This is Their Story: Redemption

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Nodding, I take point, drawing the plasma rifle and setting it to burst.
"Sounds fun, hun. Just where shall we go first? Find a place to stay and rest.... Or shall we find others?, said I. Wanting to know his answer to this question.... I might already know it.
I stop. "We go through the forest and try to find some people. If no one is there, we move on."

There is no emotion in my voice, just words.
With a shrug, we both continued down the path and into the forest. "Do you know where we are?"
"I don't. Anything pertaining to my life is a blur."

I lead us down through the forest.
"If only we could find out more about ourselves! Then everything around us would be a simple breeze...."

Get close to him and kill him.
No, that would be to mean.
It's what he would do.
Come on, life's all about stabbing each other in the back.

I smiled, not even aware of the situation anymore.
"Such a serene landscape of snow and trees."
Finally I see the other survivor and wave. "Hey! Over here!"

Edit-War, this would be you.

I wonder, she seems odd. Mental instability? Some disorder?
Keep your distance, she may be a hazard.
Pfft, we both know I'm the hazard here.
Don't get cocky.
Thats impossible.
True. Still, keep an eye on this one...

A tree randomly moves, as if there is wind blowing it, but there is only a gentle breeze currently.
My life had showed me that.... I knew nothing.
"Which one do you believe is going to happen first? Us magically find shelter, or us magically finding survivors?"
"Finding survivors." The tree moves more violently. 2 men drop from the tree. One has 2 knifes made of scrap metal and some sticks, the other has a handgun.
I grin with a small chuckle. "I believe we have company? Which one do you want? Stabby over there or Shooty?"

Instincts were about to take over.
Over by Oraia and Ryan, 2 white camoed men emerge from the snow. One has a shield of wood, and a sword. The other has a .44 caliber revolver.

By Stefan, a polar bear wanders around in the distance in front of him, it sees him.
I spot the two in the snow camo and pivot, firing on the one with the .44 revolver. "Tangos!"
I unsheathe Darkstar. "I got "Shooty"." I fearlessly charge at him and he fires a few rounds at me. They miss, but one hits me. Or so I think. My polearm made a shield of what seems like darkness around the front part of me.
What the... No matter!

The shroud of darkness as I am within striking distance of him.
I slash his arm, disarming him, then I stab him in the center of the chest, then pull the blade up, splitting his upper body from his ribs up in half.
"I guess you want Shooty." Smiling while diving at the man that just came down, the one with the Knives. Wrestling for control as I brought my own gun near his mouth...

It's not there yet...
OOC: This is where you guys touch the surface of your abilities.
I...should have come up with some powers >.< Might introduce Zar'kun Je'and, a descendant of the first Blood Letter.
OOC: If so, just go to discussion thread and I'll make some changes. I thought he would have his elemental stuff again.
The terror sliced my arm, blood dripping onto the man.... It enraged me. Next he had knocked my pistol out of my grip....

In an act of rage, both of my hands were forced down upon his exposed neck. Pushing down, harder and harder.... His blood literally boiling within him. He was boiling alive, letting him live till the last second as to give him as much pain. The final blow had been dealt. Completely crushing in his throat.
"That was fun." I say with a dark, low chuckle. "Are you alright?"

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