Reaper (Episode 3)

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I nod slowly, accepting that if this is what it took to help make the Dominion better, than I'd do it. "Injection. I...don't eat things often..." I didn't mention that it was because of the Project.
I nod, rolling up my sleeve and watching my arm convulse, the skin seeming to stretch and turn into little more than a covering for the large bone blade that replaced my lower arm, a sharp needle protruding from the tip of it.
"Alright then... Arm, or Neck?"
I close my eyes, a small flame appearing in the hand of the arm furthest from the needle, my left hand. "Arm."
I sigh, then grin again, swinging the blade with what seemed to be a biiiit too much force, only to have the needle sink harmlessly into his arm, the numbing chemicals coating the tip already making sure he feels nothing as I begin to open up my artery, watching his arm visibly begin to turn black, before retracting the blade, closing the artery, and slumping up against the wall of the cockpit.
"Oh... Okay... just... just sit there... it'll feel weird... and you'll be knocked out... don't mind the pain... just your organs shifting... growing a new heart... skeleton changing... yeah..."
I was dizzy from the blood loss, and fell unconscious, knowing that the next time Zack woke up he would look, at least to himself, the same as before... just there would be another heart rate, and he would have black blood.
When the infection would get to his brain, it would shut down temporarily, while it reprogrammed itself. He would be out cold for a little while... hopefully not before I woke up...
Even as I fell unconscious, I could feel the changes beginning. Of course, I used what time was left to program the ship to orbit the planet once we arrived until I otherwise stated. The heat from the flame remaining comforting, I let the world become dark.
I groggily looked around, my eyes heavy... Oh... great... the floor had become the wall..? Or... no, I was on the floor, sideways, looking at the wall. Slowly, I pick myself up, and look right into the face of Zack, whom, seemed to have stretched out his armor a little when he changed... oh well... that can hopefully be fixed. He looked normal now, but I had to make sure, I placed two fingers on each side of his neck, feeling two, in sync pulses. Perfect.

Now I just had to fuel psionic power into his head, overpowering him while he slept... this would take a little while."
I paced my memories, remembering all the good and the bad, and getting a sort of third person view on all of them. It was...insightful, I guess is the word, but no less painful for many of them. Perhaps this was part of the change...
As the change would go through each brain cell... each memory... it would duplicate it, adding the necessary structures to complete the genetic programming of his new body. I sat in front of him, watching him intently, never letting up with the flow of psionic impulses, attempting to overwhelm him at his weakest... when he sees Jason die again... but this time... he would feel the Zerg, feel their lack of control... and in the split second of confusion I would take over... only momentarily, of course... but enough to switch his loyalties.
Then came that day. I'd managed to copy the scientists memories and first went through them, reliving the betrayal I'd found there, then I relived my own nightmare, Jason's death.
I focused everything I had, a surgical strike, into his mind, causing him to blank out for a moment, then somewhat... rebooting him. To him nothing had changed, he continued reliving the memory right where he left off... but to me... he slouched over a little more when I did it... right now he was straight up, seemingly sitting up in his seat... looking all prim and proper... it made me chuckle a bit.
Eventually, I went through the most recent memories, my briefing of my assignment with the Doctor, the missions, Laura's arrival, right up to setting the ship to orbit the planet. With walking my memories finished, I slowly cam awake again, once more rubbing my temple to disperse a headache. "Do these kinds of headaches happen often?"
I look back on my own memories, preserved crystally clear by my own hybridization.
"Only for the initial period... I've actually forgotten about them... Sorry... if anything truly important or life-changing were to happen to you I would have said something about it..."
I nod, the headache going away after a few minutes. "Well, that's true. I feel...different...I don't know, healthier or something. I can't seem to place it."
I chuckle, and motion to his chest. "Well blood is certainly getting around faster..."
I laugh, shaking my head. "Not quite what I meant, but an excellent point. Still, the Doc...he's in for a rather unpleasant surprise when we return. Out of curiosity, what exactly can I do now?"
I stretch out, standing up and doing a lazy cartwheel, landing on my feet, exhaling.
"Weeeeeell~ You can change anything about your body, you are now a biiiiit more excelling in the field of telepathy... and you can look and sound like anyone. Also, you can heal injuries more quickly as more effectively than humanly possible."
I nod slowly. "And the bone...needle...thingy? Can I do things like that?" I could feel the emotions coming off her much cleaner now, and intentions behind them. It was...different...
@zarkun and Slnder
There is a muffled plink as the air vent above you bends as someone crawls thorough it.

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I laugh, and lean against the wall, holding my hand out and watching as each fingertip extends through the skin, turning into sharp bone blades, black blood running off of them. The blades retract, and I place my hand to the ground, watching the blood go back into the wound, which closes.
"Yes... though first get the act of changing your body down... You want to be able to undo the changes you make to yourself after all... Plus it will take some time to get used to the pain of having your arm's muscles and skin torn through as the bone shifts. It still hurts like a b!tch, even now... I just stopped caring about it."
In an instant, I draw one of my Psi knives, a deep red blade appearing. "Seems we have a stowaway."

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