This is Their Story: Redemption

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I walk through it, something told me it wouldn't really affect me. I go in and disappear among the thick cloud. I come out holding the pitch black dust, the cloud somewhat clings to me and starts rising in the air.

"What do you thing this dust is?" I say holding it in two hands.
I shrug, spinning the scythes and putting them back in their spots on my waist. "It isn't something I would understand. You would better than me."

I notice Jessica looking at me and face her. "Yes?"
I finish disassembling the tents. "So who's carrying them?" I ask as I sit down on the ground, feeling the need to check my own hair for the same appendages as the other woman had. As I place my and on the back of my head I feel the appendages and check their length, strangely, instead of being surprised from them being the exact same length as my black hair, I was relieved.
"Well there is a wall named Amnesia I have to tear down first..." I open the tactical harcase on my my leg and pour it in there.

"I guess I'll find out later... That thing was weird. Not saying it was scary but... It was a little frightening knowing such twisted constructs could run about. I wonder what else lies here..."

Night soon falls.
"I'm sure we'll find out at we search for answer among this place." I notice the fall of night and sigh. "We should return to camp."
"Yes. Back to my tree." I say as I start towards the tree I was previously sitting in.
"Nothing..." I say quickly looking away. There was something different about him but I couldn't figure it out. "Doesn't look like we are going anywhere." I comment as dark encompasses the area.

I sigh and check my uniform for anything that might give some information as to who I really am. I find a small amulet with a bluish crystal in the center of it, a photo of a large family, a few mechanical parts, a few tools, and a small data disk.

The photo was the only thing that yielded anything. I was in the picture in the lower row with the same uniform and the weapons that I had now, aside from recognizing myself in the picture I didn't recognize anyone else in the photo. I quickly stash it back into one of my pockets and begin examining the other items I found.
Seeing the fall of night. "Well someone grab the other tent!" I yell as I grab one of the compacted tents and move towards the forest, my weapons still sitting on the ground.
Shrugging, I look at Marina. "Since you disassembled them, you should to start. I'll take the meat, and then we'll divvy it up from there."
"Fine." I grab the other compacted tent and head into the forest and start assembling one of the tents.
I sigh and place the items back into my pockets for now since we were moving to the woods. "Well we better move quickly if we are going to move camp."
Gathering up the meat, I follow, spotting a tree and hanging the meat up in the air where the animals couldn't get it.

As I walk, I think over what had just happened. Knives of pure hardened blood...that was interesting...
I take out some of the dust and then look at it, it is very fine and smooth, but it has a very familiar smell.

Reaching the new campsite, I climb up into a tree, sitting on the highest branch I could and looking down at the camp. Seemed we'd be alright on food for a couple days, but we needed something more temperate to to ensure more than meat, and more meat at all.
I follow Slasher to the new camp site. I debate with myself about whether or not I want to remove my helmet fully and find out what my own hair is like but I decide not to for now. I start helping the girl who had brought the tents set them back up.
I get up from sitting down, and I wipe away the image I had drawn. I knew that one day it would come back to me what it was, but for now, there was more important things to do. I put my weapon on my back, and stumble across the undermounted Shot-gun attachment. I don't pull it out, leaving it there.
Did I miss anything important/directed at Jerec?
I was sitting all alone, arguing with myself, not even taking in my surrounding area.

We all know you can't do it...
Yes we all know you can't do it....
You are just a scared little girl plagued by demons of the past...
Poor girl? Just die like the rest!
Why don't you tell them why you killed that one innocent man before? WE FORCED YOU! YOU WERE TOO WEAK!

The sounds became worse, they were louder, more violent.... "SHUT UP!" With all my rage, my knife went completely through the palm of my hand. It forced me to regain control, forcing me to check my surroundings.... Where were everybody?
OOC: we moved camp but just assume you came with
I jolted into pure consciousness as I realized that it was just an enlargement with myself... We were at the new place.... I hope they didn't hear my 'SHUT UP!' talk.... Damn I'm crazy. "I'm sorry about that.... I need some slee-"

That was when I saw a glistening red liquid, slowly seeping down my hand and onto the ground... As well as a knife in my hand. "Oh my god.... What did I do?"

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