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"He'd messed with the Clone's Zerg loyalty region, but I fixed that...sort of. She...sorta had me set it to where she was loyal to me."
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Discord will come after you for that... I'd rather not have to deal with him any time soon...

When the murderous changeling is not eager to meet someone, be scared of him.

IC: {Logically Doctor? You hold in your hands a technology that has the potential alter humanities standing in the universe's pyramid of sentient beings. Just imagine what this could do coupled with Protoss recall technology. You wouldn't need to carry bodies back, just recall then res them. Within a few hours they are back on the field. This would also extend humanity's wars with itself...Nukes would be used more... And I can go on. Humanity is not ready for this technology. Besides, I just don't care for what you did to Laura. Old friend and all that. So I guess my motivations are logical backed by enough personal vengeance to not feel like reasoning with you.}

I check around a corner and wait for another patrol to pass.

{And since you know I am an AI, you can expect this revenge of mine to be served cold... and calculating. Now... I think that was one of your last patrols that just passed me, so we might be seeing each other soon. Or I might look around some.}

45 minutes until I can blow the station. What a bother.
OOC: KO...since it seems like this RP's going all to hell, (Not in a bad way, I just mean it seems to have gotten extremely chaotic), I have an idea. What if Ben managed to broadcast this top secret info? Just a thought...
Jinxy...what did you do...?

I woke with a start, my eyes flying open, and they instantly started to burn a bit due to the bright light of the room I was in. Blinking several times, trying to get my eyes to adjust faster, I took in a few strangled breaths as I tried to sit up. Numerous needles were stuck in my arm, and I felt the weight of the tubes pull on them as I brought myself to a sitting position. My arms, legs, and neck all felt stiff, as well as every other part of my body. I stretched as best I could, trying not to disturb the needles in my right arm, and glanced around.

It looked like I was in the medbay, though I couldn't seem to remember how I'd gotten there or why. Then, all of a sudden, my entire body convulsed for only a moment, making my muscles all go stiff for a few seconds. I gasped for breath as soon as it was over, and my eyes watered from the sudden pain that had come with it.

Deal with it, my mind hissed. Gritting my teeth, I positioned myself at the side of the bed, and started to slide off it to stand up.

I didn't last long. My legs crumbled under me as soon as I did, making the needles in my arm shift around, causing a bit of pain. I reached for the rolling stand that had the crap for my IV's hanging on it, and used it to help me back to a standing position. With that, I began shuffling to the door of the medbay while still in my hospital gown, just to get out of the place. I hated the medbay with a passion, and dreaded every moment I ever spent in one.

The dark hallway greeted me when the door opened, and I started wandering around, not particularly caring about who found me or if anyone ever did. I just needed to try and remember...

(So yeah, in the medbay in the main place where the Doc has his labs, Reapers their dorms, etc. Decided to rejoin, someone needs to keep count on how long I stay this time, I'ma try to beat my last record, xD

This is Jennifer Carzos, for if some of you guys don't remember/whatever, I'm just going to put that out there too, :P)
What a lovely trip I had gone through... Using my GPS/Map of the facility, I delved deeper in the bowels. I was almost at the target.
(I'll come back later, must eat and do other poop. Anyone, feel free to bump into Jinxy while I'm gone, :P)
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(I'll come back later, must eat and do other poop. Anyone, feel free to bump into Jinxy while I'm gone, :P)
None of us are on the Science Vessel. :\
I wandered in the general direction of the dorms. About halfway there, I convulsed again, but the pain wasn't as intense as it had been before. I still fell to the ground with a thud and a clatter. The needles in my arm stayed in, but only by luck. With a bit of effort, I got back up, and finished the journey to what I thought was my room by the dorms.

I peeked in, and recongized it as the quarters I chose for myself when I first came to It had just occured to me that I didn't fully remember where in the world I was, but that wasn't the biggest thing on my mind at the moment. The back of my mind was screaming at me, begging me...

Where are they.... said a sudden thought.

I gazed around the room, but found that what I was looking for was gone. With a small curse, I started to shuffle around the room, searching, until my legs grew so tired that I couldn't walk anymore, which didn't take all that long. With a plop, I came to sit on my bed, while my mind still whispered...

I need them, I need them, I need them, It repeated

With a groan, I let myself lie down. I stared at the ceiling as I tried to sort out at least some senseful thoughts.

It musta been ages since I last had an injection...I've never had this intense of a craving before... I thought, I wonder how long I had been in the medbay...
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*Gives a cookie*
I look at him quizzically, then back to her, crouching beside her and holding my hand over her head. A black flame appeared in my hand, hovering in between her eyes. Her coat had been zipped and buttoned up again, and she had been sitting unconscious in the back corner of the Cargo Bay. Her eyes began to flutter open, but they were black, and casting a purple glow, like the Zerg on Auir were when I took control of them.

First she began to twitch, fingers, knees, nothing much, but then, she began to express obvious pain and distress, throwing her head to the side, tensing up her muscles and letting them relax. I remained motionless the entire time, focusing on my task. I was currently invading her mind in a way that only a psionic specializing in the manipulation of others could. A full on mental assault crushed any form of defense she may have had against me, especially when she was unconscious, and from there I began to metaphorically hack into her mind, and from there it was a cakewalk. A half an hour later I stopped, standing up and watching as Laura's head fell to the side, seemingly regarding Zack with cold black eyes, before her eyelids drooped, covering them as her body went slack.

I walked back to the cockpit, sighing and leaning against the doorframe. "It's done... She'll wake up in a few hours with a splitting headache, but she'll be fine."
"Good. I wasn't comfortable with with the whole thing anyways." Typing in a launch sequence, I pilot the ship into space, entering warp space for the station. "Now to end this, and before the Reapers finish their mission." I check my MP and my rifle, then sit back and wait. I'm coming for you Doc. You won't live to see the completion of your project.
I chuckle as we begin to go into warp. "This will prove interesting... I'm eager to see this Doctor myself... if Discord hasn't killed him already."
I take Laura's mask and hold it next to my face, chuckling as I open up a comm channel.
{Discord, if you remember my voice, I hope you will realize what I am about to do... Anybody who has touched my sister on that ship is dead to rights. If you try to stop me it'll be Endor all over again... Now, if you wouldn't mind aiding me, I have someone's life to make a complete and utter hell.}
I shake my head. "I understand she's your sister, but the Doc is mine. He not only messed with her, he's tried to mess with me, and it's over." As we talk, I pull out the detonator, pressing it as we drop out of warp in view of the station. Explosions rock it, with first life support going, then engines, then the formula for the resurrection. "That should keep him from escaping and all the guards should know it's time to go." I stand up and draw the Void Blade. "See you on board." I blink, a small flame enveloping me as I vanish and reappear on the Science Vessel. {I'm here for you Doc.}
I glared at him as he left. "Imbecile..." I look back at Laura and lean against the wall until she would stir.
Damn you KO...we are a standstill.
((Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst....Deviantart Chat? :D)

As I let myself think for a while, and I started remembering things as I let my head simmer.

I jolt back up to a sitting position as I feel the ship rock. Suddenly, softened red lights flooded my small dorm room, signaling that life support had been damaged. In slight panic, I stood up again with the assistance of the rolling stand, and began shuffling out of the room. It was apparent that I needed to find someone useful now...the Science Vessel was under attack.
I could sense someone's pain and suffering from here... heh... Might as well investigate... Laura wouldn't wake up for a while... Plus, they would be safer here on the ship. I seemed to disappear into the wall I was leaning on, appearing on the ceiling above Jennifer, and dropped down, looking at the red blaring lights and chuckling.
"Excuse me miss, You wouldn't happen to be panicking would you?" It was always fun to see people's reactions when they see an 8 foot tall Changeling standing behind them with it's hands behind it's back.
Instinctively, I reach to where either my pistol or knife would be as soon as I turn around to see a changeling. Sadly my hands find only thin air-I was still in my hospital gown. I gripped the stand with both hands, now sinking further into panic, and let out a forced reply.

"What do you think?" I choked out, now beginning to think that if anything, I was going to now die due to a random zerg infestation rather than the sudden lack of life support.
I move through the halls, watching for any and all signs that the guards had remained. As of yet, I didn't sense any, and I hadn't seen anything either, so they must have caught the hint. Cloaking, I press on ward, still debating how I would disembowel the Doctor.

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