This is Their Story: Redemption

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The creature disappeared from where it previously was. A black organic stain is left on the snow.
I approach it carefully and look it over. Something was watching us, and I didn't like it. {Korozain, come to my position. You'll want to see this.}
In a few moments, I appear next to him from a dark mist. "What is it?"
I point to the stain. "That's not from any of us. And I heard something moving over here before I came across it."
"Thats odd... What could have done this..."
"I don't know," I rest a hand on my MP, "but I don't like being watched."
"Oh just chillin' is what we do best.... Doo dah doo dah."
I am clearly just trying to bring some fun... atmospheric sounds... Mostly because I was bored out of my rocker.
I sit with my knees hugged to my chest, my chin rested on them and stare into the fire trying to remember more of my past.
"Neither do I, I prefer to be the watcher..."

A twisted creature that is (i'm guessing) supposed to represent a human is just a hulking abomination of a black goo is seen above us , its body hanging from a tree. It drops near us, its white eyes glowing and its sideways mouth making a deathly, wheezing sound.
I pivot and backflip a couple times away from it, drawing my scythes. "Foul creature, you will die this day."
I jump back, quite far, and slide on the dirt, drawing Darkstar. "Whether you are living or not. You will not see the light of day again." I fade and slice it from behind. It splits in half, then comes back together and lashes out, not knowing where I am.
"Interesting..." I Blood Mist and watch the creature. "Korozain," I say as I move around, "I can't find a central blood stream."
I glance around the makeshift camp again looking examining each person carefully. It seemed none of them knew who they were. I also start making evaluations as to who could be more trustworthy as of right now.
"It doesnt have one. This is a Lifeless. They are constructs of impure darkness... These memory flashes are going to start p!ssing me off..."
I nod and my scythes glow in anticipation. Leaping forward, I remove it's head and an arm, spinning and pinning them so they couldn't reattach. "Remember how to kill it?"
"Something about eyes, disrupt the light of the eyes... Something about the eyes..." I shoot it a few times with my pistol. The holes regenerate, and the severed limbs fade with a black smoke and the creature's regrow.
Going on instinct with what he said, I create two knives out of blood, not that I was aware of it, and throw them in it's eyes. "How's that?"
Zarkun, would take a look at my char sheet in Hell's Bells PRP?
It "screams" and falls into a black dust and releases a cloud of a black toxic smoke
I stare first at the pile of dust and the cloud, then at my hands. "That was...unexpected..."

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