Reaper (Episode 3)

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I chuckle, a sound that was like a combination of a hiss and a growl, and I look at her IV, snapping my fingers, as if I had an idea.
"You're one of those Reapers my sister is trying to protect, aren't you!?" I look around before chuckling again. "If you wouldn't mind, I would like to assure you that I am not going to hurt you, and your best bet for survival would be to follow me."
"Like a sheep to slaughter? How stupid do you think I am?" I replied, getting some control over my voice again. It suddenly dawned upon me (after he spoke of a sister) that if there was another changeling around, living among head started to ache as a whole bunch of thoughts exploded in my brain at once.

Why is there a changeling here? Are zerg attacking the ship? Who is this 'sister' he just talked about? Why would zerg be wanting to protect us...? Should I consider...NONONO..I... don't know... My thoughts each said at once, making my headache worse.
I spoke directly into her mind, my voice trying to soothe her. It'll be alright... The swarm is not attacking any of you, there is no infestation... but the Ghost Zack has begun an assault on the Doctor, and you're one of the few people whom he and my sister don't want to be killed... In all honesty this is not a safe place to be... Now if you would please come with me, I will take you to safety. Please, just trust me with this, Jennifer.
While I was looking through Laura's memories, she had looked up the name of every staff member on the ship. That seemed to be coming in handy right now...
I kneeled down onto the floor, still gripping the stand as if clinging to dear life. As I tried to sort my mind, another voice, not my own, joined in, and spoke.

I sat there, staring at the creature before me. I didn't know if I wanted to believe it or not...the last thing I ever wanted to do was to be either A-eaten by zerg, or B-the worst of the two, become infested into least now my mind was more at ease, for some odd reason, and it make it much easier to think.

It then registered in my mind exactly what he just said, and I questioned, "Why is Zack trying to kill the Doctor?". The creature seemed to know what was going on here, and I knew for sure that I certainly did not.
I begin to turn, my long tail swaying out softly, giving Jinxy something to support herself with.
"Come with me, and I'll tell you everything... I do not want to see more death... except for those who deserve it..."

I needed to get her out sometime soon... Discord would bring the whole place crashing down in a little bit. Zack better know what the hell he was doing...
I sighed, giving up. I was going to die anyway, just standing here while doing absolutely nothing useful. I awkwardly use the creature's tail to stand. It felt weird to be touching a zerg without expecting some form of injury to be followed by it.

I glance around, looking longingly at my reaper gear lying in a mess in the corner, but decide it wasn't worth bringing the crap with, or even asking the changeling to carry it along. If I remembered right, a particular baneling had exploded, leaving acid holes throughout the armor and in the jetpack itself. I was going to miss my gear...but it was something easy to replace.

"Lead on then," I say, "I just want to know what's going on...and what happened to me,"
I sigh, trying to figure out how to say this.
"Well... in a way, you were in a coma, a hostile hybrid AI that I know is trying to eliminate all traces of the experiment, and that means the vessel is not safe anymore."
I slow down a little, continuing to let her use my tail as support, letting her catch up and walk next to me.
"Now... if you wouldn't mind... lean against this wall with me... I'm going to... well, I guess it's a sub-category of the Protoss method of Blinking... just... nevermind. Just lean against the wall and hold on to my tail."
My fist goes through the Marine's visor, connecting with his nose and knocking him out. Purple armor, station security, meaning that they were in the Doctor's pocket. So far I'd been able to just incapacitate them, but killing them would be far kinder. Making a bone blade, I ram it into the unconscious man's face, killing him instantly. Now to move on. Making the blade vanish, I move on, recloaking and drawing the Void Blade.
Without much choice, I do as the changeling says, not really questioning anything yet at this point. I was still trying to decide if I should believe this creature or not...but at the moment, what was most important was getting of the Science Vessel.
A wave of utter coldness and breathlessness comes over Jennifer, and for a split second all she can see is pitch black, and then, warmth again, and as her senses return to her, she finds that she is in what appears to be a cargo bay, with a woman asleep in the corner, a hood pulled up over her head, and what seems to be a modified Ghost mask next to her, with various drawers and shelves lining the sides. I begin to walk into the middle of the bay, motioning for her to follow me into a doorway. "You can rest in the Cockpit... my sister will be awake shortly... Hopefully. Agent Zack is taking care of business inside the Science Vessel, and I think neither of us want to get in his way at this time."
I was surprised. I was half expecting us to be transported to say...I don't know..a semi-nearby Hive or something? The "Blink", as the changeling called it, was a strange experience. I felt cold to the bone and unable to breathe for only a second or so, and then poof, here we some ship, parked out somewhere in space...

I glance at the creature, now a bit curious as to why I hadn't been eaten or something yet. I also glanced over at his supposed 'sister', who looked like a Ghost or something...quite possible, I guessed. If she was a changeling too...if not..then damn, I didn't even want to start trying to figure that out...

I nodded at the changeling when he finished speaking, beginning to wonder why in the world that douchemuffin of a Ghost would want to kill the Doctor. If anything, I assumed them to be friends or aquaintences of some sort...they both acted equally as heartless at times. I shrugged at my own thoughts, deciding not to worry about it right now.

With that, I followed the changeling to the cockpit of the ship.
I looked at her with intrigue. "You definitely are a thoughtful one... aren't you Jennifer?" I sat against the doorframe to the Cockpit, sighing and casting a glance back at Laura. "To answer the question you had, she is a Changeling like me... on the very surface. We are hybrids, 33% Terran, 33% Zerg, and 33% Protoss... Supposedly. I have no allegiance to the swarm anymore... and my Sister has taken that to mean that she had to hate them without remorse..." I shrug and turn back to her.
"So what's your story, Jennifer?"
"Why in the world would you be interested in that?" I questioned.
"Simply because I am a curious person, Jennifer, and I would like to get to know someone whom I may be traveling with in the foreseeable future..." I placed my arms behind my head, resting against the doorframe, looking at nothing in particular, just simply thinking...
I chuckle a little bit. "I'm a nobody, and I don't really got much for a story, though it is a bit of a longer one."
"WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT?" I yell as I see the Marine impaled. Did you do that? I would've been able to deal with him myself. He thought I was as good as dead!
The voice chuckled softly.
To answer your question, yes, that was me. Also, it was a simple test to see if my abilities had carried over to your body... You don't have psionic potential, do you dear Makenna? That's too bad... perhaps I would've rubbed off on you if you had... That would've made for an interesting meeting later...

Back on the Banshee I raise an eyebrow. "That's a paradox. 'You don't have much for a story, but it's a long one.' How does that work? Did you spend half your life in stasis or something and have Acid trips for years on end?"
"Get out of my head!" I accidentally yell out loud.
The voice began to cackle a little, and the shadows around Makenna began to stretch threateningly towards her, extending at impossible angles towards her.
I'm sorry, but you're my host, and you can't get rid of me that easily...

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