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Are you having trouble versus those pesky bugs? All the people hate them, so lets blow them the hell up! By exploiting a timing known as the Immortal Sentry all in. That isn't quite an all in but hey it works. We will talk about what if it outright phails? And what if we get set back? And how to do the build.

To start you throw the good old GLHF
(9) Pylon (in your main in a proffered close to the nexus location)
(16) Nexus (It's when you should be able to afford it and halt dat dere probe production)
(16) Pylon at your natural ramp
Move to the the pylon in the main and build a forge
Move to your ramp pylon and build a gate
Build a pylon on the other end of the ramp
Send this unfortunate probe to scout (if a multi base map other wise just send him to the first tower. You only need him to spot if there's early lings, if there are, good luck have fun.)
Proceed to build a probe! Then halt you greedy bastard!
Grab a probe from the mineral line have him build a geyser.
Send him down to make a cannon.

Go build your cyber core, your expo should finish right as you build it or right before. Resist the urge to make probes. Or if you scouted his base and see he's already on a third, maybe you can delay it for a second but that's super meta. And not for bronzies.
Follow it up by building another assimilator, chronoing probes and making pylons.
While your core builds make a stalker to deny overlords. I also make a zealot to wall the main base but only if you so choose. Make sure you have 100 gas in the bank at all times.

When the cyber core finishes you decide if you have the money to immediately make a robo or start getting out warpgate. It's for you to choose. We will not be chronoing warp gate. Once the robo goes down only chrono immortals. When you make your first immortal get +1 attack also as your 1st immortal is finishing get your 4th gas. After 2 immortals or when you are saturated enough stop probes.

(remember to continue to make pylons supply blocks are a !@#$%)

Build 7 gate ways as you can afford them and make a row +2 sentries. (I can't remember the exact number) Then make zealots (zealots act as free forcefields in battle holding back the enemy as they swing heroicly) Make about 6 zealots then stalkers.

After you make 3 immortals make 1 obs, 1 warp prism and that's it. Chrono for dat dere speed.

Walk out of your base as soon as these are done (unless blocked by an army of disgusting bugs in which we arm our troops with +1 raid cans and go to town. As I leave I like to build a pylon to wall off my base to hold back a zergling run-by. at least for a second.

We got to his base and with some ff micro and constantly warping in stalker and zealot reinforcements we squash the zerg.

What if it gets thwarted? well build a robo get an expo and a TC get blink, +2 ETL 3 collosus and smash face at 16 minuets. This may require building at home while you are attacking.

And if that all fails IMPROVISE! When behind dark shrine. And It's never too late to cannon rush. Yea you're probably dead.

We saw huk create this build and since then it has been widely used and is succesful.

EDIT: if done correctly this build should move out at around 10 minuets. The significance of the time is it's right before winfestors. At least pathogen winfestors. Unless he is rushing for them in which he will have no army and you can walk through his 4 festors it's a hard build to counter. It can only be countered by mass units and a perfect concave. Once tucked into his natural, you should be just fine and on the way to win the game. I would not recommend this play on entombed valley due to lots of open spaces and opening the floodgates for a perfect counter. Instead focus more on a stronger 16 minuet push by adding in 3 immortals and 12 sentries over the common 4 and hitting harder.

The significance of 16 minuets is that it's right before broodlords and nobody wants to get out a mother ship to toilet them. If you are thwarted twice that is what you have to do though.

Good luck and have fun

- Density.
01/23/2013 06:47 PMPosted by Density
if done correctly this build should move out at around 10 minuets

This build should move out at 8:45 with 3 immortals and 6-8 sentries. 10 minutes is the *latest* you can move out and still have this work. If you don't hit by 10:30 you lose assuming you didn't open +1 4-gate zealot harass or something. The later it hits the more risk there is in mutas or infestors being out in significant numbers

If you are going for the greedy parting style I see listed here you don't want to delay probes at all, but you do want to delay +1 attack and warpgate.

The warp prism should come before the observer. The observer is only needed if they have roach burrow anyway which is rare at that point.

Appreciate the effort put into this post though :D

further info:
Ehhh that's not exactly the build, and 10 minutes is pretty late if you are trying to get the timing down.

01/23/2013 06:47 PMPosted by Density
We saw huk create this build and since then it has been widely used and is succesful.

I have a hard time believing this.
HuK did not create this build at all. As far as I know it was Choya, since he was the first to use it in the GSL (on Metropolis). HuK wasn't even within sniffing distance of the GSL when this build was invented.
HuK did not create this build at all. As far as I know it was Choya,

Just checked the wiki

Popularized By: Choya, Grubby, Avenge, Parting
It was least he is the one who refined it and was gloating that noone can beat this timing attack. Apparently, he went like 50 straight wins with it in his practices, even though his opponents knew exactly what he was going for.

I say 9 minutes is a good time to move out. 10 minutes is WWAAYYY too late. You WILLL die against a competent opponent.

Also, I am not sure about putting a pylon in your base. I know it is more economical, but there are so many way zerg can exploit it and delay your build, I would rather just put pylons in your natural. A lot safer.

Also...4 sentries??? WTF. You need at least 7. And that's assuming some of them have lots of energies. If they are all from recent warp-ins you need at least 10. Overall, you move out with 7 sentries, 1 zealot, 1 stalker and 3 immortal. As people have corrected you, you need prism first.

Also dont forget to get a probe to build proxy-pylons, you want to use prism for microing, not for building units.
Not a HuK build. Choya started the theory behind it, then Parting refined the timings. Also, with this build done correctly, you should be moving out at 8:50 with 3 immortals, 7 sentries, and stalker warp ins. 10 minutes is pretty late. After 10:30 you can count on it getting knocked right back.
I disapprove of this post.
The nexus first > forge in base, is the parting version. The forge at the natural, followed by nexus version has been around for like 2 years.

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