Reaper (Episode 3)

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I was pressing against the beast's control, and when it freed me, my shoulder cracked loudly, and went limp. I stared at it with a sigh, the bone blade dropping to the floor, to be picked up with my other hand. "Oh dear... Oh Zaaaackaaaaryyyy~" I toss the blade at him, giggling.
I pivot in place, catching the blade and forming a blade. "You shouldn't exist, Overmind. Your time has come." A laugh echoes through our minds and I grimace. "You seem to not understand. I exist to rebuild the Swarm as it should be, loyal to the Terran Dominion, and without that b!tch, Kerrigan." I chuckle at it's calling Kerrigan a b!tch.

"Seems you have some of Mengsk in you." My chuckle stops and my eyes glint dangerously. "I'll have to fix that." Leaping up, I swing the blade, it elongating to sword length, cutting off a tentacle. As it screams, I look at it, enjoying the spray of blood. "I will bathe in your blood."
Too late, I was already spinning and twirling in the shower of it, not a care in the world.
"Blood. Drops. Fallin' on ma head~" If you hadn't noticed... I was seriously in need of assistance. This is why you don't let me carry around my canteen filled with vodka.
I leap again, taking off another tentacle and land, pivoting and rushing forward, sliding to a stop on the other side as the Overmind falls on it's 'back.' "No! I am the Overmind! I am everything the Swarm is meant to be!" I leap onto it's eye, staring into it with blood lust in my eyes.

"You are a failure, and will be dealt with as such." With a swift slice, the eye was in two pieces, blood spouting everywhere. I simply stood there, enjoying every moment.
Now... what Zack had just done would have been perfect if it had been filmed and put into a movie... except... now there was a spinning drunkard in the background, not giving a damn about anything, and completely ruining the moment with her cries of delight and joy.

This went on for a few more minutes... then the drunkard fell down in the pool of blood, slipped on her heels and just laid there, not even caring about the world around her.
Eventually I realized that Laura had fallen over and run over to her, leaping from the Overmind's carcass. "Laura, are you ok?"

*I send out a transmission to all Reapers*
{I would advise that once they come back and all hell breaks loose..... WE RUN LIKE HELL!}
Brought to the by the letter D, and the word Death.

IC: Some subtle feelings were different... My vision was becoming slightly funny. I could see faint lines of blues coming from anyone I saw. Beginning to lose all feeling in my two arms.... I began to run... Running towards the doctor.... WHAT WAS GOING ON?!
I just sat, staring at the ceiling and laughing. "No-o-o! I'm no-t!" I just laid in the blood, eventually rolling over and struggling to stand up, my gloves slipping and causing me to fall again. "AAAH!" There was a small splash, and I rolled again, my arm still limp. "HA... forgot my arm was broken... Zack? Reset it for me?"
I nod and check her arm, making sure the break was clean and not fractured. Not finding anything out of place besides the joint, I set her arm. "Better?"
I sat there for a few minutes, eventually flexing my fingers, beginning to move my arm again.
"Yep... Thanks." I get up quickly, cracking my neck and looking around. "Well... we did some work... what now?"
"I was going to show you the facility and attached memories, but...I don't feel like staying here after that." I stand up and stretch, looking around. "Although...this beautiful sight is saddening to leave."
OOC: I appear and clonk Zarkun on the head. "Get over to Fade and TTS!" /motherofgodmeme
I chuckle, and look around us. "Main reason I stay away from killing things, Zack... it's like a drug to our kind... only kill when we have to, and condition ourselves to stop after that... We are naturally at the pinnacle of evolution... and our bodies, every cell, makes us killing machines... we just need to learn control..."
I nod, fighting to find a state of mind that wasn't so blood thirsty. I found it...eventually. "Right, let's head back." I look at the Overmind's carcass one more time and spit on it as I walk by, looking only forward. My past wouldn't control me. Not anymore.
I chuckled at his sudden focus on his thoughts and body, walking behind him with a lopsided grin on my face. "You know... you're a bit cute when you're serious~" I held my rifle in my hands again, and took another Psi-blade, identical to the one I handed to Zack, and chuckle. "Now we even have matching blades... how ironic..."
I nod and look back, a tear in one eye. "Guess it's the last time I'll visit Jason." I look away and it slides down my cheek. "Goodbye." I walk away again, this time determined not to look back.
I frown this time, feeling the raw sorrow emanating off of him... interesting... I wonder when the last time he cried was... I hold my hand open, feeling shadows condense in it, forming a small orb, seemingly infinite darkness contained within a spherical form... beautiful. I quickly searched throughout the Void, using the orb as my gateway... hmm... he would be there... somewhere. Oh well. I should focus on getting back to the ship... no need to get lost in here. The sphere dissipates, and I continue to walk with Zack.
We reach the hangar and find many Zerglings, Roaches and Hydralisks wondering aimlessly and I perk up as I have an idea. "Laura, which one is the better pet?"
I look at him, and sigh.
"The Roach would be the best... but you would need to make sure it doesn't drool anywhere..."
"Good point...and we also don't know what the other...powers, are. I'll just get something less volatile."

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