This is Their Story: Redemption

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The cloud is thick, and almost... Liquidy...

I keep my distant from the cloud however, and turn to approach camp before looking at it again. "As much as I'd rather just walk away," I Blood Mist back into view, "we probably shouldn't leave this."
"I am fine either way, and if we have a tent we can't be seen by snipers, because it is likely they lack thermals. We would just need someone to be able to watch for anything while concealed." I contribute.
"In the trees, the Thermals will be fritzy with the cold anyways, but I see your point."
"So two the trees we go then." I comment as I stand up and brush myself off.
I stand up as well, stretching a bit and nodding. "Looks like it." Looking around, I notice Korozain and Jerus missing. "Hey, where'd our resident weirdos go?"
I shrug;
"Beats me."
I say, looking around with my thermal scanner.
"Dunno, I think one of them found something." I say as I stretch a bit.
I shrug. "Ah, well then, let them have their fun. Might make them less snippity if they've burnt all their extra energy killing more of the crazies. We won't be going far anyways." I hadn't realized it before, but I had a Scottish accent.
I shrug as I didn't really know anything about the other two. With out much thought I run my hand through my hair and notice something that felt rather... unusual. I run my hand over the strange appendage that was coming from my head. It felt like it had scales and like it wasn't human. I try to remain calm as I try to bring one towards my eyesight to see what it was exactly.
Although I didn't know how I knew what it was, I recognized what Jessica had on her head. "A Protoss psionic tendril? You're a Gestalt? The hell?"
"A what?" I look over at him rather annoyed but still curious.
"A Terran/Protoss hybrid. Of course, that wouldn't be right, as Gestalts don't have the tendrils..."
"I think they might but they are grafted in place. These feel as though they have been growing with me......" I say as I examine them as best as I could.
"Grown with you...why does that sound familiar..." Something was itching at the back of my mind, that I had worked with another merc group who's leader looked suspiciously like this girl..."We can worry about it later. Let's head out."
"Right....." I stop messing with the tendril leaving it be. I check what little equipment that I had with me to make sure it was all functional.
"Yeah, I'll go in and see what the hell the shat really is..." I start walking to the cloud.
I began to sharpen the blade of the knife... Stroking it until it would slice easily through human flesh. That's when I remembered something, a betrayal of sorts was done to me long ago... We weren't on this planet when it happened.... It seemed different. I was pushing the blade of the knife into the palm of my hand, with enough force.... it eventually drew blood.
"You're sure that's wise? It looks...lethal." I was distrusting of the cloud, not sure anyone should touch it.
I continue to watch the others, namely Slasher. Something about him seemed different.....

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