Reaper (Episode 3)

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I'll handle it if it becomes viable. And it's Zack. That's all my name is. "Doctor, perhaps you don't know as much as you think. That man was a Raider and was slated to be executed for attempting to dessert the fight on Char. If he was anymore important, he'd have already been killed."
Peter shifted in his seat and looked around at the others in the room. Then, fixing his eyes on Zack, he raised his hand and began to speak, "Will there be any ghosts on this mission, sir?"
"I won't be going, Reaper. I've got reports for command that will help ensure you make it out of this place at the end of your tour." That wasn't true, but it wasn't a complete lie either. He was new and didn't need to know anything about the happenings on this ship anyways.
Peter sat back in relief, but quickly began thinking about bunnies and rainbows just in case the ghost would try any funny business. He couldn't help but begin to bite his fingernails.
"I know who you are, Peter, but that isn't why I'm here. This Project is of immense importance to the Dominion, and as such, I've been assigned to keep an eye on it."
"Okay, that's fine." Peter said cheerfully, letting his arm drop to his legs. "When do we launch?"
"You will depart as soon as there are no further questions," I say forcefully. "And as to your question, Alex, I suppose the first person to put a bullet in the prisoner's head is the one that will kill her. And Agent, I assure you that this prisoner is in fact slated for execution. I received direct orders to ensure the convict's death. Any further questions? If not, we will deploy immediately, before too many Zerg notice us."
I stand up, my head twitching for a second to the side, before snapping back up, my hands tense and gripping tightly on the grip of my handgun. He was right there... such an easy target... revenge... yes... the death would be so wonderful... wouldn't it? That was what the code demanded... satisfaction. No... the deaths of many during this mission... would suffice...

The voice spoke into Zack's mind again, sighing.
Keep her from going... keep an eye on her... Both of them would dislike Xeranis and Laura getting out of hand...
I'll do what I can. Laura, focus. You're too angry right now. You don't have to go. Stay here, with me. The Reapers will be fine. "Doctor, if you're done briefing them, I'll send them on their way. I need to set some rules for the two new guys first."
I smile at Zack, containing my fury and giving thanks for the invention of psiscreens. "That would be excellent. You are all now dismissed. Agent Zack will guide you to the pod bay for deployment."
I cast a look at him, still invisible, and grinned sadistically, drawing my blade in the blink of an eye, resting it against his throat. I lean in, and chuckle in his ear, whispering my next few words.
"You do know, Zack... I've been such a good little girl... only killing who needed to die... but who gives a $hit anymore? All Terrans die at some time... and the more violent their death, the more likely the chance that they break down in the Void... assimilation is so much more than eternal loneliness... wouldn't you say? Now allow me to do this... it is my choice Zack... isn't this what you wanted? For me to be in control?"
I sheathe the blade again, and begin to walk next to the door, the shadows in the room seeming to twitch and flicker in different directions, like strobe lights was applied to the room, flickering at random intervals. Now I waited for them to launch... then it would all come together...
As I walk after her, I lean into the Doctor. "I know what you planned, Doctor. I'm watching much more closely now, and believe me, a flick of my wrist, and this station comes down on your head. Stick to the agreement, or I'll kill you myself." Of course, I'm going to anyways. I then walk out, catching up to Laura. "This isn't what I meant. Murder isn't the answer, nor is unnecessarily killing. Stay here, with me. I..." I realize that I had feelings for this woman that I'd never thought myself capable of. "I love you."
I watch Zack go. I smile, and this time it's genuine. You think you know what I have planned, Ghost? We will see.
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The 'dead' scientist walks up to a computer terminal, and is once again flagged by the computer's facial recognition system.

For all the good it will do. No one noticed last time. Maybe the Doctor will notice if he is standing next to a console elsewhere.

The scientist looks left and right before pulling the console's cover off, exposing the wire and circuitry underneath. The scientist places a hand on the circuity and his hand becomes a golden dust which sinks into the crevices of the machine.

The facilities adjunct is none to happy with this. The robotic female voice rings out over the PA system. "Warning. Unauthorized user detected. Blocking access to critical files. Warning. Unauthorized user has bypassed firewalls. PA system is being accessed. Secure files are being accessed. Adjunct system files are being accessed. Immediate action r-r-r-required. Syst-t-t-t-tems are compromised."

The adjunct thrashes about as its gyros fire randomly. A small electrical fire starts just behind its face mask, causing flames to dance in front of the Adjunct's eyes.

"T-t-t-total sys-s-s-stem failure imminent. Warni-ni-ni-ning. Access to-"

The voice cuts off suddenly from the PA system. The adjunct stops thrashing and hangs limply from the many power cords that hold it up.

The PA system is still on, emitting only a slight static sound. Then a single chime. Another chime of a slightly different note followed after a second or two. Then a third a moment behind the last.

The notes continue, and begin to remind you of a wind chime. A second wind chime joins the first in the same manner. A third and forth join soon after. Within a minute there are hundreds of chimes of different volumes, tones, and octaves.

Only Laura understands what this is.

It is a Song Of Discord.

This may be why she felt she was in a timeline where her mission was doomed to failure. Discord had come. He was likely here to eradicate the Doctor and all the work he had done while studying reanimation and revival of the dead. This would include the test subjects.

The scientist looked at the camera and waved with his free hand. Then the camera went dark.
I was hearing a sound.... But what was it? "Doctor, who is the prisoner and what's that noise?"
The room flickers, then stops, all of the shadows pointed like daggers at Zack, my form materializing, my arms falling slack to my sides, my mask's red glare looking angrily at his face, while my own was in an expression of shock and nervousness. Involuntarily, after a few seconds of initial shock, I blushed, hanging my head down and grinning, not knowing what to say. "...against the coding... isn't it..? are we defective then.....?"

The wind chimes began to start, and I take my mask off, looking wildly at the PA system, with widened eyes, and begin to chuckle a little. "So he is here... And the code is being rewritten then... Interesting... so very... soothing... Heh... hehe... fffft... Heeh... HEh, HAH! HAHAHAHAAAAA!" I begin to cackle, the look on my face reflecting a sort of equilibrium between being scared, and sheer crazed happiness.
I'll... be the one to say that she loves you too... Discord... is simply one who chooses the worst possible moments to screw things up it seems... She'll be guilty that this happened... when it gets to that she'll confess it, but until then don't feel bad. She's just basically severed all ties to any traces of humanity. Discord understands the connection between her and sound... the reason it isn't affecting you, is because he hasn't met you enough to calibrate his song for you. If you'll excuse her, she'll snap in about five minutes.
"There's no such thing as defective, Laura." I listen to the sound and shake my head. "Great, someone that isn't Sylvorur." I look at Laura. "While you're a hybrid, there's a part of you that's still human. Remember that." I spot a nearby console and plug in a flash drive, accessing what I needed and making copies of it on said flash drive. Pulling it out, I lock down my armor's on board systems. "Adjutant, identify--Wait, she's fried. Great." Can you get her somewhere secluded so no one gets hurt?

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