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This is a fun thread where you come up with your own back story for any individual units in the HotS cinematic!
The link to video:

For example, and to start:
The Marine @ 1:43.
Name: Billy Bob
BB had recently joined the military, hence inexperienced. He had been deployed into the battlefield with other strong terran army when the zerg had come through their planet's shields. BB was not excited. BB regretted joining the proud Marines. In fact, BB wanted to go home. But there was no home, because the ferocious zerg were attacking his home world. So until the zerg came swarming to BB's deployed position, he waited, hopeful that the battle would be over soon.
Then suddenly, he heard a screeching noise with stomping steps, causing earthquakes from afar. BB readied his gun, but when he saw the zerg turn around the corner @ 1:04, BB lost hope, seeing the swarming zerg. He started shooting uncontrollably when they got close, and when the Nydus Worm tore through the concrete ground, BB looked behind him. He knew they could not do anything about the zerg. He stood there, hopeless and lost. He suddenly felt a shawdow of something massive above him. He turned back, and was instantly flattened like a pancake with bacon on top.

TL;DR (or short version)
Billy Bob lost hope in the battle and died.

So come up with your own and be creative!
It can be short or long with little to much detail.
For starters, you could do the Viking at the beginning, the Ultralisk, etc.
Ultralisk that ran over tank and smashed viking
Name:Ultralisk 12678 nicknamed "Cuddles"

This Ultralisk had been spawned around the endof the events of WoL so in Zerg minion years hes really !@#$ing old. Cuddles has been given this nickname since he would often hug marines to death. He hates machinery as they are not huggable enough to him so when a certain tank was driving infront of him and that viking landed infront of him Cuddles was not gonna take it .He later stomped on BB before hugging a squad of Marines to death
The Marine @2:19
Name: Raz

Raz was born on the homeworld of Tarsonis and his mother died from a zerg ambush on the planet Char. and his dad was a scientist on a planet. he was a very bad marine and had no educational skills. his only apetite was to kill more and more zerg. He was the major generals best friend. saved his life many many times. now hes in a position to kill the major general or saving the entire human race and becoming a protoss templar. Raz is still alive and is still debating his decision.
Zergling in the front @1:15
Name: CannonFodder

With his adept speed and skill, He travels at the front of the group ready to take the first shot of siege shells. His ancestors all held the same job, and so will his young. They will all also live very short lives. Luckily for our Hero CannonFodder he managed to make it to the frontlines before a stray bullet snapped him in the face. His heroic story was told all across the hive, and his children were prepped to take after him with pride.
Crew of Tank 476:
Pilot Wallace P. Jones
Munitions Officer Jordan Alkins
Artillery Specialist Edward Haskell

Blackbox recording taken during the Assault on Korhal IV:

"What are those... OMG! ZERG! FIRE!"
"Oh sh*t! That's an Ultralisk!"
Bzzt <static>
This thread is full of win
The nydus worm (seconds prior to bursting through the ground under poor Billy Bob):

"Digging, digging, gonna spit out some peeps and digging, digging... Wait... How did I get here? Where was my nydus nest established? When? Where did I originate? Did this invasion start on the ground outside the capital? When did all these zerglings get into my unit bladder?

"... Odd... Oh well! BBLEEAAAARGHHHH!!!!!"
Viking that gets slammed by The Omegalisk@1:14
Name: Steve

Steve was a new recruit who was known for being a risk taker as well as making incredible poor decisions on when to start a fight, which became evident when he said "watch this guys, I'm gonna kill this Omegalisk all by myself!".
Needless to say, the Omegalisk killed Steve effortlessly.
R.I.P Steve, we'll scrape you off the street as soon as we can.

Except I'm pretty sure it was an Ultralisk, not an omegalisk.

Except I'm pretty sure it was an Ultralisk, not an omegalisk.

It looks way too big to be an Ultralisk. I agree with HalfARat, it is most likely an Omegalisk.

Except I'm pretty sure it was an Ultralisk, not an omegalisk.

It looks way too big to be an Ultralisk. I agree with HalfARat, it is most likely an Omegalisk.
"Ultralisks are really, really big. That is an Ultralisk I am betting. I am thinking the Omegalisk would have trouble going through those streets. Plus why would the Swarm be sending three Omegalisks but no Ultralisks? They sent millions of Zerglings and hundreds of other Zerg. So those are Ultralisks. The game doesn't exactly give good proportions."
Battlecruiser Captain @1:59
Richard P. Gupta.
He was born on Korhal, son of Rajesh Chandak Gupta (a politician friend of Arcturus Mengsk) his name; Pravir means Brave in indian. He always had that soldier material, he consider himself "The best shooter of the Koprulu Sector". Only 21 years old and his future seemed so promising and succesful as a Dominion Marine, but it all changed when he found out that his best friend from all life was betraying him by having a "one night stand" with his girlfriend Jessica Goldstein.

So he decided to go and have a "talk" with his friend that was in a nearby bar when he found out Jessica's adventure. When the inevitable fight ended Richard had some serious wounds in the right hand ( he was right-handed). The doctor told him he wasn't going to be able to shoot a gun again. He went into depression, but after 5 months, he was determined to be one of the greatest strategist of the whole sector. And so he did, 25 years old and he already was a recognizable Battlecruiser Captain. But when the HotS events came, he died; as its name indicates, bravely. In the Glory of Battle.
The End :)

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