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Ive got issue with my Achievements not showing up at all in the achievement page in game when im on the NA server yet my Achievements show up fine on SEA servers.

ON SEA i have 1300 achievement points and everything is fine, Yet on NA server all i have 225 and everything is blank. I cant even see my profile picture let alone choose a different one.
I havent even received an error message and ive also run the repair tool.
Im having the same issue. im currently in Asia but all my friends are in NA. Sadly i cant seem to join any of their games even tho i have the NA version of the games :(
any assistance wud be greatly appreciated.
I seem to be having the same issue as well. My friend just bought a copy of the game, and I decided to patch up and play with him.

To my horror, when I logged on, all my achievement points are 0000 and I couldn't see any of my profile pictures. Not to mention I bought the digital copy of Starcraft II for NA, so I cannot switch to SEA server.

My current address is in Asia.
Also having the same problem... would be great if we managed to get a reply. Currently in Australia. SEA loads up fine, but I can't even play a custom game on my NA account.
same here, my achievement and profile totally cant use at all
Hello Kyriel, Ghost, Reticence, please see our sticky about this issue:

SEA / AUS / NZ / Japan Connection Issues
Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm PST

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