This is Their Story: Redemption

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"We should keep moving and find a better place to camp for the night." I say looking at the color of the sky and the position of the sun. "It'll be dark soon."
I jump from the tree and look at the sun. "We are in the woods, perhaps one of the best places to set up camp. Better than the clearings we all woke up in."
"There's enough of us to give everyone a short watch during the night, so we should be fine."
I shake my head. "You all rest. I'll stay up and keep watch. I don't sleep often." I didn't bother mentioning that I felt most at home during the night, although the blood moon...wait, what the hell is the blood moon?

I chuckle. "Fine with me. More sleep for the rest of us."
I nod but I didn't quite trust the guy who offered to take watch all night.
Ugh.... What happened.... I think to myself as I start to wake up. I sit up and start to look around where I was. I didn't see much around here aside from trees and a section of high ground maybe a klick away. I also found weapons near me that have a feel familiar to the touch but I don't recognize them. I grab the rifle and sling onto my back and set the blades on my back as well and head for the high ground to get a better look around the area.
I stand up and look around. I can feel someone out there, someone like us. How can I feel this persons presence? How can I sense the others as well? I think to myself realizing I more or less knew where the others in our group were with out having to see them.
I stop mid way to the high ground. A feeling crept on me that there were others nearby, humans more than likely. I wasn't sure how I could feel them or know that they were there and it bothered me. I carefully draw my rifle and proceed carefully towards the high ground. I wasn't sure if who I was sensing was up there or if there was anything else up there but I had to be careful with either possibility.

I arrive to the higher ground in a few more minutes and carefully look around for anything that might be there. I keep my rifle at the ready in case anything hostile decides to show up.
I sense the other presence and Blood Mist away, spotting them on a nearby hill. Moving carefully and quietly, I take one of my scythes and straighten the blade, placing it lightly against their back and becoming visible again. "Mind sharing who you are, or do I get to kill you?"
Instinctively I jolt around slinging my rifle and drawing a single kaiser blade swinging it to disarm my attacker. I draw the other blade poising myself for combat. "I don't know who you are or why I should trust you enough to disclose who I am."
I retain my grip on my scythe, hooking it again so as to catch the blade and drawing my second scythe. "Because I don't intend to kill you if you don't make me. The fact that you are speaking before attacking says you're smarter than the guys I saw earlier."
I ease my stance some but still remain on guard. "I still don't trust you enough to tell you my name." I was still rather wary of this person. "Besides you made the first hostile move so tell me why I shouldn't kill you?"
"When almost everyone else we've met so far has tried to kill us, you shouldn't blame me."
"So then you approach with caution ready to strike but not make the first move." I keep the blades at the ready in case he tries something else.
"No reason to kill someone who hasn't given me reason to yet, right? Now, your name? I'll give mine in return." I remained ready, my scythe ready to strike.
"Flint, Jessica Flint." I state still ready to defend myself and fight off the man in front of me.
I nod, folding the blades back down and placing my scythes back on my waist. "Jerus Je'and. Care to join our little camp?"
I ease my blades down. I still wasn't trusting enough to just walk into a camp with him as it could be a trap. "Are these the others that you mention before that attacked before talking?"
I shake my head. "No, they're like us, still sane. Or human, depending on viewpoint. Either way, they won't kill you if you don't try and kill them."
I set the kaiser blades back onto my back. It might be in my best interest of survival to stick with a group. "Lead on."

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