This is Their Story: Redemption

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I shrug. "Force of habit. Tends to happen with a bunch of amnesiacs as well. The guy with the scythes seems to be out for blood, not sure why."

I growl at the man in CMC and keep walking. "Jerus Je'and."
"Sorry, met a few people who weren't exactly friendly..." I follow Jerus.
I look over at the others having not followed them instead opting to make my way towards the tents and possibility of civilization. I also wasn't in the mood for a possible fight that could be avoided.
"Well so have I. Doesn't mean I should point a weapon at every stranger I meet." I respond and follow them. "So how many of you are there?"
I sigh at Jerus and turn to Marina. "Excuse those two, they're not too quick to trust. Sorry for the reception." Hearing her question as I follow, I count. "Seems to be seven of us."
I nod my head. "That's a fair amount. Of course it isn't many, but it is enough to create a small settlement I would say."
"I don't think settlement is a good idea honestly. Not with the two crazies that Oraia ran into earlier." I look at the tents again. "Active camo." I vanish from sight. "If there are more of them, then we don't stand a chance."
"I don't think so." I say, completely unphased from his cloaking. "I took out three of them without all that much trouble." I pull my crossbow off my shoulder and begin loading it as we approach the camp.
"Some of them seem better organized than others. The two we ran into are still running around, thanks to their bloody camo."
01/24/2013 07:07 PMPosted by Zarkun
Not with the two crazies that Oraia ran into earlier.

say what? how did Oraia run into em? I thought that was someone else ...
I'll quote it...

01/23/2013 11:07 AMPosted by Korozain
Over by Oraia and Ryan, 2 white camoed men emerge from the snow. One has a shield of wood, and a sword. The other has a .44 caliber revolver.
wow ... dear god ... that was ... a major fail on my part. I'm guessing that Ryan dealt with them though given I was rather ... not paying attention at all.
"So some are intelligent. Well, maybe they will listen to reason." I say hopefully, my crossbow armed and ready.
They took cover and haven't been seen since.

IC: "Yeah, if listening implies shooting the people who would make good conversation."
I get to the tents first. I find some uncooked meat-steaks and some water canteens. One tent has a decently sized pack in it.

There is a fire pit in the center, "These guys must have just killed an animal and couldn't figure out how to make a fire."

The pit has a log in it with little sticks scattered around the pit.
I nod, looking at the pitiful encampment. "Rather sad their intelligence has abandoned them. Make's the hunt less interesting..."

I shake my head in disgust at Jerus' words. The hell is with that guy? "Anything we can use?"
I chuckle at his statement. "True that is."

"There is some uncooked meat here, looks fresh. If we can get this fire goin' we could have a bit of a feast. Also some water and a pack."
"I can get the fire going. Anything in the other tent?"

I feel a presence sneaking up on us and turn around, my HUD's visor going from normal to black with red lines where people are. Bloodstreams... I turn and search the snow, spotting two men moving slowly through the snow. "Korozain, come here."
"The other tents are filled with rocks and crappy weapons. Some ammo for a pistol, but... It's been chewed on..."

I go over to Jerus, "Hm?"
I nod and start on the fire.

I rest my hand on his shoulder and my armor interfaces with his, allowing him to see what I see. "See those two out there?"

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