Where do you guys put your overlords?

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In the late game. There are a lot of overlords cluttered in bases. If I move overlords all around the map, how can I avoid being attacked by my opponent?
No matter what race you are playing against, your OLs are pretty safe for the first 8+ minutes of the game. The only one that can really threaten them is Terran so don't send them into Terran's base, but outside it is still fine because you should have more than enough lings to beat his marines in the open. And yes, they can be picked off by a viking or a pheonix or some mutas, but the information you get from them is way more useful than the potential loss.

Edit: If your opponent does start picking them off make sure you build several more right away and send those to the back of your base. Your opponent is trying to supply-block you.
So in the late game, Do I just put all overlords together at the back of my base?
In the late game you want overlords you should be able to afford to lose scouting areas your creep spread hasn't reached, especially potential expansion sites not taken by the enemy.
In the late game, you want a lot of your overlords safe, whether it be in the back of the base or not, but you want to have a few in front of your base, where drops would have to come through to get to your main base min line. If you have quite a few minerals, try putting one or two in attack paths not covered by Xel nagas that you don't control or places that you dont have creep. Also, you always want one in any island bases or any bases that you won't scout, such as corner bases. If you are on a map like daybreak, where the main place your opponent will move out has a high elevation (not sure what to call it, but no ground unit can walk there), place one there, so that you can see when the player is moving out and with what composition. Other than that

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you should have one overlord in the main and another in the natural. the others i dont give two !@#$s about them

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