This is Their Story: Redemption

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I see a small column of smoke in the distance at a forested area and make my way to it, hoping to find civilization.
I follow him. "I'm not liking that Laser-chick..." I say to him.

I then turn but continue walking, backwards.

"Anyone care to join our search?"
I nod and start walking. "I can't understand why I can't remember's bugging the hell out of me." I was talking mostly to myself, but I also hoped someone would have an answer.
"I think we will find answers soon. It appears that something happened, and only a select few of us have contained the "human" part of our minds..."

The word spits out of my mouth like a bad taste.
I chuckle and notice the one in the CMC armor walking down the hill as well. "Human? I think sanity would be a better word. Human is a relative term."
"Agreed." I see a person walking towards us, at my 3 o' clock.

"Someones going up the hill towards where we were. Should we greet em'?"
I nod, the eyes of my mask glowing in response to my eyes. "You want rear? I like to make sure my prey sees me before bleeding out."
I nod. I start stalking behind her

I need better stealth, this is just sloppy...

Then, a black mist covers my sight for a second...

What the hell? Oh well, proceedin'.
I approach the man, my hands on my scythes and stop about five feet from him. "And who are you?"
I continue through the forest and see some leaves smoldering and an animal laying dead. Who did this? I run over to the animal and check its main body out, the skin around the hole burnt. Definitely some sort of energy weapon... I run my hand across the large animals belly.
I stop behind him and put Darkstar at her back.

And unknown voice says to him. "I think this gal is sane."

I say close to his ear, "Are you?"
I remain where I am, poised to cut him open and drink his blood. The hell? Did I just want to drink blood? Yes you did. Why? You'll remember in time...

I slowly rise. "I am not insane. And it would be much appreciated if you moved your weapons aside." My hand resting on the hilt of the sword at my hip.
I spin my scythes and the conjoin at the hilt, straightening out the blades for a sort of make shift spear and resting the blade against her throat. "Threats shouldn't come from one caught unprepared."

I level my rifle with the woman as the scythe blade touches her throat. "Lady, take your hand off the hilt and then we'll be willing to remove our weapons from your face."
"Okay." I manage to re-appear and then put my weapon away. "We were on our way to find out what was in those tents, and saw you and wanted to see if you were one of them"
"I am not making threats. Now please move the weapons. I don't mean harm. But I will defend myself if necessary." I feel a small amount of energy course through my body and my irises giving off a light violet glow. "If you move your weapons I will move my hand from the hilt of my sword."
I nod and start walking to the tents and gesture for Jerus to follow.
I notice the glow and my own grow brighter in anticipation, and it takes everything I have to spin the scythes spin away, separate and return to my waist. "Happy?" I was growing restless. I needed blood, even if I couldn't understand why. I follow Korozain. Catching up, I growl. "I need to kill something."

I lower my plasma rifle, nodding. "Fair enough. Now, let's start with introductions. Trust builds easier when you know names. I'm Ryan Hunter. Also known as Slasher. Don't know why though, so don't ask."
"Guess not." I mutter to myself. I turn back and say, "Korozain."
I remove my hand from its rest on the hilt, and my eyes stop glowing and the energy coursing through my body cuts out. "My name is Marina Ravius. Not so pleased to meet you, due to you aiming weapons at my face."

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