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I pay no attention to him, and continue to laugh, eventually hunching over and looking at my hands, softly cackling to myself.
I would suggest not letting me go back into her, because you're completely screwed then. I would also suggest blinking both of you onto her ship, then getting it far away enough so she can't blink back. This would require keeping her unable to focus, perhaps blinking her several places before onto her ship to disorient her, then simply pilot it away. I'll give you the codes to deactivate the auto-pilot when you're ready.
I'll see what I can do. Without warning, I grab Laura and blink all over the ship, never seen, and never heard, but blinked none the less. Finally, I blinked to her ship. Ready.
Heh, if you would believe it, the passcode for the Autopilot is four characters: Skye. If you want, ask Laura- who is puking, by the way... about him later. For now, get this ship away from here and be ready to have to deal with her. She'll be very pissed, but don't hold it against her, She's just doing as her Genetics dictate.
Right... Putting in the code, I make a jump in a random direction, back towards Aiur unfortunately. "Sorry Laura, but it was necessary."
The loud of painful regurgitation echoes throughout the ship from the cargo hold.
I flinch and turn to face the doorway, igniting a flame to light up the rest of the area. This way, she could only come from behind me if she blinks to me. So when she recovers, how mad will she be?
The noises stop, and the cackling resumes, accompanied by statements based around her confusion and the contents of the vomit.
Well... mad as in insane? Because she'll be unpredictably insane... Discord would make sure of that... but as in anger? I cannot say... I don't think she can put two and two together in her current state.
Good to know. Now where did I...uh oh...We're heading for Aiur...
Well... If you want to... land and let her have her regression. She'll be able to kill a good percentage of the population before Xeranis realizes how stupid they were, and actually thinks about what you told her... You know... I do share their thoughts... just we each have our different twists on them... as being as close as a sentient Zerg as I am... hybridization and all... I have to say, for all of us, it seems... that I do feel affectionate for you... Laura's the one who would pursue any form of romantic relationship... an- Oh dear. Before I forget, I have sensed a very certain individual approaching at high speeds... still very far away. Please, land some time quickly... You're about to meet my brother. I wonder how he's been... most likely on the verge of a regression himself. He's... the more violent of us two... also the more mechanically gifted... he actually made Laura's suit and cloaking device, as well as most of her weapons, excluding the Artifact weaponry that you and Laura both now carry. Once they both settle down, sedate them, though... make sure the ship remains intact, and that you are out of harm's way. Anything you need for any level of assassination, tranquilizers, various ammunition, charges, and various helmet, camera, optic parts that We've found throughout the years are nice and neatly ordered, down to every last screw. I give you permission to modify your suit when we touch down. It'll be quite a show...
Laura mentioned something about him. Is he really that bad? The ship exits warp and I head for Antioch. It would have a high Zerg concentration, and I knew Xeranis would enjoy that bit of irony. Touching down, I drop her through the hatch and wait. Landed. Where would I find those parts?
I fell, had no clue what was going on, and slowly stood up, looking around, seeing nothing but overgrown wasteland. The minds of many bordered on the edge of my consciousness, and at the moment, something lodged itself in my throat... which was promptly expelled orally, as everything in my 'stomach' had been recently. Leaning against a wall, I looked around.
"Command code verified... the code is complete... calibrated... active... beginning induction sequence." The voice sounded like a robot in my head, and soon, everything began to spin. Out of the corner of my eyes things became distorted, and when I turned to look at them, they snapped into semi-focus, and everything revolved around them. It angered me... I wanted it all to stop...

So I closed my eyes.
Everything went black.

He's a good guy... when you get to know him... while he was... 'controlled' by the Swarm he was forced to spearhead the assault on Meinhoff, which was a terrifying success... killed the population off... executed the rest once the Raiders left... then again on Haven... he finally stumbled around and was captured by Terran Scientists, experimented on, and was left for dead, the trauma severing him from the swarm. Discord knows him more than me... we should bring him back with us after this is all over... Keep an eye out for something... unusual, soon. He is drawing near. The parts are in the cargo bay. A warning though... don't... touch whatever she puked up... no telling what chemicals were mixed in...
I head for it, my hand resting on the Void Blade. Of course you don't touch her throw up. That's just begging for trouble. Reaching it, I starting looking for a way to put the Void Blade on my back. When you say unusual, what do you mean?
His gaze is directed out of the cockpit, where a black Meteor, enshrouded in purple flames, descends from the sky and impacts the ground. definitely strange. How long? Finding some parts, I set to work, making the 'sheath,' so that it was easier to get to the Void Blade.
Should I be paying attention to you guys? I think I'll read just for fun and to know what's going on, but does it pertain to me?
Not in any way shape or form. We're running our own little sub plot.
Okay cool, thanks :)
Mine, on the other hand, does apply to everyone except HBRB & Zarkun.

My goal is to kill you all and erase all evidence of the project. Humanity is no where near ready for the technology you would bring to them, so Discord's inner Protoss is in 'smite the abomination of science' mode.

And Discord is very thorough.
Ideally he would have used a fission bomb to destroy the complex, but he doesn't have one of those.... yet.
So I should go back and read your posts?

Thanks, Zanon!
Unfortunately, at this point the Reapers are hurtling towards the surface of the planet Char.


That means I can't use them to defend the station. I will have to find some other means. Fortunately, I have slight paranoia problems, so I have a few things prepared for uninvited guests.

I suddenly come to another unfortunate realization: the Reapers won't have the adjutant to assist them. Well, so much the worse for them. I have other problems right now. Still, I have to hope they accomplish their mission. If they can just do what I ordered... I won't need to save the station. I was planning to destroy eventually anyways, so perhaps this intruder will take cre of that for me.

Hopefully while I'm not still aboard.

I get to a console. The intruder has all but taken control of the station's computer network. Well, I can buy us at least a little time. I restrict admin privileges, making only myself and the Captain able to use the computer. At the very least, I can figure out what's going on based on how fast the intruder bypasses this.


The drop pods crash into Char's surface. Peter and Makenna are in the eastern position, and must create the diversion. Everyone else is on the west landing platform and must infiltrate the facility. The Adjutant managed to shut down most of their threat recognition programs before getting fried, so they are as of yet unaware of your presence, except for two blue marines on the landing pad who are starting to aim their Gauss rifles. However, if you encounter other things like locked doors, you will have to manually disable them, as the Adjutant is no longer capable of "decrypting security overrides."


OOC: Zanon, don't go overboard.

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