This is Their Story: Redemption

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Kroger's person arriving, and a debate on whether or not the camp should get moved. And also Jerus offer to stay up all night on watch.

IC: I ignore the debate on moving the camp, but I say "I need no sleep, so I will stay on watch."
I sigh and shake my head. I wasn't feeling tired at all anyway so I doubt that I would sleep, so it didn't matter where we ended up camping to me. It was also probably best that I didn't sleep since I wasn't sure who here was trustworthy and who wasn't.
I chuckle, looking at Korozain. Shade Gheist... I shake my head, not even knowing what that meant. Still, I now had two things to consider as I sat in the tree, listening to things.
I sigh and change my focus for a moment. I could hear more of everyone thoughts and it was bothering more and more. I had to keep their voices out of my head. I shake my head to try to clear my head but it didn't help and I let off a sigh of frustration.
So.... What has happened that may warrant my attention?
We're voting on whether or not to move into the forest, or on top of a hill.
I replied to your comment towards the bottom of page 13.
"For now, I think I'll sleep in my armor.. BTW, I never did catch your name, I'm Jerec."
I say offering her a hand.
I don't shake the hand.... There isn't any real problem with it... It just doesn't matter at this point. "You may call me Fox.... Jerec."
I listen to the argument, but find no need to join in it. I was used to sleeping without tents in the middle of a battleground, so I found it amusing when they decided to start using the tents. I get up from sharpening the blade, and I put it away. Something tugs me unconsciously to turn on the recording unit of my suit, but I ignore it for the time being.
With a slight shrug, I settle back down and stare into the fire, slowly starting to relax.
OK, Koro...can we maybe get a DM prompt. Otherwise we'll sit here BSing for the entire RP...
I sigh as I listen to the bickering about where to set up camp and their general chat. I wasn't sure what to think of them just yet since I had just arrived. I let off a small sigh and keep observing the others while I try to remember more about myself.
I perk up as I hear something moving through the snow and jump from the tree, vanishing with Blood Mist as I fall and landing in the snow without a sound. I move towards the sound, not quite able to see anything yet.

OOC: That should wake him up.

IC: I shake my head at the lack of support or opinion from anyone else. "Come on you guys. You've got to have some kind of opinion."
I look over at Hunter giving him a rather sour look. "I just woke up and don't even really remember who I am let alone any training or survival skills I have."
"That'll come back. However, training and survival skills aren't what I''m looking for. I'm looking for your opinion. And judging from that look, I'd say you'd rather Jerus hadn't noticed you."
"I'd much rather to have not be noticed yes but who here was wanting to be found by complete strangers not remembering who they were." I reply bitterly. "As for my opinion I am unsure. The woods would provide us cover but be difficult to maneuver through making escape from an attack more difficult. A hill gives us the high ground while leaving us exposed to anything in the air."
I chuckle, "And on the ground. Sky lining isn't a good thing to do. Snipers would have a hay day with us. The forest makes us harder to see. So there's one other opinion." I look at the others. "Any one else?"
OOC: Holy shat, a lot happens when I do some chores... DM incoming
We'll await the DM post.

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