This is Their Story: Redemption

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Not going to ask...... Not bout CR but bout how everyone heard a shot from a non-ballistic weapon as if it was a !@#$ing rocket.

I shake my head, and get on the radio.
{Cleaning up.} I reply simply. I don't remember where I got the term from, but I knew it and was comfortable with it for some odd reason.
Actually, I could see Korozain. Both of them could. But, since it's so quiet in the woods, a laser firing it gonna be loud.
Considering you both are storming around trying to find the sniper......
Jerus is in the trees and Ryan was putting out the fire. Not storming around.
Not convinced.
I notice the other woman writing something with red ink. As I go over to see what it is I realize it isn't ink, it was her own blood. "What the hell are you doing?"
My trance was broken as I looked up. Some confusion was split between us, but not before I looked down, seeing unmarked characters, inscriptions, markings... symbols... All in my blood. "I have no idea?"
Its a laser, and also we prob would have seen the light anyways. I'm in the trees, fire's out. We arent "Storming" if anything we're stalking among the trees. Not a lot of sound happening. I'm pretty sure a laser rifle isnt loud as a rocket, but im pretty sure it isnt as silent as the wind either. Plus you shouldnt be too far from us in the first place. Just say that you killed someone and be done with it... Jeez...
Thorough. Gotta be it, man. Plus I'm still where the guys were killed, and you all ran off on your own. So the closest person would be Ryan, who is probably not but a few steps away, I believe.
I look at her quizzically and a strange voice comes into my mind. Why hello, my dear. His voice was dark, raspy, and somewhat metallic. I clutch my head and fall to my knees. Since when has my presence caused such harm? He was invading my thoughts. His presence was horrible. I saw things of death, destruction, and utter darkness. Is it these thoughts I am creating? Why you must really be amnesiac to not remember we caused all this.
I still wrote in my crimson blood, then on the ground it ended up as a note. I had been curious at such a sight... What had I wrote?

Day 314: Ah, we had landed on this terrestrial environment. The wildlife was so beautiful in a lush red color... Oh wait, that was their blood. Still fun those first few days were. But that was when sh!t got real. We were all told to get our @sses on that transport and head off for this one system... What the hell did they want with us now?

"I have such a lovely memory loss... Wonder what else I can do with blood?" I said, almost not paying any more attention to the note I just made.
I couldn't seem to find where the shots that the other two were talking about came from.
{Are you sure shots were fired?}
{I am, but they weren't at any of us so it might've been something else or a person not after us. And if so I don't really care. Let's go back, this guy can try to get passed me and Jarus if he want's to kill us in our sleep.}
I doubt I'll be sleeping anytime soon anyway. I think to myself.
I start walking back to camp and sit back up in my tree. Waiting for something to happen.
I start screaming as the presence keeps showing me these horrible images. Bodies dismembered, men slowly bleeding to death, a blade going through a person's heart, and a crimson hue across a slackened face of a man bleeding from every open area of his body. Why I believe we did this when you were twenty years old. Ah, the memories. It is too bad you do not remember the experiences. Why, I believe you enjoyed a few of them. He continues showing the images of death and destruction.
I sense the fight is over so I stop probing psionically but I can still tell more or less where the others are. I sit down by the small fire with my sword next to me.
I walk back to the camp as well as start examining the photo that I found from earlier. The faces of the people were not to familiar yet they were. It was strange looking at myself in a group of people.
Recap please?
every one is going back to the camp and the last sniper is dead I believe.

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