Reaper (Episode 3)

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Allysa leans on the wall, shaking slightly. The marines would be able to recognize what it was she was going through, and might be able to help her. Of course, it was just part of a ruse to help get inside, but the shaking wasn't fake.
{Terran concepts of ownership are just that. Concepts. If you were to ask a star who owns it, you would receive no reply. The universe belongs to no one. Your station was made by Terrans, but if you were all to vanish tomorrow, the station would not miss you. It would fall into disrepair, yes, but it would not miss you. This station is a hunk of metal, robbed of whatever semblance of intelligence that was provided to it by the adjunct. It is now ground to be taken and held by the stronger of two or more parties... Who sill won't own it at the end of the day.}
{So we're clear, AI, the Doc is mine.} I look over what I have so far, I had finished half the chest piece, but not much more. {He's got a lot to answer for.} I kept quiet about the fact that I'd copied all his files to my flash drive before leaving, but the Dominion wouldn't get a chance to replicate it. They weren't ready for it, the Doc proved it.
Peter peeks his head up and almost get's it shot off.

"Looks like there's four or so, got a plan?" I ask rather quietly.
"No plan." Makenna responds and blind fires in the direction of the Raiders. "I don't do plans."
What just happened?
02/03/2013 02:58 PMPosted by smylez
What just happened?
SF and Markus are creating a diversion for the other Reapers as they get in the facility... Discord is making the Doctor amuse him or he'll blow up the station. Both Changelings are on the playing field of death and insanity..
"Everyone does plans, the only difference is one is made on the spot." Peter remarks, watching her shoot aimlessly into a crowd.

A sigh is audible over the radio. {Agent Wolfe was sent by an unknown entity to kill one of my employees. I made her harmless. I am aware that you tried to undo what I did, and trust me when I tell you she is just as harmless as before. She wouldn't be the first Ghost I defused. I know everything there is to know about the removal of Ghost hardware like psi dampeners. I undid the programming and mind-wipes of one assassin, and he killed himself as a result.}

A pause.

{Satisfied? Of course, the triple nature of Laura means my modifications may have caused a chain reaction. I could undo it, of course, if my station sticks around. But...}

...and my voice takes on a menacing edge...

{Trust me when I say I can have her dead in the next thirty seconds if you're considering betraying me.}


///Infiltration Group///

Two of the marines are obviously not buying it, and tighten their fingers on their triggers. THe other, obviously more gullible, steps forward, lowering his gun most of the way.

"What are you doing here? What's your unit number?"


///Frontal Attack///

The marines, obviously not happy about their comrades' deaths, hurl grenades at the two Reapers, then ready their guns to pick off anyone who runs out into the open.


OOC: Markus, Makenna is a female. An extremely attractive female, by your human standards.

I do my best to create interesting teams.
"I am assuming we are frontal."

I see the grenade and my eyes go wide. "Oh, sh!t, oh sh!t." I grab it quickly and rocket up into the air and whip it towards the Marines while thrusting myself back by angling myself and firing my boosters.
OOC: Markus, Makenna is a female. An extremely attractive female, by your human standards.

I do my best to create interesting teams.

0_0 Oh... lol... oops. That changes... a lot.

Peter decided to take the opportunity to get a few shots off. Makenna had taken care of the grenade, so now was probably his chance.

He got up and fired into the crowd of marines. After seven shots were off, he looked back to check on Makenna while ducking back behind cover.
OOC: Is my guy part of the infiltration team?
Allysa coughs and says "Well.....I was hoping that someone on the station could help me about overusing Stim-packs, but I have doubts." She sighs, and adds "That's what I get for using them too much." She avoids answering the question, really more interested if they had someone or something to help her.
{You don't quite understand her, do you Doc? Agent Wolfe isn't just a Hybrid. She's better than any one species in everyway. Hell, my mind wipe was undone as a way to ensure success in Project Solar Flare. And I'm not even what I appear to be anymore...} I let that hang in the air before continuing. {And you don't need to worry about your research, I already made copies of it, under orders from Command. However, I no longer serve the Dominion and you won't be getting it back. Humanity isn't ready for what you're trying to do.} I again pause, letting it sink in. {Then there's the matter of Agent Wolfe's brother. He'll, if he hasn't already, undo everything you did. What I do doesn't matter, because you can't truly kill her.}
She paused for a while before speaking again. Her voice had lost the 'pulled together' edge, and seemed to be incredibly happy.
...Thank you Zack... Thank you for everything...

Down on the surface, blades were clashing, claws were slashing, and teeth ground into flesh and bone as the two came to an encounter. They looked almost the same, simply differences in the bone plating that covered some of their joints told them apart, as they leaped and lunged at each other, their arms deformed and twisted, large slaps of sharpened bones serving as wicked blades, formed from willing self-mutilation. Their attention was drawn away from each other from time to time, only to serve the purpose of annihilating the Zerg who sought fit to put an end their combat. Shadowy flames danced around the battlefield, the shadows themselves seeming to aid in the fight, becoming tangible extensions of Laura's body, as the impaled forms of Zerglings, violently plucked from the ground, hung loosely as a spear of darkness appeared under them, as a grim tribute to everything the Zerg stood for. The swarming around their fallen was metaphorical in a way... For one who needed a firsthand account of how the Zerg fought... this was it. Every one that died was replaced with two more that charged towards the deadly couple, only to be sliced in a variety of ways, it's carcass spraying blood on it's allies, Whom began to wait, their commanders simply beginning to wait, forming an enclosure around them, waiting and watching as the two fought.
I stop what I'm doing, stunned. You're welcome, Laura. You're welcome.
She stayed quiet for a long time, before speaking again. Open the channel to the Doctor... If his mind is focused on yours... I can hijack his conscious and make sure he understands, fully... who he's f*cking with...
I nod and reopen the channel, not saying anything. Give him hell.
I'll be sure to... once again... Thank you Zack... take care of the others.
Abruptly, her voice cuts out in Zack's mind, and the Doctor hears her whispering softly in his ear. thought you could be rid of us through science... you were a fool to think of such... If I must die with you to simply ensure your demise then I will do such gladly....
As her voice vanished, I couldn't help but wonder what she had meant. Godspeed. Finishing the chest plate, I start on armoring up the rest of my suit. Even as I worked, I could feel the Protoss part of me guiding my hands and helping me to do things right. I think I could grow to like this.

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