This is Their Story: Redemption

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"They're....ah hell, they have camo. I'm not sure where they are now. Blend in real well."
I saw the blade toward my throat, but I was already moving. I lean back, and disarm him without effort. I toss the blade on the ground, and point my rifle, now humming, at the person with the spear. The bayonet, normally mounted on the end of the rifle, was in my off-hand.
"I'm going to suggest you two knock that off. Otherwise, we'll have one man with a steaming hole in his head and another with a slashed throat. I am in no mood to drag either of you two anywhere." I turn off the rifle, hostler it, and walk away, the bayonet still in hand.
"Talk about convient... you got any thermal imaging?"
I ask, my voice coming out of thin air, slightly distorted.
The second scythe was already at the woman's throat before she had moved. Her voice had given her away. The pistol against her head. "You're going to have a very bad day if you don't answer the question. You shouldn't be surprised we don't trust someone who attempted to conceal themselves from view."

I shake my head. "Nope. Not that I'm aware of. Not that it would help. If they had camo, they anticipated thermal."
"Maybe... I should use my own... can't believe I didn't think of that..."
I switch to an advanced thermal x-ray and scan the surrounding area;

"No sign of the goons ya mentioned... Hello!.. what have we here?..."
I say, looking over a mid-sized group near where Ryan pionted;
"Looks like someone or someones already cleaned'm out..."

I think that the two bandits have already been killed by Koro and CR...
I snap my fingers. Magnetic. My visor turns blue and I look around, seeing the group as well. "Well I'll be...they seem to be talking and confronting each other. Think they're like us?"
"I'd have to agree... Move up?"
I ask, still a faint shimmer in the tree.
My knife rose up to meet the scythe and stopped it, and I hit the arm with the pistol away. "And you are going to have a very bad day if you keep pointing those damn things at me." Before he could reply, I step away and go somewhere else, trying to find high-ground.
I cut her off, both scythes where they belong and the MP in it's holster. "Would it kill you to answer the question?" The masks eyes glow in response to my eyes glowing. "Because I know it will to not answer the question."

I nod. "Nothing better to do." I turn to Oraia. "You coming?"
I don't turn to him, merely ignoring him. I draw my rifle and turn it on, moving on. I stop in a clearing, and look around. Seeing a hill nearby, I decide to start heading to it.
"Timing's all yours, I'll be thirty (ft) off your six."
I say, watching the commotion;
"Be careful, they're a fickle bunch all right.."
I consider shooting her in the back, but decide against it, reason outweighing blood lust. We need to stay together and work with each other to survive. I look over the area, realizing that we were close to the clearing I was heading for and head up a tree, searching for the crash.

I nod and move slowly, setting the plasma rifle to full auto and cresting a hill slowly, only to find myself looking at a woman in white armor and a man in black and red armor in a tree. "Well...this wasn't how I planned it."
I hadn't said anything to the other two yet because I had felt shy. However I was starting to feel like I could trust them so I finally speak up. "My ... my name is Oraia Raynor. I don't remember having a nickname." I say staying close to Slasher and Hawkeye.
"Now's not the time Oraia." I had brought up my rifle so that we'd at least trade even.
GAH!!! Edit ninjas...
I don't react to the rifle rising in front of me, instead focused on getting up high enough to get a view of the land. I look around, taking in the lay of the land with my eyes, and putting them to memory. I then eye a crashed ship, and link the crashed ship to the others on the side of the hill. I don't say anything, but keep my rifle in hand.
I see three other survivors crest the hill and meet our rude woman friend face to face. Poor guy, hope he doesn't get shot. What am I saying? More blood for me. Wait, why'd I think that? I shake my head and leap from the tree, approaching Foxy and Korozain. "Should we meet the others?"

I was trying to focus on remaining ready, but the name Raynor bounced around in my head. She was in my ship...was she the one who hired me? Wait, hired? Am I a merc or something? "Who are you and why did you not shoot me?" I knew the second question was odd, but it did confuse me a bit.
I follow up behind Ryan, curving my path to the side staying about 25-30 feet away from him. Cresting the rise, I hunker down and watch the conversation unfold, ready for trouble.

Would it kill you guys to wait for me!? Feck...
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"Who are you and why did you not shoot me?"

Was this pointed at Oraia or Hawkeye?

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