This is Their Story: Redemption

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? the part where Sarah introduces herself or the 'princess of blades' part?
I'd say both...
I mean, not trying to be an @sshole, but this is still day 0. Amnesia (in our case) doesn't ware off that fast. You can still see this, but just no names.

So like, "Princess of..."
Yeah ... I'll edit in a moment but first.

IC: "Thanks" I take the stake and bite into it. I savor the taste for a moment and then keep eating.

EDIT:OOC: yes it is in her mind but it's not a memory or atleast that was not what I wanted it to come across as but i'll edit it out shortly. and the 'Princess of Blades' is more something for her future which she did NOT know about until that point but ... whatever you are the DM.

EDIT2: done. I don't really see how any of that was linked to her past though, especially since Oraia is my character, except for Sarah Kerrigan introducing herself. *I walk away and sit on the edge of a cliff with a book.*
I grab my crossbow and remove the bolts and place them within my quiver. I take off the quiver and place down beside my crossbow and take the sword and scabbard from my hip and place it on the ground. I look at one of the tents. "Think we could take one or two of these with us?" I ask the others.
I shrug. "Should take the larger one for sure, it'll get cold at night."
"Why not take both then we hopefully won't have to ... go 'co-ed'. Unless of course everyone wants to." I say with a slightly mischievous grin.
I shake my head, setting the last couple cooked steaks to the side and looking at Jerus. "You're a sneaky one, that's for sure." I chuckle and then return to the matter at hand. "We'll take them both, but I get the feeling that only one of them will fit enough of us." I then look at Oraia. "What do you think of what Jerus did to the guy he killed?"
"It was weird but not very disturbing to me. I feel like I have seen so so much worse." I say as I finish my steak.
"Really? Because I'm pretty sure he's just brushing the surface." I shake my head and sit back, watching the surrounding area. Jerus Je'and...I know I've heard that name, and that armor...why does it inspire such distrust...

I continue thinking, observing the surrounding area. I don't like either of those two, Ryan and the guy with the grey and black armor...why.... I shake my head as I sit, letting the wind blow over me.
"I am fine with sleeping in the same area as the boys, but if they made a single move I would gut them." I respond to the other woman's first comment. "I didn't find it strange or disturbing at all. I feel I have seen myself due more horrible things."
Patrolling around the edge of the camp, I work my way towards the fire, listening in on the various conversations;
...what a diverse group... I wonder how the hell we all ended up here?...
I shake my head and crouch down in front of the fire, my armor comfortably locking at the leg joints;
"I wonder how we all ended up here..."
I comment to Ryan.
I decided to poke fun at the others, about the tent situation. "You mean you don't want to cuddle up at night with all us gals and boys to feel really warm at night?" Smiling, making sure that I would send off a friendly.... Joking feeling to it.

Kill them....
Kill them....


I ignore everyone. I sit up in a tree and look at the sky, and look around. The sun is beginning to set.

"I wonder, who am I?"
Did I understand emotion before this?
"Or was I the same."
Where are we, and what's happening?

"Answers will come in time."
"Well, you and I and Oraia all woke up in crashed ships. I'm sure they did too. Whatever the reason, we were intentionally heading here."
I disassemble the larger tent and try to compact it to the smallest it could possibly be to make it to be easy to carry. After that I look for any supplies in the immediate area.
"True... But I wonder if we were all on the same side?..."
I say in hushed tones.

"For now, I think I'll sleep in my armor.. BTW, I never did catch your name, I'm Jerec."
I say offering her a hand.
"Who knows right now. I don't remember who I am, just that I have a mercenary's skill set." I chuckle. "And a damn good set at that."
"True... About all I can remember is my name and something called the NR..."
I say, shaking my head in frustration.
I sigh, shrugging. "We'll remember it all eventually. Just gotta give it time."

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