Reaper (Episode 3)

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Soon after I snap awake. "SON OF A !@#$% THAT HURT!" I look at Laura and shake my head. That had been unexpected. "The hell was that for?"
I chuckle shyly, and shrug.
"Will you hate me if I say 'Reflexes'?"
I sigh. "No, considering I was slapping your face. Still, focus on me. I'm not going to hurt you if I can help it."
I laugh a bit. "Sorry. I'm not used to being hit. Don't worry, shock that I did, by all rights, kill you, sort of jolted me out of any lulling state. Now let's go kill an Overmind." I rummage around in my satchel of goodies and pull out what seems to be an intricately carved piece of bone, and I focus for a moment, watching the engravings glow black, and a pitch black blade, surrounded by an emerald green aura, shoots out of the front, forming a small dagger. I turn to Zack, and chuckle.
"One of the first Psi-Blades. Much more effective at converting psionic energy into physical constructs... but it's more unstable as well... Very useful if you get the hang of it..."
I pull out my own, the blood red blades coming to life. "I'll stick to these." I move towards the door, noticing how quiet it had become. Normally there were Zergling screeches echoing through out the halls. "Must mean they know..."
I giggle a bit. "I'm a bit thirsty for some blood, are you?" I knew, mostly from personal experience, that some Zerg traits included in the hybridization process included the natural bloodthirstiness that Zerg had, as well as a very specific addiction to meat. Any type of meat would suffice, but to us, meat tasted simply wonderful.
I realized, as I went to push this door open, that I was. "I'm guessing part of the whole part Zerg thing?" I wait until Laura is across from me and kick it open, and the very sum of my fears confronts me. In front of us stands a new Overmind, surrounded by strains of the Zerg affected by the toying that the scientists did to their genes.
I chuckle, and nod. "You got it. Oh... don't get a little crazy when you cut one of them open... Oh wait... nevermind... You will. I'll turn that into a warning: You'll go into a rush when you kill one. The Protoss side." I walk in through the door, and flip off the Overmind.
I nod, and go quickly into lab 5. I do some things in there, nothing important seeming, and place the Doc's prize where I'd told the messenger it would be. In my room. My empty room. Inside the room, some shuffling is heard, then quiet.

OOC: Zarkun, let's just do it real quick? It shouldn't interrupt your sub-plot too long.
It's gaze falls on us, and I can feel it's voice in my head again. "You are not true children of the Swarm. Why do you resist me?" A Hydralisk with red tinted loyalty spots slithers by, and breaths a hint of flame at me. Sh!t man, what the hell were they doing to those Zerg?

Edit-Again, I'm nowhere near the station right now, and I already started the important part.
Well alright, we'll just say it happens when you're done with what you're doing. Make it quick, as fast as possible.
I go to the firing range and get some practice.
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Well alright, we'll just say it happens when you're done with what you're doing. Make it quick, as fast as possible.
One does not simply kill an Overmind in a quick manner.
I think they mean an undeveloped Overmind. Never mind how that got into existence when every Cerebrate was killed.
I just hold my finger up to it, taking my mask off and pausing to take a drink from my canteen, placing my mask on again and resuming my action. "Alright. Vodka, Check. Flipping off the Overmind? Check. About to light this place UUUUUUP? CHEEECK as hell BEEEEYOTCHES!" I begin to cackle a bit, reversing my grip on the blade, and charging at the hydralisk, leaping and slashing much further away than the blade could reach, only for it to flare up, cleaving the Hydralisk's body in two and leaving an inch-deep gash in the floor past it, retracting to it's dagger-like size as I complete the strike, laughing crazily. The blood from the Hydralisk begins to pool around it, and I watch it with a grim satisfaction.
I leap over a Zergling, aiming for the center of this odd ring, only to get knocked away by a winged Hydralisk. I flip as I land, facing the menagerie. "F*ck you!" I throw the knife into the Hydralisk's head and use telekinetics to pull it back. "That...felt nice."
I begin a grim dance, weaving through the ones and twos of my feral partners, leaving them in threes and fours, as I go, nothing graces me but the smell of the blood, and the sight of the bodies, they, whom had been eliminated from this fair dance. A flip, a twirl, and a kick, everything is fluid, everything is running, dripping, like the blood that soon follows. Soon enough I lay alone, in my own little world, completely absorbed, drowning, in the miraculous substance, which ran red, tainting the floors and caking the walls. I sat, entranced and enthralled by it.

Truly... blood was my purpose... as a hybrid I was only but a weapon... to wreak havoc... to spill more and more blood... and who was there to tell me otherwise?
I wasn't as graceful as Laura, at least, not as obviously. My own strikes were formed from years of fighting Protoss, Zerg, and Terran elites, and besting them. A flip accompanied by a knife slash, a kick laced with fire, it was what I knew best, my only memories besides early child hood. Leaping over a Zergling, I find myself frozen in mid air, along with Laura in the middle of a slice. "You are talented and strong. Why not join with me?" I shook my head in disbelief. This Overmind had telekinesis? That wasn't good.
I didn't notice I was frozen, I just stared into the red mass below me... the voice was painful to my ears... no... I didn't hear it with my ears... but what I heard... it disturbed the mirror reflection of the blood... it angered me... this thing... why must it ruin such beauty..? My knife was in it's direction, and I began to pool my anger into it, feeling the blade begin to surge, shooting out like a jet of black flame, towards the beast in front of us... right now... my will was defined by one thing... this was painfully clear to Zack as well, possibly even threatening to overwhelm him too if he wasn't careful...
This thing was my thirst for blood.
I fought to free myself, feeling the thirst building up inside me. This isn't good. I As I struggle, I could feel a coldness envelop me, something that contradicted the pyrokinetic powers I'd always exhibited, along with a tingly sensation. The hell is going on? That was when I noticed the shadows, bending towards me in a way only a Dark Templar would or, in this case, should, know. No way...this wasn't in the list of side effects... Finally, with a final struggle, a burst of black energy with a blood red outline erupted, setting both Laura and I free and hurting the Overmind. Landing, I look at my hands. What is happening to me?

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