Reaper (Episode 3)

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How long? Will the event take? The meteor has impacted. It is done with, and he is here. However, both of their regressions will take roughly a day or two... there's enough to keep them busy while they're here... especially each other. Once Laura snaps out He'll have no problem coming out of it as well. If you are wondering when the chemicals will be safe for handling... they wont. You just need to clean that all off... We made sure to keep sterile, chemical, fire, and electrical proof cloths in the bathroom.
It was the regressions I was talking about, but the rest is good to know too. Having finished the sheath, I remove the Void Blade from my belt and test putting it in it. Exactly as hoped, not only did it fit, but also activated enough of the power of the Void that there was always a slim blade should I need to draw it quickly. Now the trick was to get it integrated to my armor, which, when I stuck it to the back of my suit, it seemed to do itself. Nodding approvingly, I set to work on a new cloaking module. One that didn't require that I loose so much energy using it. So what will happen if the two of them meet during this regression?
Peter waited for the glorious moment of striking the ground. The small cylinder he was strapped in was making him claustrophobic. His restraints tightened as his pod came to a crashing halt. The restraints disabled with a click and Peter through them off. His mind was quiet, but focused. He had one task at hand and he knew he could do it, the rest was a matter of will.

Peter grabbed his two pistols and kicked the door open. He got himself out of his seat and looked around. While his gaze was still fixed on his partner's pod that had recently hit the ground, he caught sight of two blue heads peaking around the hill. Peter gasped to himself before raising his pistols and firing on their location.

OOC: I prefer giving the DM near absolute power over these things. You tell me what I hit - if I hit - or if I need to edit, whatever. Just give the word.
Funny thing is... I'm hoping they do. They will battle it out, one using the Zerg around him to his advantage, the other using the Void to utilize guerilla warfare... It will be bloody... and will make for a great show.
...You really are fairly sadistic, you know that? Finishing the moduel, I turn it on, the armor vanishing in a blurring effect before disappearing completely. Nodding, I put my armor back on and look at the rifle and MPs, then my helmet. "Bloody hell...I'll be here all day working on these things at this rate."
...I apologize... It is in my own coding... You know... once Anderung calms down... he'd be more than happy to work on your weapons for you... he's created more psionic-based weaponry than possibly anyone I know exists in a majority of the timelines.
I sigh, still looking over my helmet. It isn't a matter of psionic-based, it's a matter of figuring out what it's going to do in reaction to me.
I beg your pardon? I meant that he would be able to rig your gear up to channel your Pyrokinesis into your weaponry... firing bullets literally on fire seems like it would hurt a bit more...
Discord was amused by the attempt to restrict admin privileges to the system. He counted to 100 before beginning on them. No use revealing that they were dealing with an AI. Let them think it was a hacker... A really good hacker.

At around second 73 Discord installed a program that would serve as a replacement for the adjunct's announcement system.

A cheerful male voice (think portal 2 PA system) begins to speak around second 85.
"Congratulations. You have been selected from hundreds of mad scientists as most threatening to the universe as a whole. (90 seconds) As such, an agent has been dispatched to your location to ensure that your work gets the attention that it deserves. (95 seconds) There is a party to celebrate this achievement. You get a cookie. There will be also be cake. (100 seconds) Make sure you eat it before the self destruct goes off. Have a nice day!"

There is a brief pause.

The same voice begins again. "I'm pleased to tell you that the self destruct has been activated. You have ten seconds to get clear of the blast zone. Have a nice day!"


"I'm pleased to inform you that the self destruct has been paused at 1.35685 seconds. Please wait where you are until at witch time the self destruct resumes. Have a nice day!"

Discord smiled. That would mess with their heads nicely.
Oh...well, yeah, in theory. I don't know how that would work out...should be fun. I set to work, building a brand new helmet to be both functional and protective.
01/31/2013 09:01 PMPosted by Zarkun
yeah, in theory

Yep. Sounds good, but the reality is that all that would do is cauterize the wounds the bullets make as they go through.

Might help vs heavy armor like tanks though.
And it could always be liquid fire >:3
Hm. This is not good. Chances are whoever this mysterious hacker is bluffing about the self-destruct, but who can tell? Best play it safe. If someone really is planning to blow up my station, they surely won't want to be aboard for the big event. I turn to the Captain, fortunately still at hand.

"Captain," I say quietly. "I want a total lockdown initiated. Enemy has control of most computer systems, so send your men to close off the hangar bays manually. No escapes, please."

"Yes, Doctor."

"And have your men check all consoles. I want this hacker found."

"Yes, Doctor."


Amazingly, Peter's bullets find their mark in both of the unfortunate Marines' heads. They obviously weren't expecting anyone to attack them like that, and are both killed before they can dodge. They even had their masks raised! There's a yell as an unseen someone behind a small hill alerts the others in the area to their comrade's death.
Peter was in murder mode. He wouldn't know right from wrong if it slapped it in the face. He ran and ducked at the bottom of the hill and charged his jetpack. As soon as the marines showed, he would blast himself as high as he could and take his chances. If there were too many, all he could do would be to pray that his "Partner" would get him out of the situation.
The Marines are confused by the sight of a Reaper; obviously they didn't expect an attack from Terrans. Still, they overcome their confusion after a few moments and open fire despite their assailant's non-zerginess. There is a shout of "the Dominion's betrayed us!" along with something from a red-clad marine that sounds vaguely like a protest.
I heard the gunfire.... time to put this show on the road. {Peter, have fun out there... Don't get yourself killed.... to quickly.} As I turned off my comm device I signaled the others to move up with me. Taking my time since we don't want to be detected already. While prepping an early charge, without setting the timer yet. I looked at the schematics of this facility. Pinpointing exactly where we need to make our entrance from... I saw...
A handful of marines, two blue and one red, appear, apparently investigating the noise. They immediately aim their guns, but don't fire, uncertain.
Or he could make it so that your rounds blink to where you want them... That would be interesting, especially with say, your MP's... You could blink the rounds in any direction... would be helpful if you were surrounded... That reminds me... if you so wish, We always kept the parts for our weapons in this room as well, last Drawer, middle row, on the left.
Peter activates his jet-pack, and with a jump, flies as high as he can go, unleashing a barrage of bullets on as many targets as he could before diving for cover. Something, anything, whatever could hide him until his retard partner would come help him. (OOC: HINT HINT!! Come on, SF!!)
A couple of marines go down, but the others open fire, doing their very best to reduce Peter to paste. As of yet, they have not noticed the other Reaper, who still has a high-ground position.

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