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I am getting the same issue, I have nothing new to add, sadly. I did notice I had DLed the EU client installer, but I was able to log in and play before the patch.

I got my HOTS beta from blizz direct after I pre ordered.

edit for words
This bug is preventing me from publishing my map to HOTS.
Fix ASAP Please!!!
Same error -
No account on this region
ya now its still giving me the region mismatch error on hots but now it will let me post in the beta forum so idk hopefully they'll fix it soon
Still the same error: "mismatch" at the beginning and "no account" when trying to log in (both SC-4 and SC-5; I dont have the SC-1 and SC-2)
Guess no HotS this weekend :[
01/25/2013 04:55 PMPosted by Aldrexus
Thank you all for bringing the “no game accounts that can be used in this region” error message to our attention. While this is not the error message we’re referring to in the original post, we are aware of the issue and are working to address it as quickly as possible.

Awesome, thanks for the response! we are waiting then
Hey I was able to log on and get in! WOOT! Not sure why but I am now able to log in and play HotS
Hmm seems to be working now!! Everyone check to see LOL
Just tried again, and it's working for me! No special steps required!
Confirmed: Working!

Another job well done Blizzard ;)
HoTS def up.
Can now log in to the beta again but still no HotS forum privileges - anyone else?
Yay I was able to log into the Beta, thanks guys. Keep up the good work!
Good job, thank you!
problem fixed Now Thanks Blizzard

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