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I'm sorta lonely...that present enough?
No. |D

After Makenna goes around doing stuff. We have three pages to turn this into a mission, after all.
Good point...
I did not announce my absence. I was on a brief vacation and honestly, ya'll didn't even cross my mind.

I will move to rectify some... issues that I have with what has occurred in my absence. Minor issues, which should be correctable In Character. However, most of this will occur tomorrow. I am tired right now.

Smylez: Yes, you are with the infiltrators. Everyone except Peter and Makenna.



Only a couple of Marines remain in front of the Lab. The others are now dead, courtesy of the two Reapers.


I think hard.

{Explain logically to me why you are destroying my station, hacker. As for you Agent Zack, you are unaware of the extent of my... precautions. I advise you not to test them. They were not limited to Laura.}

I just have to delay them until the Reapers succeed...
I quickly rocket into the Marines, somersaulting mid-air and kicking him in the chest, sending him flying. I turn to the other and pull the trigger of my pistol, the bullet tearing through his head. As I turn around to deal with the other one three spines rip through my stomach. I fall to the ground. I had let out a scream of pain, but I would be fine. Spikes would do nothing. My regeneration would make sure of that.
As she fell, the shadows cast by the building seemed to twitch and move, and a blood-curtling scream diverted her attention away from her wound, to see that the Marine had been impaled by three black blades, which could be traced back to the building itself. The blades retracted, and the marine's body fell to the ground, blood beginning to pool out from the six holes in his suit and body.
There... that confirms my suspicions... I do still retain my abilities, even while inside your body...
{Doc, you just aren't as brilliant as you think.} Finishing with the armor, I put it on and test everything. It all worked perfectly. Cutting the channel for good this time, I return to the cockpit, and wait. It had to be nearly over, didn't it?

OOC: The radio for Zack is OFF. No more transmissions as he won't receive them.
The ruins of long abandoned Protoss structures littered the battlefield they had chosen, and now Laura was asleep, resting in his arms, at the top of a destroyed Nexus, looking out with little interest as Zerg fought Zerg below them... every once and a while he would take direct command of a few of the beasts, guiding each strike like a well honed blade, watching as they tore apart the others. But he knew that someone was around here... he could sense them. Hopefully it wouldn't be too hard to spot a purple, bipedal creature holding a woman on top of a dull gold building from a spacecraft...
I will have to say this.... Everyone is underestimating everyone in this situation. The Doctor underestimating Laura and Zack, while they both underestimate him. I find it hilariously funny. XD

IC: Seeing how NO ONE in my group was typing in this RP like I was. I decided to sneak through a nearby ventilation shaft so I could easily get to the target and assassinate them.
I caught the hint. Very subtle. XD

IC: Growing worried, I take off and scan the planet, spotting the pair on an old Nexus with Zerg fighting below them. "Slight flare for the dramatic. Not bad." I hover over the Nexus and lower a ladder from the cargo bay. [Come on up, it's much friendlier in here.]
I looked up at the Banshee and grinned. "The Good ol' Phantom..." My form turned black, and I seemed to phase into the Nexus, coming out of the Cargo Bay's wall, looking around and bumping my head on something in the ceiling. "Ow..." I laid Laura down in the corner, and saw Zack, grinning, I held out my claw for a handshake. "So you're the one my sister fell fo- Oh... I mean... well damn... She's going to be pissed I said that..."
An unconscious Laura growled in the corner, causing me to frown in a bit of paranoia.
"I had the Clone in my head, so I'm already aware she feels the same way for me that I do for her. I take it you're her brother?" I take the clawed hand and shake it. "I'm Zack Tren."
While crawling inside the ventilation I took the liberty of strapping off my jetpack and rigging it to explode when I wanted to.... It would clear me the path I needed. The pistol was loaded with a few special Uranium rounds. Heavier.... More dangerous.
I nodded, sighing. "So... my biological sister isn't here then... We'll just wait for her to wake up. Call me Anderung, or Andy for short."
"Nice to meet you. I think." I look at the start map and sigh. "I really need to go kill a man...Which reminds me, your sister requires some kind of check over. I'm not sure what exactly, but the Doctor did something to her."
I perk up, and sit next to her, my long tail swaying behind me.
"Excuse how bad this will look, but it's for her own good, and she'll be fine when I'm done."
The bone bladed tip flickered, and suddenly her torso was cut open, and I began to pick through her organs, most of which didn't even look human, besides her lungs and heart, both of which were black, as everything seemed to be, besides her pearly white bones. I found and began to take out some metal devices, setting them on the ground next to her, standing up when I was done, nudging the skin back together and watching it begin to heal itself. Satisfied, I walked into the cockpit, sitting in the chair and sighing in relief. "Now... where the hell is the bastard who did this?"
I shake my head. I was beginning to question if the fact that I wasn't horrified that I just saw that should worry me. "The Doctor? Back on the Science Vessel, but I've already got everything handled. All that's left if to rip out his heart and destroy his life's work." I then hold up a flash drive. "This has copies of all the data for resurrecting a Terran after death. An AI after Discord will be looking for it and I thought it would be safe with you. If not you, then in the Void."
I whip around, looking between the flash drive, and Zack with widened eyes. "You did WHAT? I mean... sure... it's safe in the Void... but... Discord will come after you for that... I'd rather not have to deal with him any time soon... so just stuff it in Laura's satchel for now... quickest and most accessible way to get it to the Void..."
I nod and do as he said, sighing as I feel it enter the Void. "That's done. Now, about Laura. How...what did he do exactly?"
I shrug.
"Can't know for sure, he installed all sorts of devices inside of her, set to terminate her vital organs via radio, which were swiftly taken out... I would like to get into her head... but... I'm afraid of screwing her mental state up... she could forget everything about herself if something was taken out of her brain, given that something is actually in there in the first place..."

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