and yet... if no one could see them... would they technically be there in the first place?
In the grand scheme of things... there are infinite me's... One, for every variable for every situation in every different possible scenario... I will never truly know which one is me... the one that has everything go right for her... Even with the Doctor tampering with my head... there is another me, for each thing he changed or didn't change. There would be several that killed everyone on this ship, no doubt, that are nothing like I am... and for all we know... I'm the one who is in charge of the timeline that is doomed to fail...
The hell it will. Long as I'm around, nothing is going to fail. Not on my watch, and not on yours either. I sigh, and look at her. Laura, why don't you tell him no? That you want to live without worrying about this?
I bite my lip, and go back to leaning against the wall, looking down.
...Because... Because I know that I have to do this... He let's me see the timelines in which anything goes wrong sometimes... They truly are disastrous... they start a chain reaction... you see... so many civil uprisings, so much death and suffering... all ended before it begins... I bear a heavy curse in my line of work, Zack... Though I have no choice but to accept it...
I shake my head, slightly angered. Laura, we always have a choice. It isn't anyone's job to make us do anything. You didn't make me what I am, I choose to. I could have easily said no, but I didn't. Just...think about it.
I had begun to zone out, simply muttering to myself, talking to myself every so often...
'Yes... of course... why wouldn't we? It's all a part of the coding in the first place... Oh no... not at all... we're just doing our jobs... aren't we? Like good little soldiers... marching along to the tune... we never needed it... did we..? I feel that we should have at least made it somewhat easier to access, should we regret this decision... but of course not... why would we? If we begin to regret, it means we did something wrong, which would be remedied. Of course... yessss...'
I listen and shake my head. Maybe I pushed a little too hard. Hell, who knows, maybe I finally said what she needed to hear. All I knew is that I didn't like this whole no choice thing. And if that's how she felt, then I'd sooner find another way to help others than work for the Reaper.
Zack is briefly interrupted by a calm, obviously feminine voice in his head. It spoke with a sound that literally emanated the feeling of being held at gunpoint. It was a sound of complete and utter confidence, and it was obviously very angry and discontent.
Those two fools... you had a clear access point to try and pry... but you were too polite for that... Now you'll pay the cost for letting her make her own choices- no... letting those two make the choices... I refuse to lose myself into them again... You can do nothing now... just sit back and watch... young one.
Look Xeranis, I'm not one to pry or push, not someone who I actually care about. It's time she made her own decisions, rather then let her life be dictated by someone else. If I need to, I can intercede. I feel a little more confident in my abilities than before.
Also, if you didn't catch it, I'm calling BS on your assassin on the same ship as Ben

What he means, is that he's having Ben leave the RP.

I didn't realize that was your intention. Oh well.


I finally reach the briefing room. I paste a smile on my face and address the Reapers.

"Our next mission will be taking place on this world."

I hear, to my satisfaction, some gasps around the room as everybody recognizes the unmistakable orbital view of Char.

"Obviously, the Zerg on Char have not been eliminated, so they may be a threat. Here is our primary goal:"

An image of a Terran facility appears.

"This facility is a Dominion science lab. It has been taken over by Raynor's Raiders forces that were stationed here in a joint operation. They have killed the Dominion troops here and may have comandeered some of their equipment, such as tanks, DMC armor, etcetera. You will be dropped here, and here."

A west-side landing pad is circled on the facility, as is a patch of high ground to the east of the facility.

"The eastern group will create a diversion by assaulting the main entrance. The western will enter the facility, where two targets await. The first is a DNA sample located in one of these areas."

Two lab areas in the north and south parts of the facility are highlighted.

"The other is a dangerous prisoner that was slated for exectution. The Raiders may be intending to use this prisoner to blackmail the Emperor, so the execution must be carried out. The prisoner is located in a detention cell here."

An underground part of the facility is revealed and highlighted.

"You will not need to split up. Capture the sample and have one of your members retreat to the platform so it can be extracted while the rest kill the prisoner. I have incorporated the fruit of your last mission into your suits, so you can be warped out in an emergency. Any questions?"

OOC: Dacder, you may antagonize us during this mission.
I rose my hand, I had a serious question... One in which the doctor might enjoy. "So sir? Who get's the kill the prisoner? First man there? Or should we make it a competition about who can kill the prisoner first? Should add some excitement and fun. And who is this prisoner?"
The voice chuckled.
Oh no, dear Zachary... Xeranis and Laura both made the consecutive decision... And it will cost all of you. She will become a threat soon... she will regress...
She keeps muttering to herself, giggling softly every so often, before letting out a quiet sigh.

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