This is Their Story: Redemption

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No, that was Jared and a whole nother character from Ryan.
Oh yea. But you don't need an actual power. Like (for Oraia) she could find out she's psionic.

Or you could find out how good you are with a certain weapon.
I figured. Still, I need to use the Blood Letters again. They haven't seen use interdimensional war RP...
"Yes.... I should be just fine and dandy," I said as I had been ripping off a piece of the mans cloth. Using it as a bandage around my arm.
"But.... What did we do? If we don't have an answer.... We can wait for that, but we should take any equipment these two had. Extra ammo or sullies will work out greatly."
"Thats an idea. But I feel like my pistol is only meant to be used when I can't do what I just did. You can take the pistol and ammo."
I slowly come awake, the burning wreckage of the ship all around me. The most I can remember is my name, Jerus Je'and, and that I'm...important...I can remember why exactly, but...I know that much. I look around and find two scythes that can be conjoined into one nearby, with a machine pistol in a holster on my hip. I pick up the scythes and their name comes to me. Spritus Raptor. They glow red briefly, as if confirming what I've said, then return to normal. I decide to stay would be death, so I head out, wandering the forest, searching for others, although their survival wasn't important.

OOC Bold is Jerus, normal is Ryan.
"Thank you good sir!"
Scooping up any rounds that may have been on the ground, while handling the handgun with care.... It could accidentally discharge you know.
We move on more. Thicker in the forest.

I see a man waling about. I hold out my blade, "Person up ahead."
Whispering to a low sound. "Okay."
I start walking low, going around. My footsteps not making a sound, and barely breaching the thick blanket of snow. I get behind him, "Friend or foe?" I say, Darkstar pointed the back of his neck.
I spin around, the scythes knocking the dark metal spear away and resting them on the man's shoulders in an X shape, ready to remove his head. "You first."
Two pistols were at the mans head, ready to pull the trigger.
"Not so fast, darlin'. We can't be to sure since we were already attacked."
I shake my head and vanish in a mist of red, reappearing with my machine pistol even. How did I...I'll think on it later. "I'll not kill you where you stand if you can give me a reason."
OOC: Can't I ever just threaten one of your guys without almost dying? XD

IC: Agressive? Or reason?

"I would suggest we both put our weapons down, should we not have to have a prolonged fight and waste our energy, when it could be spent finding out who we are, and where we are." I say, kicking my weapon up from the ground and catching it and keeping it in hand.
I smiled. "Because we might be the only sane Humans left on this Planet.... Or wherever we are. Survival is everything. And if we can escape knowing that we didn't have to kill each other over a petty difference.... That's a good thing. Now let us all rejoice in harmony while we get off of this !@#$in' rock. Or just have a place to stay."
Two combat trained killers? Come one, you know that's not how those kind roll. XD

IC: I lower the MP and holster it, but keep a hand on one of the scythes. "Fair enough. Do either of you know your name?" The one with the spear...he feels familiar...why? I can figure it out later. For now, let's find out each other's names.
"Fox Natalist... You may either call me Fox or Natie.... Darlin'. But wouldn't it be rude for us to go first? You are the guest of honor, or we are..... It's confusing at first, but oh well, it's hell."

This man ... Do I know him? He seems somewhat like I... But no need for assumptions, I don't even know who I am...

"I go by Korozain. You?" I stab my Polearm into the ground. Notifying I will not strike.
I remove my hand from the scythe. "Jerus Je'and. For now, call me Jerus."
"What a name you got there..." Putting both pistols in their respective sheaths.

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