3 stalker rush into? What did i do wrong here

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Hey guys, im a plat lvl P who used to 4 gate in every pvp, but now i'd like to start playing more macro games, i just learned the 3 stalker rush and tried it on ladder and got beat doing it. From watching my own replay here are some things i could work on

- Watch tower with 1st probe
- better scouting with 3 stalkers (could of picked off that proxy)
- Made a immortal first?

I just don't know weather i should

- 5 stalker rush
- grab 2 sentries
- 3 stalker rush and go robo
- 3 stalkers into additional gate then robo

Anyway here is the replay


Thanks in advance !!

3 stalker rush is one of the most versatile openings available in pvp. There isn't a set followup to it because it is a safe opening without any tech choices.

I often followup with a 5 stalker rush into blink or an expand. Sometimes I open 3 stalker rush into stargate.

I believe zamara runs a delayed 3 stalker rush off early double gas and follows up with a dt expand.

Robo followup is the safest and allows you to expand, but you can also expand without the robo if you feel safe with it.


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