This is Their Story: Redemption

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At Jester's guy, or did you miss that part?
01/23/2013 06:51 PMPosted by Korozain
Would it kill you guys to wait for me!? Feck...


Sorry, Koro. Things...sorta happened.
OOC: Now my guy looks like a weak piece of shat...

IC: "Sure, why not." I say, looking at the blade of Darkstar.
How? It just seems like you're...inattentive.

IC: I step aside. "Lead the way."
OOC: Well... NEvermind. It just looks bad on my character when he gets knocked around and doesnt do anything about it to me. Its fine.

IC: I start walking towards the crash, disregarding I may encounter our friend from earlier...
I think I missed that we had met up with jesters char ... *Begins beating head on wall again.*
Last page, post 112.
I follow, looking at the three new comers. One was using some kind of cloak, another was in an interesting suit of CMC armor and the third carried a strange sword. "What's your take on them?"
I awake in a small cave. My head hurt like crazy, my mind trying to figure out why I was there, how I got there, and what was here. I push myself up into a sitting position. I look to my left and see a quiver of barbed bolts and a Crossbow. I turn my head to the right and see a sheathed sword. I grab the sword and strap it to my left side. I bend over and pick up the quiver and strap it across my back, and soon to follow it, the crossbow itself. I poke my head outside the cave entrance and see the sun in the sky. I nod my head and head out, hoping to find another person.
I stop and think of a word.

"Survivors." I keep walking.
And how the hell can you see Jereco if his camo is on?
"I...nevermind." So not what I meant...

OOC: Active Camo gives off a slight shimmer. That, and you're walking in snow.
"I meant they aren't like the %##@%##!-heads Fox and I met a bit ago. Forgot you weren't there. And the person who was eavesdropping on us."
I shrug. "I suppose that's a good point. Still, there's something about the gal who was, I'll work on that later."
well apparently d!ck is a very long word...
That works, a trained eye would be able to pick it out.
"They do have some good armament as well. Active Camo. Not as good as a Shade Gheist Fade but... What the hell is "Fade"?"
The same could be said to you, Koro, being an impatient bastard when I had something to do and causing my character to be spotted. So, don't be whining.

I don't say anything in reply for a while, then I sigh. "I'm Karoline, but I'd prefer if you called me Kelly." I reply. I continue to look over the landscape, seeing if I can find anything of value around in the forest besides the crashed ships.
OOC: I waited... And didn't go any further after finding out you were having some connection issues...

DM: You see a tent over by some trees, possibly 2.

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