This is Their Story: Redemption

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"Jerus... Interesting." I grab Darkstar, and holster it. OR attach... Whatever... To my back and approach him.
"You're one to talk, Foxy." I resume my trek towards a clearing I'd spotted from a tree earlier to the north. I notice Korozain approaching me and stop. "You seem familiar..." Can I trust him? No, it's too early to tell. Then why do I feel like I can...
I hear speaking ahead, and without making a sound or breaking a twig, I get close enough to listen in without being seen. I turn off my rifle, cutting the sound from it, and I set my suit to record everything being said.
I smile at Jerus, chuckling deep within. "I love you as well, big boy." Laughing as I sat down. "Damn.... What were we discussing about?"

You easily lose focus...
....bite me....
....oh I will!
I look at him. Lights cover my eyes again.

Who is he? I've already almost tried to kill him, now I feel... Friendship? Impossible.

I extend my hand to shake. "Good to meet you."
I grip it and shake. "Good to meet you as well. As for what we're discussing, I saw a clearing north of here with two more downed ships. If there are others, that is where we'll find them." I turn and begin walking again, but get this uncomfortable feeling we're being eavesdropped on. Someone's there...who could it be though... I turn towards the direction the feeling is coming from, looking for some sign.
I stop a bit after he does. I take out my pistol and shoot a few rounds (And they are silenter than a cool breeze) to scare any eavesdroppers where I think they are.
"I see the two of you are now all buddy buddies already. And that was quick.... Not that I'm complaining.... The memories of never having a single friend. Oh wait. That's right, because I forget everything!" Continuing to burst out laughing.
"Buddy buddy is an interesting choice of words." I continue looking and draw the MP, firing a quick burst towards the trees.
It's hard not mixing all my characters' personalities XD they are all based off of aspects of me so and eventually I'm going to have a character the pretty much is me

IC: I fire one more round, and I see someone flinch. "There."
I nod and vanish from sight again, moving soundlessly until I stand behind the person, my scythe blade resting on their throat. "Who are you?"
I just walk without a care and point my spear at the person.
I just begin laughing at all three of them! Not able to control myself just yet. "I'm so sorry! I don't know what got a hold of me!"
01/23/2013 10:51 AMPosted by Zarkun
"Hey! Over here!"

I wave a salute back and half slide half run down the snowy slope towards them, traversing the ground uneven ground with ease;
"Looks like I'm not the only one who survived..."
I nod. "No you aren't, and I'm glad we aren't either. Ryan Hunter. Slasher for those who know me better. Wish some one knew me well now, I don't know why I have that nickname..."
I nod;
"Jereco Alexander... some people called me Hawkeye..."
I pause for a moment, thinking;
...slasher?... I knew this man well, that's for sure...
Hawkeye...where have I heard that... I offer my hand for a handshake. "Nice to meet you."
I slip my rifle back to it's holster and shake his hand;

Was planning on reworking the NR a bit so that they'd have an entirely 'merc' based army...
(See where I'm going with this Zarkun?)
I do believe I do...

IC: I point to the two men who had taken cover from my fire. "Mind helping me with them?"
I grin behind my faceplate;
"That I can do... give'm a target and they'll go down.."
I say, drawing my rifle and swinging up into a tree;
"Camo on.."
I mutter, disappearing with a shimmering haze.

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