Reaper (Episode 3)

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I place a finger to his lips, chuckling.
"Xeranis and The Clone are already surfing your memories... It's how a full fledged Psionic link works."
I sigh again, and watch the journal, with a sorrowful look.
"You made that because you were lonely... didn't you? Hoping to share it with someone one day... You spent so much time on it... I can tell that already... It's an amazing thing... what you made... Unique... as well..."
I nod slowly. "Lonely is an understatement. After Jason died, I spent years refusing to take anything other than assassination assignments, not wanting to risk becoming that attached to another person for fear of the pain their death would cause. When I finally started mixing and mingling again, I had no problem not caring what happened to others. But deep down...I hoped someone would try anyways. But, I guess when you're a Ghost, people don't socialize with you. Even other Ghosts avoided me like the, after having killed a Tal'Darim leader claiming his Kaydarin crystal as a prize, the idea struck me. From the moment I finished that journal, I've poured everything I could into it. But Jason's death...that one is the most recent, not even a day old entry yet." I sigh, running my hands through my hair. "I know it's stupid to ask, but will you ever be free of the Zerg loyalty trigger?"
Maybe I should go and search for highly classified information that could so totally mean court martial for a Reaper if not worse... "The life.... Wonder how different today would be if I just died that night? Wonder when he'll be back to finish the job this time..."
I sigh, looking out into space again.
"Unfortunately... I cannot say that I can... without taking the rest of my mind and conscious with it. It's like a subconscious thing... like how your brain tells your heart to beat constantly... you can't take a thing like that out. We all fear that it might actually be tied to the rest of our system... if the trigger is completely gone, without an entity to control us, we would just keel over and die..."
I sigh, and look at him in the eyes.
"We will not die of a natural cause, I can be sure of that... The Clone's body is capable of healing things extremely worse than what Terrans or Protoss can suffer... If anything... we all need to worry about preserving you... There is a chance... that when you die... that your entire consciousness would be transferred into ours... Though... that is simply speculation."
I nod slowly, thinking back on the procedure that had given me my 'Solar Flare' level powers. The head scientist had speculated that day that any and all survivors of the procedure would enjoy eternal youth and an extended lifespan, though he couldn't say how long, or even for sure that it was true. It was then that I had an idea. "Can you do me a favor? I'm sure you've already seen the memory of the procedure."
I nod, running my fingers through my hair, and looking around a bit.
"Yeah... but only if you help me up... as much as I hate to admit it... I am... somewhat stuck at the moment."
I sigh in relief as I sink down, letting my muscles rest as my back falls into his lap, my shoulders and head forced upwards, as my upper legs, my body curved up into a U in the chair.
"Ow... ow... ow ow ow..."
I chuckle and help her sit up. "Better?"
I roll off onto the floor beneath the chair, sighing and rubbing my back.
"Owwwwwww... Yes. Much. I'm going to lay here for a little while though... what did you want me to do?"
"Can you search my genes through our link? Confirm whether or not the good Professor's speculation on youth and extended life is true? And if the second is true, maybe how long that extension is."
I pause for a moment, and look at him sorrowfully.
"To do that... I would have to infest you... or at least introduce a very specific virus into you that would be remotely controlled via psionics..."
Allysa gets done reading the data over again, still shaking like no other. She puts the sheet away, turning it off, and goes over to the bathroom door. She knocks on it, and asks "Done in there yet...?"
I sigh, slumping back. "I never can find a simple, non potentially lethal way to do it..."
I shrug, and sit up.
"I could always simply infect you with her genes... that would make you immortal... and you would also be a hybrid... like me... without all of the mental fragmentations..."
I lean back, thinking. What do I do...I've spent my whole life wondering why I was taken, why I was given these powers. I thought the Dominion would answer that question, but they didn't. Maybe... "What's the risk?"
Makenna sits in her room, her hands flowing across the sheets of her bed, her mind wandering to a place of infinite possibilities. Her eyes gleaming with a sense of victory, unseen by the cameras from her angle.
01/20/2013 04:41 PMPosted by SlnderBurito
The Reaper is simply the essense of the Void, drawn together by the entirety of the Nerazim, which means that it is not a Void-Based entity, but rather simply the Void itself

drawn together by the entirety of the Nerazim,

Correct me if I am wrong but are you saying that the Reaper existence was a result of the Nerazim's exposure to the energies Void?
Him as a complete entity, yes. The Void is within them, as they are within the Void, so as a whole they form the Reaper, whom becomes the Void itself. It is difficult to grasp.

IC: I shrug, and chuckle.
"Well, then you have a Zerg loyalty trigger as well, which I could program to be loyal to me... it would theoretically cancel mine out... or create a paradox... one or the other."
Xeranis' voice pops into our heads with a chuckle.
"Or he could go into a coma."
I shrug.
"But he would wake up alive and with his memories intact, no?"
"I..." I hesitate. I couldn't betray her, that much I could admit to myself, risk the Dominion finding out... "Before I can do anything, I need to remove the inhibitor the Dominion gave me, so they can't control me anymore."
So if every Nerazim dies, the Reaper dies as well?

If the Reaper dies, the Void goes boom?


01/20/2013 07:55 PMPosted by Zarkun
"Before I can do anything, I need to remove the inhibitor the Dominion gave me, so they can't control me anymore."

They are notoriously difficult to get off and they can permanently scar someone if it is done wrong.
I roll my eyes, and laugh.
"You will literally be able to force that thing through your skull with a mental command. I've lived with it for a while... I'll help you keep your new powers under control, Zack. You shouldn't worry about that, it's only a temporary setback... Now... I'll simply have to give you a choice... Do you want to have it injected directly into your bloodstream, or do you want to eat something? Either way the blood I carry needs to be introduced to your body... it will multiply and convert all of your cells into hybridized ones, replacing my Terran DNA with yours... You'll still be you... but hopefully you don't make your own fragmentations to deal with the split in your genes..."

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