What is icudt44.dll?

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first i couldn't download arcade maps.
i did some search and deleted the file called blizzard entertainment to clear cache?
but it didn't work so i deleted and reinstalled wol.
but now it says that i dont have a icudt44.dll or something :(

plz help
Same here!
the dll is a ICU(International Component for Unicode) Data DLL

you can download the DLL here:

you will most likely need to place it in your starcraft 2 folder OR your windows/system32 folder
If someone could tell me exactly where to go to fix this this would really help. You see my friend accidentally uninstalled StarCraft 2, so when I went to my account to download it again the damn thing said I cant because I don't have icudt44.dll installed, plz help me ty
Hey The,

This is an old thread. When searching the forums, if you don't find anything within a week or so of the current date, start a new thread of your own out in the forum. That will make it easier for Bliz and others to spot and assist you. Avoid resurrecting old threads!

As for the missing dll files, see this post here:

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