Reaper (Episode 3)

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I raise an eyebrow, and search around, unsure of who... or what, we're looking for.
"Are you sure?"
I point to the vent, drawing an MP. "Damn sure."
I calmly walk over to the table in the other room, holstering my pistol and slinging my rifle, making sure both were loaded before zipping up my coat again. My mask slid on, and a motion sensor began to ping in the bottom left corner. A quick readjustment to make sure Zack didn't come up as a hostile, and I began my search.
{What're we looking for, Zack?}
I put my own helmet back on and check the thermals. {Not sure. Sounded human enough.}
Discord redoubles his speed, no longer trying to be quiet. He needed to go unnoticed for a few more hours.

OOC: Sorry. gtg.
I sigh, mot trusting that claim for more than a second. {If it was human, then it would have already fallen somewhere. You missed it, but somewhere along the way we hit a bit of floating crap, and I was thrown halfway across the cockpit... I would've heard the guy then...}
{Good point, but I'm not getting anything on my thermals, nor am I hearing anything anymore. I guess I may have been hearing things.} I sit down and take a moment to think on my armor. Some serious adjustments would be needed. {Can you come back to the cockpit? I need to ask you something.}
I sighed, feeling something very familiar... like a vague presence that I knew... hmm...
{Sure thing. What is it?}
Still tense, I step into the Cockpit, a little spaced out, as I am deep in thought.
I take a deep breath before speaking, I felt that it was something I should have tried harder to block. "You...don't actually work for the Dominion, do you?"
I roll my eyes, and sigh.
"Not most of the time, no. I thought you would have realized this sooner, Zack. I am a hybrid in tune with the cosmic powers of the Void, the same that the Nerazim, or Dark Templar utilize. Through this, I am sent places to take out targets of value... or... disturbances in the timeline. Every timeline has it's own specific path, which my... Employer, for lack of a better word, has to keep straight. Every possible variable is accounted for in every possible timeline, and when something begins to deviate enough to radically change a timeline, the me, of that timeline is sent to erase the anomaly. Every now and then, I am sent on missions from the Dominion, but to them I have a bad track record and am sent on lazy long term missions, which most of the time I finish within the week, and I take the next few months to do whatever I want."
I nod. "It's not that I hadn't realized it, I just...I needed to hear you say that. Help confirm that I'm not going crazy." I take another deep breath and pull out a small silver flask from under my seat. "It's been awhile since I let this much emotion flow at one time."
I lean against the wall again, sighing.
"It's been a while since you've been human."
Parallel universes? Fixing 'anomalies' and implied powers of seeing the past, future and present? The Reaper is the Sisters of Fate?

*Pulls trigger on head*
Indeed. Shhhh it all works out in this madness of mine. String pulls string, and life pulls death.
I lean back, taking a sip of the drink and thinking. Been sometime since I've been true as it's funny considering what I am now... "I guess you're right. Of course, I'm not exactly human anymore either..."
My instinct is to scream that this is a bad thing but I'm just going to defer as this character of yours was fairly well received in the older RPs.
Well, I'm sorry Smylez. the way I see the Void in starcraft, is the way it is described in the game Dishonored, as the source of all magic, and life, in the world and universe. Everything will eventually die, and return to it, from there, nobody knows.

The singular Denizen of this Void is the Outsider, who is the embodiment of it, who appears human to the character, but who can also appear as other things, though this is not explicitly stated. This character is my Reaper.
The Outsider shows an understanding of all times and timelines, and fully understands the importance of choice among individuals important to each timeline. The Reaper, however, is more concerned with being an indirect governor over time, while remaining completely strict on his grip on each time, planning it all out. The Outsider, however, prefers to leave things to chance, enjoying watching the choices people make, and simply following them through the timeline to simply watch how they react. He is more of a Jokester, while the Reaper is more of an Overseer.
People in Dishonored draw various magical powers from the Void and the Outsider, who ARE one in the same. These range from teleportation, the ability to possess things, the ability to sprint faster, jump higher, to being able to kill things more quickly or take down tougher opponents easier.
Sounds a bit like Dark Templars to me... Just my opinion though.

IC: I chuckle a bit, and nod.
"That's the point, Zack. It's a thing called Irony, and it's funny when you think about it. You'll find that the more you actually aren't human as a soldier... the more you become one..."
Fair enough. Though our interpretation of the Void greatly differs in terms of what it is and what it can't do, I respect your creativity and I know that as RPers, we have artistic license. I'll drop the matter and roll with it.
"I get the feeling that I'll understand that better as I live on. Still..." I look down at the planet below us, my mind mulling over the last few hours before coming back to the present. Retarth IV, where my life had changed and yet...begun, all at the same time. "You ready to visit the most painful part of my past?"
I look down, and see the planet.
"Guess now is better than ever..." I take a deep breath and return to a room where I had placed my few belongings, and bringing back a mat into the cockpit, tossing it down and laying behind Zack's seat.
"I'm going to take a quick nap..." I yawn, and stretch, curling up into my coat.
"Wake me up when we land..."

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