This is Their Story: Redemption

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I grunt and nod, pulling a small tinder box out of one of my many pouches. Within a minute or two, I have a small nearly smokeless cooking fire going;
"There you go."
I follow one of the people quickly towards the site where the smoke was coming from keeping on edge. I didn't want anything trying to ambush me or try anything else of the sorts.
The 3 moving on the ground see some 5 bandits dancing around a burning Great-Tree. Many other trees around it are burning with it.

I glide among the trees and see 3 snipers aimed at the 3 moving on the ground. {Guys get some cover. Now!}

Four 7.62mm shots and a .338 Lapua shot ring out.
I roll to the side, ending up behind a tree and pop out, still unseen, and fire on the position the shots had come from, catching a sniper in the shoulder. While not lethal in and of it's self, the round hit with enough force to knock him out of the tree and destroyed his shoulder so he couldn't use his gun.

I stop, still in a tree and look for the snipers, finding them near the fire. {I see them, Korozain, can you?}
I look around the camp, sword in hand, watching for anyone that isn't in our little group of amnesiacs and that might come to try and take our gear.
I duck behind another tree only peering around every now and then to shoot at the bandits.
{Getting one.} One drops his gun and his head is twisted a full 180 degrees and a small black mist is seen near the man as he's killed.

The men on the ground pick up carbines(Mk. 22s,[Think futuristic Mk. 11] C-14 Carbines and MP-22 SMGs[Think H&K guns]) and Steel blades and
I take cover behind a tree, firing my Laser Rifle at the first person I see, making a clean hole in his arm and causing him to drop his gun. A second shot ends his misery, and I turn to the next target.
The others unload on her position, if she gets up she'll die. Because their burst pattern is actually quite coordinated.
While the bandits are distracted with one of the people that were in the group I joined I take advantage and fire off three rounds killing two bandits and wound another.
I start popping shots at her {Don't worry, making them believe the sniper is still alive. Just get to cover and I'll finish off the other 3} I pop more shots, aiming (but really not aiming) at her feet.
I blind-fire from behind the tree. I wasn't really bothered by them firing at me, for it wasn't the first time.
How do I know that? A thought comes up to my mind, and I ignore it, returning fire at everyone who was firing at me.
A laser hits the tree im sitting in {Friendly fire!} I then proceed to kill the bandits on the ground. {Jerus, I don't have a visual on one of the snipers, the other I got my sights on hi-*2 shots are heard*-him. He's dead. The other's behind the fire somewhere.}
I stay behind the tree as the bandits fire on my position. I didn't feel strange being fired upon or being in conflict. I edge the barrel of my rifle around keeping myself mostly in cover to fire again on the bandits.
{Then watch where you aim!} I reply back, firing around the tree and getting a bandit in the knee.
{I told you what I was doing!} I jump down and start scanning for anymore hostiles. "Clear, that other guy is down, lets go."
There was next to nothing happening at the camp. I grabbed a small stone and threw it at a tree, the stone making a medium sized crack in the bark. "How?" I ask myself and I notice the slightest movement between the trees, it looked like a small furred animal of some sort. I ready my Crossbow.
I quietly follow behind keeping myself ready for anything else to attack.
I leap from tree to tree, looking for the last sniper. {I can't find the last guy. You still taking rounds?}
{Nope, probably ran off, I'm on the ground now and the immediate area is secure.}

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