Blizzard should recreate SC: Ghost

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And they should make it a type of game similar to how Assassin's Creed or GTA works.

Seriously, after watching the HotS cinematic, they OBVIOUSLY have the imagination to make such a world and keep it interesting.
I don't personally like the idea of following the Assassins creed and GTA type game. There already many versions of those. There already is a lot, maybe too many...
People are growing sick and tired of them, and many will probably neglect SC Ghost as they may think its a rip off of Assassins creed and GTA. Not only that, but GTA has a competitor called Saints Row as well.
Lets keep it simple and not too into the GTA field or even the Assassins Creed. The game itself was amazing but what you are requesting is if they start the project again, but not only again but to completely rewrite the story line they were making it.
Ghost was actually complete and handful of people actually had a chance to get the copy. And Blizzard didn't delete the game from their database or even quit the development process on it. It was actually halted and to be worked on in the near future.

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