This is Their Story: Redemption

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Blast it, did you not read the description for Jerus?

IC: "That's a good point, though I'm more inclined to trust him than the blood sucker. Who knows. Right now our mistrust seems a bit boundless since they've stuck their necks out for us twice."
I sigh in frustration starting to get angry about having amnesia. I grab the amulet examine it more closely only to find it's glowing intensify. I drop it in surprise and quickly pick it back up. That was weird....
I snort in amusement... They all thought I was most likely insane... Well, for all I know I probably am. Such a wonderful life of pride... Or is that shame? I couldn't tell. It's wonderful that I have many fragments of myself, especially when I can't kill someone and one of the fragments take over. What a lovely life!
The compounds in my mind were unified and fortified for duty, or just plain insanity. "So what next?"
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Blast it, did you not read the description for Jerus?

I did, just forgot that both him and Kain have the same color scheme on their armor.

I shake my head;
"damn amnesia.. we could have been bitter enemies.. Hell, if we were, I guess this is for the best then..."
"We'll remember soon enough."
I set the amulet back into one of my pockets for the moment and decide to observe the group some more. I knew that if I was going to survive I would have to at least be able to work with one of them.
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No worries. Just bringing it back up.
The rest of the night is silent, and the survivors are woken in the early morning by a fire in the woods.
I shoot up at the smell of smoke, climbing out of the tent and looking around.

"How would a fire start?"
I jolt awake to the smell of the smoke and exit my tent quickly to see what was going on. "Did someone forget to put out the fire from the last camp?!"
"I think some Bandits got a hold of fire and went on a rampage in the forest... Let's go check it out."
I sling my rifle around bringing it to a ready position gripping it tightly . "Lead on then."
I nod and Blood Mist, heading in the direction of the smoke, my MP in hand. Mortifer... The weapon glows briefly and I nod. My personal weapons. That much I could remember.

I bring my Plasma rifle around and activate my active Camo, heading for the smoke as fast as I could.
I shook my head as I sat under a tree, deep in thought. "I'll stay here.... You boys and gals can run off and check it out... I believe I'll enjoy the sky from here."
I was already moving toward the fire, curious to find out what idiot had started it.
"I'll stay as well, we don't want anything destroying the food we have or our shelter." I say while I load my crossbow.
I nod to the woman with the crossbow;
I say as I pull out my rifle and begin to scan the surrounding area with my various visor settings.
I smiled, three people including me are staying. "Should we start a fire as well? We need one if we're going to cook any thing."

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