4 Gate is Not a Good Starting Build

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Something else that i failed to mention in my first response... is scouting.

Have you ever tried to teach a bronze/silver league player how to scout?

I have... and it is a royal pain in the !@#.


Not only what you mentioned, but another reason it is pointless is because scouting should develop organically. All the scouting I learned was because I had a need. "I lose to build z at x time so I need to check at y time to see if they're doing build z."

4gate is the most fundamental build for protoss players to learn, every protoss player should know how to 4gate.

it is the easiest protoss build out there, that is why it is recommended you 4gate your way to diamond. It shows you the importance of having a good build. the 4gate is a 'good build' which is why it will smash everyone up until diamond/low masters, assuming you execute it decently.

i agree with previous statements, you want to jump straight into the hard stuff, the macro, making probes, not getting supply blocked, expanding, scouting, reacting, learning all the different strategies out there.

But trust me it is too difficult that way, you will easily get confused and rage quit more often than not, and starcraft will not be fun this way. You have to take learning steps 1 by 1. It would be like telling an elementary kid to learn calculus. there is no point

This is absurd though. What do you tell players that play Terran? Proxy 2 rax every game because that way its easy? Zerg 6 pool? Protoss learn the 4 gate because its needed in PvP. It seems to me that when people tell you to use it in the other match ups that it is more a pejorative than anything.

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