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Koro, Zarkie..........Outbreak
Mecha, I'll get to it. I know what RPs I'm needed in and I watch them all the time. Stop pestering me.
Mecha please don't post in an actual RP if you aren't in it. I had this same conversation with darkra so again stuff like that belongs in the bar or other stores NOT in an actual RP where you aren't in the RP.

IC: I stretch my mind out a bit searching for others I easily find the others in our group except the one with the psiscreen. I don't try to enter their minds as all I wanted to know was their general locations as I was searching for those that weren't in our group and were insane.
OOC: Yes Mecha, and I told you of this too. If no one responds for a while, wait. If a day passes. Bump it. Don't post in RP's for us to come to one, especially if you arent even in it. Kind of annoying.
The small furred animal comes out and tackles me. I throw it over me and look at it. I don't know how I knew, but it was almost exactly like a coyote. I fire a bolt from my crossbow into it, the bolt smashing through its stuck. I pull the bolt out and look at the coyote-like animal. I reload my crossbow, and sit back, trying to remember what I could.

"Korozain, a little later on is it okay if I bring in a pet of some sort?"
If you tame it, sure. But don't expect to do so without any wounds.
"I was somewhat hoping for it to be a pet from before whatever happened and had been surviving on its own then we find it and it joins us again, remembering me perfectly."
Ah, okay. Not until later though.
I felt someone reaching out with their mind and close mine off instinctively to keep the person out. I didn't want someone prying around my mind at all.
{Right. I'll stick to the high ground.} I land in a tree and look around. It was a waste of wood, and sickening to see. If I found that last sniper, he'd pay. Feeling the mind, I send a bit of backlash down the probe, not sure it wasn't a crazy and not wanting to take chances.

I move with the others, putting the flame out wherever I could. "Crazy is an understatement...they could have killed themselves in the process."

OOC: FYI, Psiscreens, at least the one Ryan employs, is so much more advanced than what the Confederacy and Dominion used. Not only does it block his thoughts, you can't even find their consciousness.
ahh ... sorry zarkun I don't think you ever specified that earlier. I'll edit it out in a moment.

IC: I ignore the one that had closed her mind to me as I wasn't interested in reading their mind. I shrug off the feedback but back away from the mind of that group member. People really don't seem to like psionics. Wait where did that come from and what is a psionic?
OOC: But Psi-screens also AOE as well Zarkun so they can still give away someones location by the psionic dead zone that they leave.

I start helping in putting the fire out so it didn't spread to the rest of the woods. I heard the voice from the mind that was reaching out as I was doing so and decided to reply.

It isn't that I don't like psionics, what ever those are, since I am probably one as well. I just don't like people probing around my mind wanting to know where I am or pry around my mind.
{I'll join you, I'm not much of a shock-trooper.} I bring up the .338 rifle I took from the sniper. Only 2 and a half 10rnd mags, should be enough.
{Roger that.} I land on a branch and look around, still hunting or the sniper. {He's crafty...}
I walk up to the man I wounded, shooting him in the elbow when I saw he was raising a rifle to shoot me. I sigh, and shake my head, wondering what drove these people insane. I shoot the insane person in the head, and look around the area.
{I heard shots, were they friendly?} I say looking in the direction of the shots, but its blocked by some trees.
{I didn't fire.} I look where Korozain is and move towards them. Maybe they were, but I'm not taking chances.

{No idea, but I'll find out.} I move through the snow towards them. Hope they were friendly.
{I didn't fire either.} I quickly examine the area around me first looking for where the shots came from.
My knife was pulled out... Memories slowly filing my head with nonsense. The tip poked my finger and little droplets of blood were oozing out. And almost by instinct I began to write with my blood on my arms, the ground... the trees... Clearly lost it right now, as if in a trance.
I shake my head in disgust;
...what is the crazy woman doing?...
I hink to myself as I tend to the fire.

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