This is Their Story: Redemption

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After about an hour of walking I see a group of people around a fire. I smile and run towards them. As one of them notices me he alerts the others and they brandish weapons. Well, sh!t. I quickly go behind a rock and pull my Crossbow from my back and start loading it.
Pivoting, I catch sight of a trio approaching. As my eyes settle on a familiar suit of black and red armor, feelings of instant disgust and suspicion boil up;
...that ones trouble...
I think for a moment, already knowing they'd seen through my camo.
There are 3 men. One has a pistol. Another has a worn rifle with a bayonett (It is a Colt M50, no magazine in it) and the last has a spear, AKA a stick with a pointy rock attached to one end.

IC: I wave at them, trying to tell them I am "Friendly".
I nod. "Nice to meet you Kelly, I'm Ryan." I lowered the rifle slightly, but not so much as to be unprepared.

I shrug. "Beats me, but I know Blood Mist...wait, what's that?" I shake my head. "Seems we both know something we don't remember."

OOC: don't know what the Blood Letters are though...
"I take it blood mist is how you got away from me, and I guess I'll find out what "Fade" is later."
I nod slowly. "That...makes sense...Fade must be some kind of cloak if it beats what that other guy is using." I wave as well, attempting to indicate my own friendliness.
I quickly come up from behind the rock and fire a bolt into the chest of the man with the revolver, the bolt going through his ribcage and stopping at the spine. I look to the one with the rifle and realize it isn't even loaded and start thinking, He must be retarded. As I come back to reality with the crazies trying to kill me I quickly without thought click a button and it prepares to fire the next bolt.
I stand up and drop my camo, revealing my silvery gray-black armor.

Like the armor from Crysis 3 but with a grayed out faceplate instead of the two part mask.

Alright, I'm off.
OOC: Cool.
Edit - Yeah i may get off soon too.
DM: The other two charge you. The one with the bayonet uses the rifle like the shaft of a spear pretty much.

IC: "Thats what I was thinking, but I have no idea how to use it. Meh, I'll find out soon enough."
"Indeed you will..." I trail off as I look at the guy in the gray and black armor and slow a little. I feel like that's bad news...why though? Far as I know, I've never seen that before in my life...
"Hello. I guess you're in the same boat as us. Not knowing what the hell is going on, correct?" I say to the man.

OOC: Okay, I take my leave.
I approach the one in the CMC armor. "I'm Jerus. You are?"

I look at the guy in the skull helmet and shrug, though I feel I shouldn't trust him, but I couldn't place why. "Ryan."

I nod and look at the girl from earlier. "You are?"
I sidestep one thrust and smash the barrel of the crossbow with the five remaining bolts into him. I pull the trigger and the bolt goes through him. The tiny recoil combined with a push with my foot to get out the remaining four bolts, each one covered in blood. I drop the crossbow as a swing from the other one, the one with the crude spear comes at me and I duck. I pull out my blade and block the next swing. I use the sharp blade to cut through the shaft with ease. I use his lack of defense to run him through. I pull the blade out and wonder out loud, "Now what the hell is wrong with these people?" I sheathe my sword and retrieve my bolts from the corpses, it proved hard due to them being barbed, but I didn't really care. I remove the remaining four bolts from my crossbow and place them in the quiver to keep the points from stabbing me in the back. I throw my crossbow over my shoulder and continue on, hoping to find more civilized people.
I bow with a fist over my chest.
Yay. Another thing that I don't exactly remember what it is...

"Nice to meet you, Ryan. I am Korozain..." I look to the woman with the orange suit.

"Hello. May I ask who you are?"
"Nice to meet you Korozain." I look out and notice the tents. "Hey, there's something."
01/24/2013 08:15 AMPosted by Korozain
orange suit.

I removed the fact that her suit is orange and never specified what color it is ... perhaps I will go with crimson and gold.

01/24/2013 08:15 AMPosted by Korozain
"Hello. May I ask who you are?"

I didn't want to answer him as I was feeling shy again but I decided to it would be rude not to answer and Slasher and Hawkeye seem to trust him. "M-my name is Oraia." I say quietly.

(Slasher moves and speaks.)

I walk over to Slasher. "What's up?" I ask looking at Slasher and not the area with the tents.
I glance at Oraia and then look back at the tents. "We could see if that camp, since that's all it seems to be, has anything useful."

I too noticed the tents and turn to Korozain. "You said you and Foxy killed some men earlier. Think that's theirs?"
"Camp? What ... oh yeah lets go see if there is anything useful there." I say finally looking to where Slasher was looking and seeing the camp.
01/23/2013 07:35 PMPosted by Zarkun
I nod and look at the girl from earlier. "You are?"

I don't reply to it, and as I hear them talk about tents, I shake my head.
Something catches my eye in the forest, and off of reflex, I take a shot and it burns through the leaves. I hear what sounds like the cry of an animal, and advance to where the cry is.
"Well, some one is anti social." I shake my head and look back at the tents. Large many could they hold...

"Well hello to you too, you stubborn witch." I growl and stalk off, looking for someone or something to kill. I was growing restless.

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