Reaper (Episode 3)

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I nod slowly. "I'm not really sure. Hell, I don't even know if they're the only Zerg still here."
I continue to walk, my mask showing a visible stream of light that was coming from my rifle, as well as seeing any living, breathing creature around us... Motion Sensors were amazing devices... weren't they?
"Well if they are, then alright. If they aren't, then things'll get bloody. Simple as that."
I nod, chuckling quietly to myself. Sounds like something I'd say. I stop at an intersection thinking. "Alright, which way was it..."
I catch his chuckle, and flick the side of his head.
"No second thought about chuckling at me there, Zack?" I laugh a bit, grinning behind my mask.
I keep chuckling, shaking my head. "Not at all." I look to the left and nod. "Right, there it is. This way please." I start walking down the left hallway.
I somewhat look at him quizzically, and burst out laughing again. "Like I said, more and more human~"
I shrug. "I think this is my humanity's way of saying, 'Hey you, you took too long.'" I chuckle at my joke then freeze. "You feel that?"
I raise an eyebrow and look around. My hands grip onto my rifle, my body tensing up.
"Feel what?"
"The air pulsating as we go down this hall, like there's a giant...I don't know, something in the arena."
I hold up my hand, and frown. "I... don't feel anything... is it because I have such thick clothes on?"
I shrug, loading a round into the chamber of my rifle. "It could be but...I don't know, maybe I'm so new to this I'm just raw." I keep walking, but no where near as fast as before. What had happened in the last three years?
I frown, a bit more than worried. "If you get your head around whatever this is... then I'm all ears."
I nod and stop again, feeling a voice in my head. Only, it didn't originate there. You are not of the Ssssswarm. You could help me rebuild. "Get the !@#$ out of my head!" Just like that, the voice is gone, but I could feel the cold sweat on me. "That...isn't good..."
I looked at him, confused. "Uh oh... Zack... if something is talking to you... tell me what it's saying... Please don't let it be a cerebrate... a Queen would be fine... but if some !@#$ thought to try and grow a cerebrate here..."
I shake my head. "It wasn't a cerebrate...but I do think I know what that project was..." I look at the door to the arena. "It said I could help it rebuild, that I wasn't of the Swarm was why. I think," I take a deep breath, calming my nerves, "The Dominion wanted a new Overmind."
I frown, and I sigh, deeply, slumping over to the wall. There was a soothing voice... like a lullaby. "Well... sh!t... that's not good..." I bring my hand up slowly, sliding down the wall, sitting on the ground. I yawn. ". . . Zack..? I'm feeling... a bit tired..." I close my eyes a little. The song was... beautiful in it's own way... It was like I was reliving my childhood... being safe in secure in my mother's arms...
I rush over, shaking Laura. "Come on, stay with me. Don't fall asleep."
I yawn, looking up at him. "But... fine..." I groggily stumble to my feet, leaning on the wall for support.
I hesitate, then slap her on either side of the face. "Come on, focus. There's an Overmind in this facility. You need to resist it."
I stand up and gasp in shock, before spinning and delivering a roundhouse kick to his head, snapping his neck. I look at him, before blinking a bit.
"O-Oh... oh no... H-holy sh!t... did I just... did I just kill Zack..?" I sink to my knees, and begin to inspect his body, feeling for a pulse. Crap... I pull his head around, resetting it and sitting back, nervously laughing as his body would heal... his hearts were still intact... he would be back up in a few minutes... And he'd be pissed... but he'd be alive. Thank the Void he was like me now...

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