This is Their Story: Redemption

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Putting the knife in its proper sheath. I grabbed the hand as the hissing got louder.
GAH! there are a couple of mistakes in my char sheet, I can't believe I missed them...
(Will post changes in bold on the planning thread)
I slowly come to, finding myself strapped into the seat of a dropship;
...ow.. my.. everything...
I think to myself before calling out;
"Hello, Anyone left?"
I pull her out, and stumble backwards into the snow. I help her up and say "Move." My voice is somewhat dark, and the mask I wear gives it a slight echo.
OOC: Still waiting on zarkun and not sure if I should respond War ... CURSE YOU zARKUN!!!!
Taking a breather as I was thrown out in a way, the hissing sound ceased as the ship combusted into flamers. "That was a close one." That was when I realized I was being ordered to move. "And what are you going to do about it if I don't?"
I push her aside and a piece of the hull flies between us.

"You die." I say coldly. "Who might you be? If I may ask." I sit lotus style, and look at her.
My neck was in the snow, my voice full of laughter?! "I'm guessing I'm just like you! Nothing! We know nothing... So that means... Who am I? I'm guessing you are nothing as well? That is... memory wise."
"I guess so. I know but one thing. I go by Korozain..." I say looking at the white sky.
With no immediate response, I release my restraints and stager to my feet. Looking down I see a very faint shimmer, but no me;
"..Camo off.."
I say softly out of instinct and the haze ripples and fades revealing my armor, a dark silvery gray.
I smile, clearly appreciative towards this man. "And I am.... Fox Natalist. You may call me Fox.... Or Natie. Whichever one you prefer my hero."
"Hero. I can't help to feel the need to say that's a bit of a paradoxical statement." I say with a chuckle. "I think we should try going into that forest over there, try to get some answers, Fox."
"A metaphor no less. And that sounds like a swell idea. Should we see if anyone else had survived the crash? Remember...." I zone off for a moment and come back to attention. " in numbers."
Padding softly out of the ship, I take in my surroundings with practiced ease, my right hand automatically going for the gun on my back...

What's the lay of the land?

I'm assuming that the two ships crashed near each other and that we're on the side of some snowy mountain. Yes? No?
OOC: I believe you guys were in the forest area, but yes it is a wintery taiga forest. Kinda hilly but generally flat. Me and CR are at the mountain. (The big mountains are waaaay out though.)

IC: "Agreed." I get up and spin Darkstar around, then sheath it on my back, there is no strap or sheath itself, it just... Sticks there.

Magnets... That's useful...
"Well, what are we waiting for? Big boy." I said in a playful manner, joking since it helped to release tension. Then on the ground I found something.... "There's my pistol." Picking the pistol up, inspecting it for damage.
"Between the 2 of us, I think we should be able to f*ck up anyone who tries to KOS us." I start walking down the hill into the forest that starts at the bottom of it.
I hear the other voice and sigh in relief. "We should go see if that's another survivor."
I hear the voice as well. "Yeah." I head in the direction the voice had come from, limping ever so slightly.
Following a familiar set of footprints, I quickly jog to the top of a rise, spotting another pair of survivors, one rather familiar the other not so much.

HotS opening cinematic....
Hell !@#$ing yes.

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