Reaper (Episode 3)

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I shrug. "No. It's a long story, but it isn't really....much of one, I guess," I answer.

"Cause honestly, how does this sound for a story? I grew up in some backwater town on this planet called Solaris, just some speck of a planet that's in the Outer Ring. I had a Dad, who was a drug dealer in the city we lived in. My ma...I don't even want to talk about her. I've always hated her, even to this day. My Dad raised me, I learned to be tough, I learned to function on my own, I learned to take care of me before anyone else...

My Uncle was the one who e'er taught me anything good growing up. Always called me Jinxy, just cause he liked how it sounded. He helped me out a lot, even bailed me out of jail for my drug use a few times...never repayed him for that, wish I would have. I remember his face still when he I went and told 'im I was gonna go voulenteer for the Dominion military. He was afraid for me...

I joined though, cause I didn't know what else to do. I wanted to do at least something, 'good', cause I wasn't doing any good with what I was doin' back on Solaris." I sighed. "I thought that maybe, maybe I'd be able to make up for all I'd done...but..." I shrugged again, and pulled at the needle that remained in my arm from me yanking myself off the IV fluids before. It came out easy, and I set it aside.

(SOMEONE MAKE A NEW THREAD OR SUMETHING SOON PLZ-Just a heads up! I don't want Reaper to accidently die out just because people forgot about it!)

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