This is Their Story: Redemption

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I hear her scream. I jump among the trees t the sound and see Fox, bleeding. I drop down behind her.

"Are you alright?"
I look up and walk over, pulling out some gauze and offering it. "Use this, it'll help."

I stay away, the blood too tempting to be of help to her.
I nod, appearing calm while deep down.... I'm just that scared little girl....

"I'm all right, just a bad.... moment."
Pulling the knife completely out, more blood slipping away as I applied the gauze. Applying pressure as I licked the blood around it.... It needed to be cleaned up somehow, and it could draw unwanted attention if I didn't do anything with it.

The taste was salty and irony... Like most blood.
I nod, then reseed into the trees.
Stef~ I mean Jerec is still the resident field medic. ;)

BTW, just what did Fox do to herself?

I step over to Fox and inspect her injury;
"Here, allow me, I've got plenty of experience patching people up.."
"Jerec, I should be fine.... I just need to apply pressure and lick my blood up... It will make a mess and could drawn in some unwanted critters from the smell.... " Why did I do that to myself?

OOC: She literally had her knife completely through her hand.
... ow.

I shake my head;
"Right, you put a knife straight through your hand and you'll be fine? That'll be the day."
I say with a snort as I pull out a med kit and activate my Med HUD out of habit and training. Taking her hand, I look at both sides of the wound, my HUD analyzing the full extent of the injury...

You want to do the details on Fox's wound, or shall I?
The other girl and I finish setting up one tent and start setting up the other.
I sit down at the base of a large tree at the edge of the camp and get the items I had found before out of my pockets and set them before me on the snow. I start to examine them again with more attention so I might figure out what they are and why I have them.
Jerec saw some extent to the damage, the gauze being used to hide most of the damage. But it appeared to be as if the blade when through the middle of the hand as well as the middle knuckle. Going completely through flesh and bone, tissue and blood.
I jump into a tree next to Jerus. "What is your assessment of these people? A woman, eccentric and possibly insane. A hybrid. A soldier. A medic. A hunteress. And then there's us."
"I'd say, regardless of our backgrounds, we stand a better chance of survival. There's something about the medic though...I don't know, I just don't trust him."
The Med HUD has x-ray scanners, etc. (everything you would want for treating wounds on the battlefield)

I whistle as I take in the damage;
"You certainly did a number on yourself, that's for sure..."
I say, gently pulling gauze away from the wound;
"This is going to hurt."
I say, spraying the wound down with a disinfectant.
I chuckle in the form of a grunt, "I have trust issues to begin with, that girl Fox seems a bit odd... But, something about you though, I don't feel as if you'd stab me in the back."
My face was lit up with pain, with a couple of tears trickling down. The disinfectant going inside of the wound, one hellish burning sensation as it seeped deeper into the flesh. I almost burst out swearing and cussing. "Are you almost done with that?" Trying to be polite as possible.
"And I you. We're an odd bunch though, that's for sure."
I chuckle with sympathy;
"Don't worry, one spray on either side is plenty."
I pull out some fresh gauze, spraying it with a quickheal mix. Carefully wrapping up her hand, I tie it in place, but not too tight;
"I'll get a splint on this, and you'll be good to go."
My eyes began to twitch. "You don't use a splint on a cut... You use a splint on a !@#$%^-ed break, like an arm or a leg.... I think I have this under control now, not to offend you or anybody. But a splint is useless in this type of injury."

Dear god....
Shake my head;
"Unless my scanners on on the fritz, I pretty sure you damaged your middle knuckle with that knife, so if you want to risk screwing up your hand even more, do't let me put a splint on your hand."

Off for now, dinner.

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